A Seattle man says he has a “vampire photo” taken right after

A Seattle man says he has a “vampire photo” taken right after the Civil War of actor Nicholas Cage, and he wants $1 million for it.Jack Mord says the photo depicts a man named “Professor G.B. Smith” from Bristol, Tenn., and was taken in 1870. It was found in an album full of portraits from the Civil War era.Is the photo a hoax?Mord listed it on eBay for $1 million, though he promised Cage, who’s struggled to control his finances in recent years, a 25 percent discount.”My theory is that he allows himself to age to a certain point, maybe 70, 80 or so, then the actor “Nicolas Cage” will ‘die’,” Mord told an British newspaper. “But in reality, the undead vampire ‘Nicolas Cage’ will have rejuvenated himself and appeared in some other part of the world, young again, and ready to start all over.”According to his Facebook page, Mord runs the Thanatos Archive, “an extensive collection of 19th and early 20th Century postmortem, memorial and mourning photography dating to the 1840s.”Under activities, he lists, among other things, “daguerreotype” and “ambrotype,” two old forms of photography, as well as postmortem photography, conjoined twins, and antiques.Also this week, an unknown seller (hmm…Mord?) listed a Civil War-era photo of a John Travolta lookalike on eBay, though the listing was taken down.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.