Amazon is having some growing pains. The local corporate giant had just

Amazon is having some growing pains. The local corporate giant had just recently moved into a new complex of office buildings in South Lake Union, yet those buildings have already been maxed out. So Amazon, poised for a massive hiring binge, is planning to build several skyscrapers office towers close to downtown Seattle. Everyone wants to know: What will the new buildings look like?The public gets its first taste of the Amazon HQ vision at a meeting with city planners next week. Paperwork just filed with the Seattle Design Review Board show what Amazon hopes will be a three-block complex of 37-story office towers (doubling their current office space) designed with open lines of sight, street retail, and public spaces.Amazon has offered multiple layout designs for the three-block area of Denny Triangle bordered by Westlake Avenue, 6th Avenue, and Blanchard Street. These pictures are of Amazon’s preferred plan. To view all the plans, the City of Seattle has posted the presentation online here:The angle of the buildings allows a clear view of the Olympics from Capitol Hill and creates a central plaza area. The U-shaped white building in front to the left is currently under construction and the tall white building on the front right edge is the Westin Building. That’s supposed to be Cap Hill in the background:Currently the bottom left block is home to the King Cat Theater. The bottom right block is the Sixth Avenue Inn, and the top block is a Toyota dealership. All three will be closed and leveled for Amazon buildings. Retail space is planned along the ground level of 7th Avenue:Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.