courtesy FWPDHave you seen me?UPDATE: The dog has been identified as a

courtesy FWPDHave you seen me?UPDATE: The dog has been identified as a chihuahua named Sury. She is still missing. Federal Way cops release a statement explaining just what the hell happened (after the jump).It was hot on Saturday afternoon in Federal Way, and nowhere more so than in a car van parked in direct sunlight at midday. That’s where an unfortunate chihuahua named Sury found herself trapped for hours, in the parking lot of Wild Waves theme park, before cops came to save her from a likely heat-induced slippage of her surly bonds.But all did not go as planned for the odds-on favorite for hero of our story. The chihuahua, her death averted, would add a twist to the tale.After getting word of the situation, Federal Way cops found the van and took the temperature inside it through a slightly-opened window. The reading: north of 130 degrees. The cops opened the van door and grabbed the dog. They then drove her to the Tacoma Humane Society. When one of the cops went to take the Chihuahua out of the police truck, she bit him, got loose, and headed for the Humane Society’s fence. Given her small size, Sury managed to get under the fence, and then ran away. Yesterday evening, the Federal Way Police Department put out the following statement: In an interview with Commander Stan McCall, we confirmed that if the dog is recovered, she will be returned to her owners, who, contrary to initial reports will not be charged with a misdemeanor, but will instead get off with a warning. We asked Commander McCall if this sort of thing happens often. To which he laughed good-naturedly and explained that “dogs do get away from people sometimes.” Even from cops. Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.