A fan who got a premature “BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS” tattoo attempts

A fan who got a premature “BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS” tattoo attempts to remove it with sandpaper immediately after the game.

Last night’s not-so-Super Bowl was a giant bummer, wrapped in sigh, placed gently atop a distant pained moan.

But no matter how sad and hungover you may feel today, at least you aren’t one of the two men who got Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX Champion tattoos before the actual game. No matter how many tears you shed during that last play, just remember that you could be failed clairvoyant Benjamin Schubert:

Hey @Seahawks, you guys like my new tattoo? pic.twitter.com/AQnq0NknNE

— Benjamin Schubert (@benschubie) January 26, 2015

Or you could be O.C., a Seahawks fan who got “BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS” tattooed on him in Florida on Christmas Eve. You could’ve gotten two criss-crossing Lombardi trophies permanently inked into you, when in reality, there would only be one Lombardi with no shiny silver partner to criss-cross with.

To be fair, the gambit of getting a premature Seahawks victory tat as a sort of divine shamanic act to ensure the team’s winning fate worked last year. Seahawks fan Tim Connors famously got a Seahawks “XLVIII Champs” tattoo in August of 2013, before last year’s victorious season ever started.

Katy Perry also got a Super Bowl tattoo, but chose to ink it immediately after the game rather than before. This decision may have saved her from jinxing her performance and falling to her death from atop her giant space lion, an accident that Nationwide would like you to remember is entirely preventable.


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