Cheri Monson, not covered in poop.When Seattle police officers showed up to

Cheri Monson, not covered in poop.When Seattle police officers showed up to talk with Cheri Monson at her apartment complex in Beacon Hill last August, they wrote that her “odor made the interview difficult to tolerate.” Monson, you see, was covered in shit, piss, and puke. She’d become so, she said, because her deranged 69-year-old neighbor Ronald V. Ellis had poured a bucketful of (it was assumed his own) excrement on her as she made her way up the stairs. But while Monson’s story convinced police of the culprit, a King County jury saw otherwise. They found Mr. Ellis (previously referred to as Mr. Revenge Bucket) “not guilty.”KOMO News reports that Monson was in tears when the verdict in Ellis’ assault trial came back last week. On Sunday she told reporter Lindsay Cohen “I could not believe it,” referring to the jury’s decision.”If you saw the pictures, you would be . . . ” she says, trailing off. “It was awful. It was awful. And I cried. I didn’t think I was going to but I did.”It’s unclear what kind of voodoo Ellis’ public defender (that’s right, the free kind) was able to cast in order to win what had seemed like a slam-dunk, here’s-the-shit-bucket, here’s-the-man-who-threw-it case. There were photos of Monson covered in poop, “evidence” all over the hallway from where it was said to have been thrown, and a long history of feuding between the two.There’s no report yet on if the excrement was DNA-tested (we’ve got a call in to Monson’s lawyer).But at any rate, Monson’s shit-shower appears to be going unavenged for the time being.Well, at least until she finds a new lawyer for a civil suit–a process she says she’s already started, and one which, no doubt, she hopes will end in a bucketful of cash being thrown at her.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.