TOP-3 Professional Academic Writing Services to Help You Through College

The use of professional academic paper writing services is a hot topic across the globe due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and media focus. For educational institutions and officials, they are evil incarnate that threatens the basics of the modern study system. For some students (primarily, international), they are the means of miraculous salvation from underperformance and poor command of English. For yet others, they are a mere necessity to cope with the study overload amplified by working part or full-time. This review analyzes why more and more students elect to pay professional academic writers significant money, the risks of doing so, and what you should look for in a reliable writing company. As an additional perk, we name the 3 best and proven writing assistance services as of the end of 2021. After all, if you decide to try out paid online help, you should go for a trustworthy provider able to meet your requirements in terms of quality and turnaround.

TOP-3 Academic Writing Services Reviews

We took the liberty of presenting brief descriptions of the 3 best academic essay writing service companies as of the end of 2021. The rating is based on research that included analyzing almost 50 websites for hiring academic writers online and reading hundreds of user reviews on customer feedback platforms, Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. If you have some specific needs or a narrow topic, chances are you might be able to find a service more apt to your requirements than those presented below. Yet, you can’t go wrong with these websites if you need urgent and proficient assistance with conventional academic papers at adequate prices.

PaperHelp.org – Best for Regular Use, Great Price/Quality/Speed Ratio

The service’s name basically speaks for itself and is well-known in the market as the company has been active since 2008. Over that time, PaperHelp earned a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company with almost 700.000 completed orders up to date. Such experience implies ordering and delivering processes honed to perfection and, most importantly, a competent team of writers and responsible support. Customer reviews confirm that the service lives up to its fame, providing effective writing assistance across diverse academic disciplines and assignment types, including problem solving, questions & answers, editing, etc.

PaperHelp customer managers hand-pick the best-suited expert based on the order’s topic, academic level (high school, college, university, PhD), deadline (starting from just 3 hours), and required paper writer category (standard, advanced, TOP). After securely paying the estimated order cost, customers can directly contact the assigned writer and discuss all aspects of writing with them.

They are not the largest or the cheapest writing service out there – but the company’s average size and adequate pricing policy allow it to ensure a truly individual approach and keep many English native writers on staff, maintain high standards of writing.

  • Minimum prices: $12/page (college level, standard writer, 14-day deadline)
  • Promo code: WRITEFORME – get 11% off the first order over $30
  • Other: Quality Assurance department; 3-hour minimum deadline; free plagiarism check; guarantees and freebies with every order; 24/7 support; VIP service

MyAdmissionsEssay.com – Best for College/University Applicants

Before even thinking about ordering a college paper online, you should first get into college – that’s the idea MyAdmissionsEssay.com pitches on its homepage. Eventually, this service has focused on helping customers craft application essays and letters, personal statements, CVs, resumes, etc. This set of documents can be used by high school graduates to apply for college and by undergraduate students to apply for a scholarship, internship, or even a post-graduate program. To this end, they have three academic levels (high school, undergraduate, PhD) and three writer categories (basic, advanced, TOP). Many customer reviews point out that using MyAdmissionsEssay allowed them to get several admissions essays on the same topic by different writers with an up to 60% discount. Thus, they saved tons of time developing a separate piece for every school they’ve applied to.

Despite focusing on applicants, MyAdmissionsEssay obviously doesn’t want to miss out on a piece of the college writing pie. Hence, the service offers assistance during your time in college or university and lets you order essay, research paper, review, course work, and other types of papers.

  • Minimum prices: $11/page for a standard essay and $34/page for admissions essay (both – high school level, basic writer, 20-day deadline)
  • Promo code: BESTGRADE – get 11% off the first order over $30
  • Other: paid plagiarism report; guarantees and freebies with every order; 24/7 support; blog

WowEssays.com – Best to Find Quality Samples

Like MyAdmissionsEssay, WowEssays.com has its own distinctive feature, focusing on maintaining one of the largest academic paper sample databases on the Web. No, actually, there are two of them: one free with almost 100.000 entries, another – paid subscription-based with over 1 MILLION downloadable papers! Practical uses of this unique website include spotting new topics and content presentation ideas, creating an outline for your paper based on proper samples, and discovering new sources for your work in relevant samples. Kudos to the company for building a resource where students can find the best writing examples to learn from without violating any point in the academic integrity code.

At the same time, WowEssays.com still has a full-fledged essay writing service behind the curtain. As their website claims, it is meant for students who don’t have enough time to browse the sample database and look for apt writing materials. This makes sense as most orders on writing help sites are placed with 1-day or 3-day deadlines. Anyway, WowEssays offers a full range of custom writing services at market-average prices, and customer reviews across the Web praise the outcomes.

  • Minimum prices: standard sample database – free; subscription-based premium sample database – from $9.99/week; custom writing – $10/page (high school level, standard writer, 20-day deadline)
  • Promo code: WOWRESULT – get 11% off the first custom writing order over $30
  • Other: free writing assistance tools; blog

Academic Essay Writing Services Overview

Academic writing help services are basically websites where students can purchase any type of college or university papers and assignments. Yet, these wouldn’t be pre-written materials but entirely original works crafted from scratch according to customers’ individual instructions and standard academic writing requirements. As essays are the most widely assigned written tasks, they – unsurprisingly – are the most frequently ordered type of papers, hence causing writing services being for simplicity’s sake called ‘essay farms,’ ‘essay mills,’ and other suchlike names.

