Dental implants before and after surgery

You never know the transformative effects of having an implant procedure done until you see your dental implants before and after photos. Aside from pricing and cost, another thing patients ask for is some before and after photos at Dentakay.

Note, however, that when visiting the dentist, your treatment process may be different from others as each is tailored to an individual patient’s needs and may require a different procedure. Before signing up for any surgical or invasive procedure, ensure you seek the second opinion of a dentist or periodontist to weigh the risks properly.

Before tooth replacement

Having a missing tooth can be a discomforting experience, especially when it is more than one. This hurts a person’s confidence and can limit their ability to smile. Gaps in the mouth ruin a perfect smile and make normal functions like eating and talking a challenge.

Another disadvantage of having a missing tooth is that your jaw may begin to decompose and surrounding teeth around the gaps become wonky without your natural tooth roots.

Food bits may get stuck in gaps, and it may be difficult to clean and care for, affecting overall oral health. Therefore, a dental implant can do so much for you beyond aesthetic purposes and make a massive difference in your life.

After tooth replacement

Most dental implants are made of titanium posts that function like regular teeth. They bind to the jaw and make your jawbone stronger.

Undergoing dental implant surgery, you would see marked changes. It would improve your smile and serve your regular teeth, with you chewing perfectly. There are no discomforts, and you do not have to stick to soft foods.

Dental implants keep your teeth adequately arranged and give you a perfect smile. The artificial tooth attached after implants is made of porcelain. It fills the gaps and matches the natural teeth in shape, size, and color. There will not be a need for further visits to the orthodontist to straighten your teeth.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant surgery is an outpatient surgery where patients can come in to get implants fixed and go back home the same day. The whole process of installing implants and crowns takes months to complete. This is mainly because of the healing process between screw placement and crown placement.

The process involved in dental implant surgery is divided into several steps, which are so determined by the number of implants you need. Below is the step-by-step dental implant procedure:

  • Step 1: Tooth removal This is for patients who still have the damaged tooth in their mouth. If you have already missing teeth, then this step can be skipped.
  • Step 2: Bone Grafting and Jawbone Preparation This is an essential step as most patients have soft or thin jawbones. Bone grafting involves either one of two methods; using a synthetic bone graft/bone substitute or using a natural graft (taking bone from another part of the body and transferring tit o the jaw). Bone grafting improves the jawbone quality and increases the chance of the surgery being successful. After bone grafting, you may have to wait a few months before implants placement. Note, however, that not everyone requires bone grafting.
  • Step 3: Implant Placement The periodontist or dental surgeon will drill a hole into your jawbone. This is to insert the screw-like implant deep into the bone, where it serves as the tooth root. While the front root is being restored, the dentist will fill the empty teeth space with a temporary removable option until the implant heals. If it’s a back tooth, nothing will be placed on the surface of the jaw.
  • Step 4: Healing and Growth After placing the implants, osseointegration takes place. This is when the supporting jaw bone attaches to the implant. This takes several months to complete and ensures that the base is strong enough to support an artificial tooth.
  • 5: Abutment Placement The abutment is that part that extends above the gum. It allows for easy placement of dental crowns as this is where they rest.
  • Step 6: Crown Placement This is the final step. After abutment placement, the dentist takes imaging of your mouth and designs custom-made crowns in the lab that match the natural color of surrounding teeth.
  • Step 7: Aftercare How you care for your dental implants will affect their longevity. Your dentist will give instructions to follow. Ensure you follow them.

Benefits of Dental Implants

You’d see some differences with your dental implants before and after getting them done. There are numerous benefits attached to fixing dental implants, and they include the following:

Improves oral health

A great benefit of dental implants is that fixing them doesn’t require you to reduce your other teeth as a teeth-supported bridge does. Dental implants can also be cleaned easily like natural teeth and don’t require any special cleaning, which is common with dental bridges and dentures.

Improves physical appearance and smile

Dental implants cover missing teeth and look just like natural teeth. They have an impact on patients’ confidence and act as a long-lasting solution to tooth replacement issues. This is unlike dental bridges and dentures that require adjustment and replacement with time.

Averts bone loss

Missing teeth can cause bone loss. This is accelerated when there is a lack of chewing in that mouth area (which promotes bone growth). In severe cases, facial bone loss can lead to facial collapse. Dental implants provide teeth replacement. Bone growth is also stimulated when bone grafts are used in dental implant surgery. They also strengthen the jawbone before surgery.

Improves speech

Poor-fitting dentures with teeth slipping outside their positions can cause slurred words. Having dental implants save you from worrying about teeth falling as they are a permanent tooth replacement solution.

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