1. Yuzu Sampler Citrus can come in winter—for Japanophiles, at least, who

1. Yuzu Sampler

Citrus can come in winter—for Japanophiles, at least, who will thoroughly enjoy this sampler. Yuzu is a unique, highly fragrant citrus originating in East Asia and popular in Japanese cuisine. This large sampler includes many ways to enjoy it: as a juice for cocktails and spritzers, in marmalade for jam and tea, and as a ponzu base made with bonito and kombu that’s great for sushi and fish. TIFFANY RAN

Whole flight, $60. Marx Foods, 144 Western Ave. W., 447-1818, marxfoods.com.

2. Truffle Salt

I love truffles. I don’t love the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for them. Fortunately, La Buona Tavola in Pike Place Market offers a wide range of delicious and versatile products imported from Italy and made with world-class truffles. While the oils and creams are nice, I go straight for the truffle salt, which has a longer shelf life, is super-easy to use (just sprinkle it on to finish a dish), and, combined with popcorn, makes the perfect accompaniment for an evening of binge-watching. Zach Geballe

Truffle Trio Gift Package, $29.95. trufflecafe.com.

3. Boat Street Pickled Figs

Of all of Renee Erickson’s pickles, I’d choose these every time. Black Mission figs are soaked in a syrup of red wine, sugar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, and sea salt. The result is a beautifully balanced sweet/sour combination that’s incredibly rare in a pickle. I was skeptical that they’d pair well poured over vanilla ice cream—until I tried it. While cooked figs can become too treacly, these manage to retain their original fresh flavor, possibly due to the addition of the savory ingredients. Nicole Sprinkle

$10.99 for 9 ounces. Available in Renee Erickson restaurants as well as specialty shops throughout Seattle, including Metropolitan Markets and PCC.

4. AgLocal Meat

A gift box filled with bacon, lamb legs, rib-eyes, and shortribs will woo your favorite carnivore. Better yet, AgLocal, the CSA for meat, delivers healthy and responsibly raised meats from family-owned farms on the West Coast once a month. Choose from Family Style (7 or 14 pounds), Grill Master (5 or 10 pounds), Fit and Lean (5 or 10 pounds), or the Farmer’s Pick (7 or 14 pounds) for adventurous meat-eaters. Those stumped or in a rut can consult aglocal.com, which provides recipes and gift options for those looking for a one-time deal. TR

From $85. aglocal.com.

5. Ayako & Family Jams

Maybe the best thing about living in the Pacific Northwest—other than legalized same-sex marriage, legal weed, and amazing music—is the lovely nature that surrounds us, from hiking trails to delicious farm-fresh food. Another fine example: Ayako & Family jams. From a farm in Yakima, these tart, hand-jarred jams—including China red plum, coral pink plum, and apricot—go great with biscuits, yogurt, or cheese. Each is well-balanced and not overly sweet, and keeps the essence of the fruit intact. JACOB UITTI

$12 for 8 ounces. ayakoandfamily.com.


Courtesy Marx Foods

Courtesy Marx Foods

Photo by David M. Martin

Photo by David M. Martin