Because paying money to professional academic essay writers for crafting papers is not something students admit and share too willingly, there’s no reliable data on how many high school, college, and university goers use such services. However, judging on the boom of the industry and essay writing websites that crop up like mushrooms – remarkably many. Services’ confidentiality, simplicity, and practical impossibility to detect this practice attract students seeking studying shortcuts. Usually, all you need to do is to register with the online service of your choice using just a valid email address, fill out the order form, set the deadline, and pay with a card. Generally, new buyers also receive a welcome discount code and get a really good writer assigned to the first order so that the paper’s quality is high. Thus, they may get hooked on buying papers again and again.

The Shady Side of Academic Ghostwriting

As attractive as paying for academic assistance may sound, the concept has its flaws. One is of legal nature, as accomplishing assignments instead of someone (not to mention doing it for money) is unlawful. To beat this limitation, essay writing companies publish disclaimers on their websites. They state that materials purchased by students are mere original samples or model papers that buyers should use as examples to follow and learn from, draw factual data or refer to when developing their own works. In fact, elaborate footnotes in bureaucratic style pursue one and only purpose – pass on the full responsibility for papers’ use to students.

Here we come to another point – students don’t seem to mind it at all. Why? No one can possibly find out about the fact, it’s that simple. “Respectable” academic writing services use the latest browsing safety technologies (SSL, HTTPS), encrypted communication channels, and secure payment solutions (PCI DSS) to ensure customers’ absolute confidentiality. In some cases, you can even hire an academic ghost writer full anonymously, for instance, when paying with a Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. As a result, you’re innocent till proven otherwise, and there’s no actual way to prove it.

One might speculate about anti-plagiarism and AI systems to detect frames. But the thing is, they can only spot major differences in writing style compared to a particular student’s previously written papers and hint a teacher to have a closer look. On the other hand, the best academic writing service, as a rule, asks a customer to send them several of their papers so that the writer can mimic a person’s writing style while crafting an entirely original piece. “How do you like that, Turnitin?”

The bottom line is that it all comes down to an ethical dilemma faced by a student: to pay, violate academic integrity principles, but get the job done OR not to pay, stay clean, but risk failing the class, course, college. What would you do, honestly?

When You Really Should Hire a Pro Academic Paper Writer

First of all, let us make it crystal clear: in no way do we support dishonest practices in education. But then again, we’re living in the real world. And the real world isn’t black and white, it regularly demands making hard decisions. One of such during college or university might be addressing some of the best academic writing services to help you with written assignments. As we’ve stated above, such a choice brings you to a grey area in terms of legitimacy and ethics. Hence, the reasons to go down this path must be imminent.

Dave Tomar, a former academic writer who published a book about his career, points out a misleading stereotype that it’s only spoiled rich lazy kids who go online for paid writing assistance. In fact, he says, it’s much more complex than that.

Based on Tomar’s book and our research, we concluded that there are three crucial reasons, which could lead a student to paying money to a stranger academic writer:

  • Lack of language proficiency – many essay websites’ clients are international or foreign students.
  • Lack of time that arises when young adults struggle to balance studies and other things that need their attention – jobs, families, health issues, etc.
  • Lack of support from an educational institution faculty. So, if students aren’t adequately adapted for college after high school, they most surely will have difficulties understanding assignments and ways of completing them.

Combine these reasons with the ever-growing study load and never-lowing pressure to perform – and you’ll see why Tomar establishes that the vast majority of customers are desperate students: “They felt they had no other choice.”

What a Reliable and Professional Academic Writing Service Should Have

Suppose, a student finds themselves in a situation when they have no other choice but to order a paper online. But from whom? Google search gives hundreds of academic writers sites! Based on cross-platform research of two dozen leading writing companies and common sense, it’s safe to affirm that a reliable and trustworthy academic service must:

  • Be able to present proofs of papers’ originality.
  • Provide free revisions (it’s not crucial whether they are unlimited – you’d hardly need more than two).
  • Provide an on-time delivery guarantee.
  • Implement strict payment safety measures (for example, be compliant with PCI DSS).
  • Provide confidentiality guarantee and non-sharing private information policy.
  • Have a history in the industry.
  • Have a high rating on customer feedback platforms (for example, Trustpilot or Sitejabber).
  • Provide round-the-clock support via multiple communication channels.
  • Have adequate and flexible pricing as well as a straightforward money-back guarantee.

These are the must-haves. Don’t mind grandiose rhetoric about “highest quality of papers,” “hundreds of English native writers,” or “improved grades in 99% of customers” – there’s no way you can check these claims, not a single one. Better off contact the Support and ask how they assign an author to the order – just put it out there for writers to bid their prices or hand-pick an expert based on their academic background. You do understand which is preferable, don’t you?


There is a saying attributed to Winston Churchill, a British Prime Minister in the middle of the 20th century; though taken out of context, it became immensely popular and is widely quoted up to date. It goes, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried before.” Here’s the question for discussion: maybe academic services are the worst form of urgent writing help except for all those other forms that students have tried when there’s no other choice? You can quote us on that, just don’t take it out of context.

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