Dow Constantine jumped out front early tonight over Susan Hutchison in the

Dow Constantine jumped out front early tonight over Susan Hutchison in the King County executive contest and almost immediately declared victory, as initial Election 2009 results were released.”I’m preparing to be your new executive,” said Constantine (right). Hutchison, fighting back a snear, countered: “We’re not going to have a concession speech tonight,” adding: “I guess [the] voters got confused.”Seattle mayoral candidates Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn, meanwhile, were neck and neck with less than half the votes counted, while Pete Holmes took a commanding lead in the city attorney race. Initiative 71 to expand domestic partnership rights was passing and Tim Eyman’s recessive Initiative 1033 was going down. Mayor Mike McGinn 42563 50.03% Joe Mallahan 41653 48.96%County Exec Susan Hutchison 104622 42.76% Dow Constantine 139501 57.01%The early returns brought Constantine to the stage within minutes, declaring victory. “That was over quickly, wasn’t it,” he said. It looks like a long night in the Seattle mayor race, however. “It will take some time,” said Mallahan, as the early count was close. McGinn, with a narrow lead, was cautiously optimistic but said “There are still a lot of votes to count” – 60 percent of them, actually.Initiative Measure No. 1033 Yes 428,985 44.54 % No 534,127 55.46 %Initiative Measure No. 71 Approved 507,547 51.12 % Rejected 485,253 48.88 % Anne Levinson, I-71 chair, said voters “made a statement” that took her by surprise, giving the measure an early 2-1 approval.City Attorney Pete Holmes 46120 61.56% Tom Carr 28648 38.24%Of the nearly 1.1 million ballots issued for the county’s first-ever all-mail general election, only 375,000, or 35 percent, had been returned as of this evening. Officials predict a turnout of more than 55 percent by the time all ballots are counted. Other results: Council Position No. 2 Richard Conlin 56540 75.40% David Ginsberg 18232 24.31%Council Position No. 4 Sally Bagshaw 51952 68.58% David Bloom 23611 31.17%Council Position No. 6 Nick Licata 45062 57.73% Jessie Israel 32808 42.03%Council Position No. 8 Mike O’Brien 44040 57.91% Robert Rosencrantz 31835 41.86%Proposition No. 1 Yes 53715 63.33% No 31102 36.67%King County Assessor Graham Albertini 40808 19.76% Gene Lux 10547 5.11% Lloyd Hara 69388 33.59% Bob Rosenberger 60143 29.12% Bob Blanchard 24919 12.06% Write-in 742 0.36%Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 1 John Creighton 166852 98.22% Write-in 3032 1.78%Commissioner Position No. 3 Rob Holland 114359 54.76% David Doud 93890 44.96% Write-in 599 0.29%Commissioner Position No. 4 Tom Albro 113502 56.52% Max Vekich 85561 42.60% Write-in 1763 0.88%