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Turbo Keto Diet Reviews – What is Lepti-Slim Shortcut Program?

Have you been feeling sluggish ever you started the journey on ketosis? Finding it gruesome to barricade thoughts of sugar and/or carbohydrates? What if we were able to introduce someone who vouches that carbohydrates are, to some extent, acceptable on the keto diet? Would you be interested? Dubbed “carbohydrate pulses,” intervals of carb intake are said to be integrated within the keto diet without any effect on the metabolic state of ketosis. Fascinating, isn’t it? The purpose of this review is to shed light on Chandler Marchman’s “The Turbo Keto Diet.”

What is the Turbo Keto Diet?

The Turbo Keto Diet is a program that affirms the possibility of achieving the fastest fat loss ever within a 2-week timeframe, without any of the known keto-related side effects. Individuals can perceive this diet the same way as keto, but much faster, or better yet, keto on steroids. As per the creator, Chandler Marchman, the program has been structured so that individuals are left to burn fat every three days in the first 14 days. Consequently, leaner, toned muscles, ultimate weight loss, and a sustainable energy source will naturally unravel.

Best of all, the risk of experiencing plateaus will be limited, hence, ensuring maximum outcomes. Is there even such a thing as “keto on steroids”? It turns out that it primarily involves one key process found only in the Turbo Keto Diet. With that in mind, let’s direct our attention towards this program’s driving force.

How does the Turbo Keto Diet work?

The Turbo Keto Diet is founded on theLepti-Slim Shortcut.” The Lepti-Slim Shortcut is believed to prevent the metabolism from slowing down the way it normally does during traditional means of losing weight. It is said to supply the brain and other vital functions with a dose-dependent amount of carbohydrates during the slow down. The argument that Chandler makes is that when a “certain amount of carbs [are consumed] at the right time, they could help eliminate these side effects while speeding up your metabolic rate.”

Ultimately, he avows that the accepted fact that including a small number of carbohydrates is likely to kick the body out of ketosis is a mere myth. Matter-of-factly, when he tested his ketone levels, his body is said to have reached the highest (yet safest) level of ketosis that he’s ever experienced. In addition, Chandler experienced heightened energy levels and continuous fat burning.

As much as we’d hope this shortcut to be as simple as having additional carbs, this isn’t the case. In fact, a lot of manipulation had to go into factors including fats, workouts, timing, and of course, the dieting aspect. Fortunately, the completeness of the Lepti-Slim Shortcut has been summarized in the Turbo Keto Diet. Now that we know what the driving force is let’s look at the program’s content.

What’s included in the Turbo Keto Diet?

Inside the Turbo Keto Diet, individuals will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with:

  • Delicious and forbidden foods that can be consumed while the body continues to burn fat
  • How carbohydrates can finally be enjoyed without feeling guilty or creating setbacks in one’s respective goals
  • The exact way by which our craving centers in the brain will be restricted to stay away from sugars and junk food
  • How the transition phase can be switched from a “carb-burning metabolism” to a “fat-burning metabolism.”
  • The diet’s ability to shield them from general fatigue, diarrhea, and nausea, among other keto flu symptoms

In addition to everything that has been listed thus far, the Turbo Keto Diet also comes with three bonuses, which include:

Bonus #1. The Turbo Keto Meal & Supplement Guide

In it, Chandler affirms to have listed optimal fat-burning foods, sauces, dips, and condiments that everyone should consume consistently over the next 30 days. The section devoted to supplements intake explains when, why and how certain supplements should boost results. For instance, Chandler will discuss protein groups, coconut oils, enzymes, caffeine, and herbs a lot, and this is just the beginning of a handful of other useful tools.

Bonus #2. The Turbo Keto Daily Action Plan

As suggested by its title, the daily action plan has precise, step-by-step instructions on proceeding with the Turbo Keto Diet during the morning, evening, and before going to bed. Every plausible detail has been described to ensure that individuals can follow instructions down to the tee.

Bonus #3. The Turbo Keto Bonus Accelerator Week

For people who think 14 days isn’t enough, the Turbo Keto Bonus Accelerator Week has been included as means to drive maximum results. This is for anyone who has reached a body fat percentage of 10% and wants to go the extra mile to lower it to single-digit percentages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

This program is quite different than the listing of the best keto diet pills or keto protein powders as it focuses on how to induce ketosis easier via diet and lifestyle. Let’s review the FAQ for The Turbo Keto Diet and the Lepti-Slim Shortcut.

