Donations accepted

The easiest way to give money to those who need it

This year, we’ve dispensed with our plans to convince all you Seattleites to take a break from shopping and donate money. We won’t even bother, because we know that you just need to be able to donate in your safety zone: FROM THE COMPUTER! That said, we direct you all to your favorite virtual world: the Internet. Next time you’re surfing the Web and a wave of generosity floats through your heart, go to the address bar (at the top of your screen) and type in The Charitableway site makes giving so easy that you’ll find yourself skipping through the sign-up form and wending your way easily through the interface. In no time, you’ll select the type of charity you’d like to donate to, refine your search, and donate your money. Click, click, click—it’s absolutely painless! Not only will you be knowledgeable about the particular charity you’ve selected (as you’ll have read their goals, missions, and plans) but you’ll also be secure in the fact that your money will go directly to the people or causes you want to help. Because Charitableway does not charge the hundreds of charities a fee to appear on their Web site, the charities save countless dollars not having to advertise or otherwise beg money from the general public. Therefore, by making your own way to a particular charity you have helped the charity twice! If Charitableway and other sites like it can succeed at “changing the way America gives,” the charities themselves can succeed in directing more of the money donated directly to the things that will make a difference. So go ahead—turn on your computer, log on to the Internet, shop at the online malls (choose the ones that donate a percentage of their proceeds to charity if you can), and then, before turning in for the night, hop on over to and make that donation.