VivaSlim Reviews: What are the Supplement Customers Saying?

Weight loss is a delicate topic to debate over as existing strategies are never one-size-fits-all. While the idea of diets continues to be entertained by society, many are merely fads that fade with time. Then, there’s the notion of exercising, which, when done in excess could have a reverse effect. What options are left might you ask?

It turns out that diet and exercise become pointless when the root cause for fat gain is not investigated. In search for answers, the Simple Promise™ team were led to a path that unearthed a culprit preventing people from achieving their weight management goals. In what shape or form does this culprit exist? What might help to put an end to it once and for all? This review has been mustered to answer all burning questions while also revealing the different layers to the unparalleled, “VivaSlim™.”

What is VivaSlim™?

VivaSlim™ is a weight management tincture that aids in suppressing appetite, increasing metabolic function, and potentially maintaining cholesterol levels within normal ranges. Each serving embodies an African Mango Complex proprietary accountable for the aforesaid benefits. Before diving into this complex, we need to drift back into its mechanism and the maker’s, Simple Promise™’s thought process.


How does VivaSlim™ work?

VivaSlim™ has been formulated based on how fat functions in the body. As maintained by the Simple Promise™ team, when food is consumed, our fat cells fill up with liquid fat. The only way for the latter to diminish is by burning energy, otherwise, they become “fat balloons”. To ensure that fat storage is limited altogether, a certain gateway needs tweaking. Known as advanced “glycation end product” or the “cytokine gate”, this facet needs to remain open so that stored fat can leave cells, and hence, allows for weight loss.

This isn’t to say that the cytokine gate should always remain open. In fact, it usually closes during emergencies such as “freezing weather, long famines, or periods of extreme stress.” However, the only problem is that once its shut, we need ensure means of opening it. The only thing preventing it from opening and closing as needed is a group of toxins called ‘toxic oligomers,’ hence, the need for VivaSlim™. Now that the general idea has been covered, it’s time to direct our attention back to the ingredient’s list.

What ingredients are inside VivaSlim™?

VivaSlim™ reflects the coming together of 11 natural ingredients worth 200mg/serving. They include:

African Mango Extract

The African mango extract is a vitamin-C-rich staple in African natural medicine. At some point, this ingredient was touted as the next best weight loss miracle because it may prevent the growth of fat cells. One source referenced a 10-week randomized controlled study involving 52 adults and 300mg of African mango extract. The results? An average of 28 pounds of weight loss was experienced, along with a 6.4-inch reduction in waist circumference and a combined dip in body fat by 6.3%. Another study with a similar dose and extended period was said to have dropped blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and inches off the waist to say the least [1]. Nevertheless, more studies are needed to validate these results.


L-ornithine is a type of amino acid that has been linked to athletic performance, and weight loss. One study that looked at its effect on physical fatigue with 17 healthy volunteers involved the administration of 2000mg/d for seven days or a placebo for eight. In the end, the researchers reported that the ingestion of L-ornithine carries antifatigue effects by “increasing the efficiency of energy consumption and promoting the excretion of ammonia,” recommending it as a “nutritional supplement in cases of physical fatigue [2].”


L-carnitine is a type of chemical created by the brain, liver, and our very kidneys. Interestingly, it remains a popular choice for triggering fat burning. That said, a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials arrived at the conclusion that though it could trigger weight loss, the magnitude of results will significantly decrease over time. This led the researchers to state that L-carnitine might have favourable results, but more studies need to be conducted for complete insight into its effects [3].

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L-arginine is another amino acid to have qualified for VivaSlim™ because it might reduce fat mass and increase muscle mass. One source also highlighted its abilities as increasing insulin activity, which in turn might manipulate fat-metabolizing fats [4]. Having said that, research on this respective ingredient’s effect on fat is somewhat outdated for us to make any further comments regarding Simple Promise™’s claims.


L-glutamine is an amino acid that may tend to immune and cell function and our metabolic rates. One study supporting the latter evaluated its effects on metabolic parameters and inflammatory profile in overweight and obese humans. 39 volunteers received 30g of glutamine or alanine for 14 days. By the end of the study, the researchers summarized that “glutamine supplementation leads to insulin resistance specifically in adipose tissue via the hexosamine pathway and reduces adipose mass, which is associated with improvement in the systemic insulin action [5].” Healthy insulin activity prevents excess fat storage, which is what we want.


Maca is a plant often referred to as Peruvian ginseng. Besides its nutritional aspect (i.e., rich in Vitamin C, Copper, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin B6, and Manganese), it is believed to increase libido in men and women, fertility in men, relieve symptoms of menopause, improve mood, learning, and energy, protect the skin against UV rays, and reduce prostate size. By the looks of it, VivaSlim™ might be housing this ingredient because of its energy-inducing capacities, which in turn might promote healthy physical activity and strength among others [6].


Niacin is a B-vitamin that may raise healthy cholesterol levels, while eliminating the bad. As explained by one source, it possibly works by “pick[ing] up excess “bad” cholesterol in [the] blood and tak[ing] it to [the] liver for disposal, which is why HDL is dubbed the “good” cholesterol.” While this supplement might not house a lot of niacin, a high-dose is reckoned to elevate blood sugar levels, infection rates, and risks of liver damage, stroke and bleeding [7].

