Fear and Hoodies in Magnolia”While you’ve selected a few more general (and

Fear and Hoodies in Magnolia”While you’ve selected a few more general (and perhaps sillier) comments; you’ve failed to report the real issue: thefts have greatly increased, pets have been injured, thousands of dollars of damage has been done – and while this might not be your direct neighborhood (inference being it doesn’t matter to me, so it’s silly and I can ridicule it), it does affect Seattle as a whole.It’s a serious thing and sooner or later someone will get injured – please don’t make trivial peoples very real concerns.”– Posted by “Sleepless””Yes, we should all vote Republican so we get four more years of incompetent cronies doing their damndest to keep the dimwits among us in a constant state of pants-wetting quivering fear. All this while cleaning out the US Treasury to line the pockets of Republican profiteers and lobbyists. What a great country, where any idiot with an (R) after his or her name can mainline taxpayer dollars at will. Four more years indeed.”– Posted by “Dave”Rabbi Schwartz Needs Taxi Vouchers, Not a New Car”I continue to be amazed that the Jewish community is presented as a monolith and must be collectively held responsible for the actions of any of us. Is any other community held to this standard? How about the Methodists? Does the local Methodist minister and church newsletter need to extensively cover the criminal activities of one of its members or be accountable to the Seattle Weekly if it doesn’t? You can apply this same test to any other religious or ethnic group. Only the Jews have earned the honor of being criticized if they publicize one of their constituents failings or criticized if they don’t.”– Posted by “Gloria Patria””Part of the responsibility of being a rabbi is to be a wise man, a teacher, for the community. What lesson has Rabbi Schwartz learned from these events that he can share with us all? Anything?”– Posted by Michael Munro