What makes the Turbo Keto Diet superior to other keto diet plans?

The Turbo Keto Diet uses carbohydrate pulses and an exercise protocol that boosts the metabolism and ensures that keto-flu side effects are restricted altogether. In other words, this program challenges the belief that carbohydrates cannot be consumed while on keto.

Does age determine the outcomes obtained through the Turbo Keto Diet?

No, Chandler insists that the simple trick can be employed and benefited by men and women in their 20’s all the way up to their 60’s.

Does the Turbo Keto Diet require special foods, bars, or shakes?

No special foods, bars, or shakes must be purchased to complete the Turbo Keto Diet program. However, they might facilitate better results, so Chandler claims to have included a section that further elaborates on their effects.

Is the Turbo Keto Diet like Atkins?

No, the Turbo Keto Diet is nowhere similar to the Atkins diet. Under the latter, more protein is consumed with complexity added to the diet, whereas the Turbo Keto Diet embodies carbohydrate pulses for immediate results.

How often does the Turbo Keto Diet encourage carbohydrates consumption?

The amount and frequency of carbohydrates allowed depend on body type and how far into the program individuals have reached. Usually, the number can fall anywhere between once to thrice a week, but this largely depends on how much progress has been made.

Does the Turbo Keto Diet require a specific exercise regimen?

Yes and no. Yes, because exercise gives an upper hand in attaining set goals while sculpting the body. No, because this diet does not require it. Nevertheless, the Turbo Keto Diet includes an exercise regimen for those who are interested.

Will the Turbo Keto Diet damage the kidneys?

No, people often confuse the keto diet as being the reason for diabetic ketoacidosis. In cases where individuals are diagnosed with kidney disease, then following the Turbo Keto Diet is inappropriate.

Can menopausal women give the Turbo Keto Diet a go?

Yes, the Turbo Keto Diet is advertised as a 100% safe program for menopausal women. In fact, some of their known symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia, may be rectified while following the nutritional and physical requirements of this diet.

Is the Turbo Keto Diet protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if the Turbo Keto Diet fails to elicit impressive results, customer service can be contacted for a full refund, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee. But first, individuals must vouch for abiding by the following before assessing the program’s worth:

  • Do everything that has been instructed in the program
  • Forget about makes excuses, as this brings no results
  • Time and effort should be dedicated to utmost results

How much does the Turbo Keto Diet cost?

The Turbo Keto Diet is currently offered at a one-time fee of $17. For any questions and/or concerns, the retailer, Clickbank’s customer service support team should be contacted.

Meet Chandler Marchman

Chandler Marchman is a certified strength coach and physique expert of over 18 years. He claims to have helped men and women of all works of life achieve transformational results throughout his career, whether it be regarding physique or their desire to become stronger. To help reach goals, Chandler pledges to use methodologies that have been scientifically proven as being effectual while maintaining safety. The latter is what allegedly led him to elevate the traditional keto diet. Here’s what the expert has to say to everyone:

“I’m obsessed with the human body and how you can manipulate your own metabolism to achieve your goals. But doing so in a way that’s backed by both science and real-world results [This] allowed me to discover the unique keto shortcut that I’m willing to say takes the traditional keto diet to a whole new level […] by eliminating unwanted side effects.”

Final Verdict

Ultimately, personal trainer and strength coach Chandler Marchman insists that everyone who has been on the ketogenic diet has been misled by the idea that carbohydrates must be eliminated. Matter-of-factly, the latter is trusted to hinder results, and thanks to his Lepti-Slim Shortcut, carbohydrate pulses can be integrated for ongoing fat burning. Knowing that Chandler put his theory to the test only to determine that ketosis is still maintained if not peaked even further is what drew us to the Turbo Keto Diet. How can anyone neglect society’s continuous efforts in instilling a macronutrient’s ratio of 70% healthy fats, 25% proteins, and 5% carbohydrates when it is far from exactness? To gain access to this theory for a measly $17, with guidance on food options, supplements intake, and exercise regimes is valuable, and an opportunity that should not be missed out on. For more on how to get started with the Turbo Keto Diet, click here>>>.

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