Call him mint jelly, cuz Colton Harris Moore is still on the

Call him mint jelly, cuz Colton Harris Moore is still on the lamOld adage about gangstas: the real ones don’t retire. Something in their wiring makes them allergic to the non-felonious lifestyle preferred by you, me and the rest of the square population. Same goes for young serial burglars with aspirations of becoming pilots, apparently. Yes, on the the tenth day of February anno domini 2010, Colton Harris-Moore did maybe, possibly, reemerge, says the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department. And, no, he still hasn’t learned how to land.When last we had an excuse to write about things Colton Harris-Moore related, his onetime running buddy (Harley. Davidson. Ironwing.) advised that he “keep running.” But why simply avoid capture when single engine airplanes in northwest Washington are so easily burgled?As reported by the Everett Herald, San Juan County Sheriff William Cumming is calling Harris-Moore, the Pacific Northwest’s answer to Frank Abagnale Jr., a “strong person of interest” in the investigation of a stolen plane found crashed on Orcas island Thursday morning.Anyone who’s already read the Weekly’s

ode to Harris-Moore will already be familiar with the barefooted one’s m.o. And this latest incident is definitely reminiscent. Kyle Ater, owner of the Orcas Market and Gourmet Deli, arrived at his business Thursday morning to find two large footprints drawn in chalk across the floor and $1200 missing from the till. And in a final fuck you, the suspect scrawled “Cya!” in chalk near the front entrance. While sheriff’s deputies were investigating the burglary, word arrived that a plane had been discovered crashed on the landing strip at the local airport. According to the Herald, it was taken from Anacortes. A similar plane, this one belonging to local morning zoo disc jockey Bob Rivers, was stolen from a hanger on Orcas Island last fall, though Harris-Moore was never officially named as a suspect. Sheriff’s deputies are reportedly working with other police agencies to figure out if their suspect is indeed Harris-Moore. Calls to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department were not immediately returned, but it’s unlikely that the two other sheriff’s departments he’s managed to piss off in the last two years won’t be included in the investigation. So, assuming that he actually did the deed, does this mark the beginning of the final stanza in the ballad of Barefoot Harris? Second question: Will he turn himself with an eye toward the inevitable Hollywood payday, or is he, as so many have suggested, bound for a blaze of glory? Answer: We’ll see on both counts. Just don’t try making that second suggestion to the members of his fan club–who are legion. Of course, if you’re the type willing to throw a turd in that particular punch bowl, we bow to your superior contrariness