All week, Seattleites have been descending on Arizona for a brief midwinter

All week, Seattleites have been descending on Arizona for a brief midwinter migration. Some of them will be heading to University of Phoenix Stadium tomorrow to watch their Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. Others are just along for the ride, soaking in the culture of the biggest sporting event in the country, anticipating the native call of their fellow travelers.

In order to identify like minds, the Seahawk fan, also known as a 12, will send out a call of “Sea,” to which others will reply “Hawks.” After finding one another the fans will briefly revel in the greatness of their football team and then move on. This behavior goes on for some time and, one would think, might be causing the native residents of the area­, who watched the Seahawks dismantle their own Cardinals during the Seattle team’s 12-4 season, some pain.

We took to the streets and found some of these fans as they showed their colors and spread their wings in anticipation of the big match-up.

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