The Best Platforms for Online Depression Therapy

Thanks to the internet, therapy has become more accessible than ever. Instead of trying to find a couple of hours in your busy schedule so you can commute to a therapist’s office, now you can just talk to a therapist from home or anywhere you are.

Accessibility and flexibility are the main advantages of online therapy. However, many clients also choose remote therapy because it’s cheaper than traditional in-person sessions. Many online platforms allow you to get access to video calls and text therapy for a reasonable monthly fee, and some platforms also provide additional resources and self-help tools to help you achieve the best results.

If you have depression, talking to a therapist isn’t just a good idea but rather a necessity. When left untreated, symptoms of depression may get worse so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for professional help. However, given that there are dozens of therapy platforms on the internet, choosing the right one might be a challenging task.

Choosing a platform might be particularly difficult if it’s your first experience with therapy. What should you look for? What platforms are affordable yet professional and convenient? To help you make the right choice, we compared some of the most popular therapy platforms that you can use when dealing with depression or other mental health issues.

  • Amwell

This is a well-known company that offers a vast variety of services, including but not limited to mental health therapy. What makes Amwell different from other companies that you will see on this list is that here, you can also talk to a doctor if you have problems with your physical health.

When it comes to mental health, Amwell may also be the right option for those who have particularly complex problems that require medication treatment. On this platform, you can talk to a psychiatrist and get a prescription.

The availability of psychiatrists makes this platform popular among people with bipolar disorder and personality disorders. However, you may also use this platform if you need help with depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

Unfortunately, Amwell also has its disadvantages. For instance, it only offers video chat therapy so text messaging is unavailable. Besides, you have to pay for each particular session, without being able to buy a monthly package.

One session may cost you anywhere from $109 to $279, depending on the chosen professional. So, this platform certainly isn’t the most affordable option.

  • Calmerry

If you’re looking for convenient and flexible online therapy that won’t break your bank, Calmerry might be a great solution because it offers affordable depression therapy without sacrificing the quality of therapy services.

Calmerry has a team of experienced licensed therapists who can help you figure out the reasons behind your mental health problems and suggest effective coping strategies. You can use Calmerry if you have depression, anxiety, suffer from grief or trauma, or just want to improve your well-being.

You can use Calmerry apps for iOS and Android, or access it through a web interface. Along with video sessions, Calmerry also offers text & audio therapy, which might be appreciated by clients with particularly busy schedules.

Besides, Calmerry also offers some freebies, such as a chatbot intended for mood tracking and journaling. It will help you monitor the changes in your mood depending on your daily experiences and thoughts.

The Calmerry team features a variety of mental health professionals, including licensed professional counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists.

If you’re not satisfied with your sessions, you can switch therapists for free. Another advantage of this platform is its prices — it offers several types of monthly subscriptions with prices starting at discounted $42 per week. Besides, Calmerry often offers other discounts.

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This is another popular platform with a good reputation that has reasonable prices and a big team of mental health professionals. The reason why TalkSpace occupies third place on our list is that it also receives its share of negative reviews. Some clients note that their therapists’ responses look copy-pasted.

Still, there are many therapists available, and all of them are licensed to practice in their states. There are specialists with different kinds of clinical backgrounds so you can use this platform to get help with depression, anxiety, and many other mental health disorders.

TalkSpace is an affordable platform, although it cannot boast the lowest prices. The cheapest subscription costs $65 per week and features unlimited messages without live sessions. If you’re looking for live video sessions, you will have to pay $79 to $99 per week.

  • BetterHelp

This is one of the biggest and most popular online therapy platforms that also offers messages and live video calls. While the company helps clients who are dealing with various types of mental health issues, it also owns separate brands for teens and the LGBTQ+ community: Teen Counseling and Pride Counseling, respectively.

If you simply google “online therapy,” you may find tons of articles that mention BetterHelp, as well as some celebrity endorsements. However, the company’s marketing and data tracking practices have been surrounded by a few controversies.

All the subscription plans feature unlimited messaging, but you may need to pay an additional fee for a live video session. Besides, you should keep in mind that most therapists have busy schedules so you may need to schedule your live calls in advance.

This isn’t the cheapest therapy platform, and its pricing policy is pretty similar to that of TalkSpace. Subscription plans cost $60 to $90 per week, but the prices change frequently and sometimes reach $100 per week. If you want to save some money, you may opt for longer subscriptions.

  • 7 Cups

7 Cups offers affordable online therapy, along with emotional support and peer support. On this website, you can join chat rooms and talk to other people with depression, share your stories, and share coping practices that you’ve found to be effective.

The affordability makes this platform stand out — the cost of subscription plans starts at only $150 per month. You can also use a free version of this service that allows you to talk to trained volunteers.

While being able to provide emotional support, these volunteers, however, aren’t licensed therapists, so if you want to get professional help, you will have to opt for a paid plan. If you share some serious symptoms, the volunteers might refer you to a therapist and end the conversation.

Since the volunteers may not have any formal education in the field of psychology, the quality of emotional support may vary, with some clients complaining about their listeners being judgmental or inattentive. A professional counselor, however, might help you if you have depression and need some advice.


Wrapping Up

Online therapy has proven to be no less effective than traditional in-person sessions. Moreover, it’s a much more accessible and flexible solution. We compared some of the most popular online therapy platforms so that you can find affordable depression therapy that fits you.

As you can see, all of these platforms have their advantages and downsides so feel free to check out more in-depth reviews on DrMental.org, Verywell Mind, Healthline, or Top10.

If you have depression, anxiety, or any other mental health problems, getting professional help is a great idea so don’t hesitate to give online therapy a try.


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