Correction to May 2021 story titled ‘Equity skimming: Tale of a local home sale and a lawsuit’

In the May 14, 2021, article titled “Equity skimming: Tale of a local home sale and a lawsuit,” Heaton-Dainard Real Estate LLC takes issue with certain statements it contends are false and defamatory. The article stated that Chris Lundquist worked for Heaton-Dainard Real Estate LLC. According to Heaton-Dainard, Lundquist was an independent contractor for Invest Now LLC, which is owned by Will Heaton and James Dainard (the owners of Heaton-Dainard) and Heaton-Dainard Real Estate was not involved in the purchase of the home of Ames Larson described in the article. The article described several companies sued by the seller Larson as “shell companies” of Heaton-Dainard. Larson called the companies “shell companies” in his lawsuit complaint but did not say of which company. Heaton-Dainard points out that while several of the companies sued are owned in full or in part by one or more of the owners of Heaton-Dainard, that Heaton-Dainard is not identified as a parent of them and that three of the companies are not owned by Heaton or Dainard. (Invest Now is owned by Heaton and Dainard; Intrust Funding is managed by Heaton; Lynx Development is half owned by Heaton and Dainard. McGrath Escrow, Inc., Northwest HomeBuyers, LLC and Sound Real Estate Network, LLC are not owned by the owners of Heaton-Dainard.) We provide this Correction to clarify these facts.