For the frustrated Camano Islander in your life.Looking for a spot to

For the frustrated Camano Islander in your life.Looking for a spot to excise some Colton Harris-Moore-related frustration without being sucked into an online flame war with one of his legions of fanboys? Take heart. There is now a place for you in cyberspace. Previously, some Camano Islanders tried to show through the power of bluegrass that not everyone has bought into Harris-Moore being a modern-day Jesse James.Now, just as Harris-Moore has been named as a suspect in a another rash of boat thefts, some locals have set up a blog to share thoughts and ideas, but mostly, rants on how Harris-Moore is less folk hero than public menace.Digging into the “why” of the blog reveals a bit of insight from its creators who write that, “This is a place for everyone who doesn’t want to join all the unthinking fan clubs that celebrate the ‘Barefoot Bandit’s’ crimes against the community.” And for the really committed, there’s merch, in which you can “ridicule your least favorite fugitive in style.”But the organizers don’t seem content to simply be a repository for anti-Harris Moore sentiment. They’ve also set up a Paypal account by which the like-minded can help contribute to a fund set up to purchase the services of a bounty hunter. Harris-Moore, you’ll remember, has managed to evade local law enforcement for over two years. So, the residents of the affected islands–Camano, Orcas and San Juan–now seem inclined to bring in a specialist. According to the blog, organizers behind the fund have raised $2,000 thus far into the campaign, well short of the $15,000 estimated retainer.