An American Forrest, Salvation Rose (out now, self-released, I don’t know

An American Forrest, Salvation Rose (out now, self-released, I don’t know who it is, but frontman Alex Forrest VanTuyl is missing somebody really bad. All he wants is to spend some time with her (in “Hemisphere”), and he can’t wait to see her again (“August”). The themes are well-worn but still effective delivered in these tender country-folk trappings. (Wed., Sept. 11, Comet) CORBIN REIFF

Charms, Ladybug 7” (out now, Hood Cabin, Produced by Erik Blood, this new single finds this Dodos-esque band flexing their percussive muscles even harder than before. Hyperactive drums and polyphonic guitar shred abound on these two tracks, nicely on B-side “Father Winter.” Also sweet is the cover art: a melting green monster. (Thurs., Sept. 5, Chop Suey) KELTON SEARS

No Crown, Luxuries (out now, self-released, This straight-ahead rock trio doesn’t reinvent the wheel with Luxuries, but given the opening track “History Repeats,” maybe that’s the point. These 13 tracks abound with familiar ’90s grunge tones, but the group, formerly known as Bent, plays them damn well. (Sat., Sept. 7, Slim’s Last Chance) AZARIA PODPLESKY

Obits, Bed & Bugs (Sept.10, Sub Pop, Though the label has made a name with a roster that includes The Head and the Heart and Shabazz Palaces, Obits is a good indication that the imprint that brought Nirvana to the masses will always champion straightforward, garage-ready rock. On this release, the indie-rock supergroup delivers just that: jangly bass lines, punchy guitar riffs, and thumping percussion woven poignantly among Rick Froberg’s feral punk squeals. KEEGAN PROSSER

Public Image Ltd., First Issue (out now, Light in the Attic, Johnny Rotten became John Lydon on PIL’s 1978 debut, an album aimed at obliterating the Sex Pistols’ legacy in one danceable, vitriolic, post-punk swoop. This reissue, which makes the album available for the first time in North America, comes with a bonus track (“Cowboy Song”) and an hour-long BBC interview (“I’m not interested in promoting an image. You either like the record or you don’t,” says Lydon); the LP also includes a fold-out poster and a replica of the faux newspapers the original LP came packaged in. DAVE LAKE

Witchburn, Bathed in Blood (Sept. 10, self-released, Though titles like “Resurrection of Rebellion” and “Hymn for the Damned” might make you think this Southern-metal-rock group is all chunky guitar riffs, headbang-inducing percussion, and snarls (which vocalist Jamie Nova provides plenty of), they disguise the unexpected violin/piano interludes featured in songs like “Hymn.” (Tues., Sept. 10, El Corazon) AP