Good parents usually have a sixth sense for who’s a good match

Good parents usually have a sixth sense for who’s a good match for their kids and who isn’t. David and Marilyn Jondle were by all accounts great parents; he a reformed cubicle warrior and she a stay-at-home mom who both worked 200 acres of farm land in Dallas, Oregon. Neither approved of their son Andrew’s new girlfriend. Now, after their gruesome deaths, it looks like the Jondles may have been right to be suspicious.The woman the Jondles were wary of was one Cindy Lou Beck. At 46, Beck was more than twice as old as 20-year-old Andrew. She was also a convicted thief who’d lost both her kids to state custody. And, if we may be so shallow, she probably didn’t resemble the woman they imagined their baby boy ending up with.David, Marilyn and Andrew Jondle during happier times.Neighbors say Andrew and his parents were a loving family until Beck came along. Unsatisfied with their life in Silicon Valley, the couple moved to Oregon in 2000 to start Abundant Life Farm, where they raised free-range livestock.Andrew was described as a friendly, if quiet, boy. The youngest of three sons, he was the last one at home to help his folks around the farm.Once Beck entered the picture, Andrew and his parents fought constantly about the relationship. Two months ago, he moved out of their place and in to hers. David and Marilyn responded by cutting him off financially and taking back his car.Despite what looks like a poor maternal track record, Beck was apparently desperate to get her kids back. She needed cash in order to get square with her landlord. And according to investigators, she intended to accomplish her goal by convincing young Andrew to rob his folks.Andrew allegedly went to his parents’ farm late Monday night with intentions to boost some valuables. But he wasn’t exactly a pro.Andrew managed to grab some credit cards and jewelry. But his dad thought something was up. David confronted his son outside near an open barn door. An argument ensued and police say Andrew then stabbed his dad multiple times with a scythe, killing him. He then went inside and beat his mother to death with a metal pipe.”There was a lot of anger in this killing,” an investigator told the Oregonian. Detectives have charged Andrew with two counts of aggravated murder after finding his parent’s stolen items in his apartment. Beck has also been charged with helping her boyfriend get rid of the bloody clothes he was wearing at the time of the murder.