Pygeum Africanum

Pygeum Africanum is a tree whose bark is traditionally used for medicinal purposes. Regarding specifics, it may alleviate symptoms linked to an enlarged prostate, pain caused by inflammation, kidney disease, urinary issues, malaria, and a lack in sexual drive among others. Although this ingredient does not directly promote weight loss, it may as a mediator through inflammation markers [8]. Specifically, reducing inflammation is known to increase weight shedding, which is the only conceivable explanation here.


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that supports carnosine production. One study looked at the effects of taking beta-alanine with and without creatine within a group of college-aged, active females. While beta-alanine was shown to deliver desirable results with respect to weight loss and muscles health, the addition of creation “did not reveal additive benefits” in mean changes in muscle carnosine levels or phosphagen levels [9].


Rhodiola rosea is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the Crassulaceae family. As for its benefits, it has long been used for its anti-fatigue, anti-stress, and anti-inflammatory properties. One study that analyzed the anti-adipogenic and lipolytic activity of two extracts of Rhodiola rosea (containing 3% salidroside or a combination of 1% salidroside and 3% rosavins) found evidence for a healthy effect on pre-adipocytes during differentiation and lipids control [10].


Finally, we have a flowering plant that has been proven via animal and test-tube studies to improve sugar metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels. Although one study also led to the former benefits along with preferred weight loss results, more research is said to be needed where subjects are humans. This is the deemed the best way to validate existing results [11].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What features does VivaSlim™ carry?

At present, we are told that VivaSlim™ only uses the most premium, high-quality extracts for every one of the selected ingredients, has been manufactured in a clean, sterile environment that follows GMP standards and is not habit-forming.

How should VivaSlim™ be taken?

As a dietary supplement, adults are suggested to mix 10 drops in water or any beverage of choice. This can be consumed up to three times per day or as recommended by a healthcare professional. With respect to safety, pregnant and/or nursing mothers are advised against its uses. The same is applicable to people taking certain medications and children under 18 years of age.

What are the purported benefits of taking VivaSlim™?

The purported benefits include glowing skin and hair, feelings of happiness and a boost to one’s self-confidence. These incentives supposedly stem from visible signs of:

  • Reduced fat in the face, neck, and cheeks
  • Released visceral fat
  • Flattened stomach
  • Restored definition in the arms and thighs
  • Boosted energy levels

How should VivaSlim™ be stored?

To preserve its quality, Simple Promise™ recommends storing it in a cool, dry place. More information can be gathered from the product label.

Is VivaSlim™ protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, VivaSlim™ has been protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. If this tincture prevents one from reaping the benefits of weight loss, customer service should be contacted for a full refund. To initiate this process, consider the following points of contact:

  • Phone: 1 (800) 259 9522
  • Email: support@simplepromise.com.
  • Address: Simple Promise Pte Ltd., 3242 NE 3rd Avenue #1051 Camas, WA 98607

How much does VivaSlim™ cost?

Each bottle contains 120 servings (i.e., 0.5ml each) designed to maintain one month’s usage. That said, listed below is a quick price’s breakdown worth reviewing on the official VivaSlim website:

  • 1 VivaSlim™ bottle: $49 each
  • 3 VivaSlim™ bottles: $39 each
  • 6 VivaSlim™ bottles: $31 each

Introducing the Makers, Simple Promise™

Supplements provider, Simple Promise™ is a company that gloats the success that arises from healthy lifestyle approaches. To play their role in consumer wellness, the team pledges to consider the likes of scientific evidence, clinically backed ingredients, effective dosing, good manufacturing processes, independent lab testing and bias free findings. Most of all, each product offered allegedly symbolizes the need to warrant safety. With everything in mind, Simple Promise™ wants everyone to do one thing: ask the right questions when faced with many options, because this is what permitted them to run their company. With an incredible line up of Simple Promise products, like Meta Slim Complete, Ovuna, Consti-Slim, Glucose Shield and Nutonen, what’s not to love about their flagship supplement for suppressing appetite, enhancing metabolism and optimizing cholesterol levels naturally. Let’s wrap up this VivaSlim review to see if this 11-ingredient blend from a highly respected company and branded product line is the right weight loss supplement for you to buy today.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, VivaSlim™ is a weight loss supplement that intends to destroy toxic oligomers responsible for preventing the cytokine gate from opening. The latter is perceived as the driving force for fat accumulation and possibly weight gain. In the opinion of Simple Promise™, this formula is an embodiment of quality and science, however, our research indicates otherwise. After spending some time on the ingredient’s list, our editorial team felt that most of the components that qualified were merely on the basis of preliminary evidence.

Matter-of-factly, no direct link has been established between any of the ingredients and their potential role in destroying toxic oligomers. This is not to say that fat deposits will never be targeted, instead, we aren’t sure why one strategy was introduced, but another was employed. Moreover, the concentration per serving is fulfilled only if three servings are taken per day, otherwise results will be delayed. Due to uncertainties in this formula, we encourage everyone to do their due diligences prior to placing an order. For those of you who are still curious, more information on VivaSlim™ can be gathered by visiting here>>>.

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