And You Thought “Say Wa” Was Bad“A few more for ya…Fremont: Pioneer

And You Thought “Say Wa” Was Bad“A few more for ya…Fremont: Pioneer Square North.Wallingford: We have a zoo! No wait, that’s Woodland Park…uh…pass.Capitol Hill: Still circling the block for a parking space…Ballard: Pioneer Square Northwest.”– Posted by “Lux”I Hate You, Visual Art“I love that there’s an illustration by a local indie artist accompanying this silly rant. Tres appropriate.”– Posted by “OK”“You are a pussy for pulling your punches at the end.”– Posted by “Kevin C. McCarthy”“What? No rant against Chihuly? For all the activism in the NW, a lot of the art that comes out of Seattle is surprisingly benign and craft-based. There’s good stuff going on, just don’t expect to see it in the galleries.”– Posted by “Franklin Jones”“Yes! Thank god, I’m not the only one. There is a lot of good art in Seattle that nobody will ever see. The art scene is too self conscious here and no galleries will risk showing something unique or genuinely interesting. We get kitsch, “underground” or pseudo-intellectual bs. I’m sick of it too. I hope Jen Graves reads this article.”– Posted by “Art Slut”Jeff Lebowski Versus West Seattle Gentrification“The dude doesn’t abide on this one. The dude is sick of yuppies invading classy neighborhoods in Seattle. Ballard, Fremont, now W. Seattle? Not cool.”– Posted by “The Dude”“As as ten year resident of West Seattle and a sometimes bowler at the West Seattle Lanes I look forward to the new construction at this very unsightly but prominent site in West Seattle.Contrary to the comment below, quoted in your article, “…what we’re seeing here is an age of greed”, what is going on has nothing to do with an “age of greed” but instead it is the natural growth of our city, its neighborhoods, and with this new opportunities and options for our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens.Cities grow and change; this is a fact. Complaining about two dollar parking next door where one goes bowling is petty and embarrassing.”– Posted by “Jeffrey Smith”