Top 17 Best Hangover Pills – Review Supplements Ranking List

The night’s young, so you decide to splurge and treat yourself by having one too many drinks. Living in the moment as your social life is blazing, you keep asking for more rounds. After hours on end, you make your way home and tumble onto the bed. The next day, the sun makes its way up to remind you of your mistakes. Those eyelids fight you to remain shut, but you open them anyway. In so doing, feelings of weakness, thirst, sweat, nausea, and aching muscles suddenly creep up. Whoever said the nights young forgot to warn you of hangovers, didn’t they?

Generally, the most straightforward cures for a hangover entail having a hearty breakfast, rehydrating the body, getting plenty of sleep, and taking Advil. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to benefit from this standard list. While these are ideal for easing the above symptoms, there must be a more efficient way to completely snap out of a hangover, right? Well, that’s what our editorial team is here for. Seeing how hangovers can really do a number on one’s mental and physical health (and maybe even the spirit), our team searched for hangover remedy supplements. As a result, the known list of thousands has now been shortened to a measly 17.

The intention of this comprehensive guide is not to simply list solutions and their prices. To ensure that we go well beyond expectations, our team also took some time to expound on the ranking process, offer the scientific perspective into the effect of hangover remedy solutions, and create an elaborate FAQ section for all burning questions needing clarity. Shall we get started? Here are the top 17 hangover remedy supplements of 2021:

Top 17 Best Hangover Pills

Time got to the best of us as we investigated each supplement that crossed our path. After spending a considerable amount of time on the ranking criteria to see how we would rate solutions, we assessed which existing solutions checked off as many boxes as possible. That’s how we arrived at 17, and through this guide, we plan to start a conversation surrounding its features, namely regarding the team behind the solution, the founding strategy, the ingredient’s list, and if the company allows us, pinpoint an eccentric feature belonging to the respective product. Without any further delay, let’s see how it is that these solutions (listed in alphabetical order) can potentially free consumers of even the thought of future hangovers:


image 3
  • Company: AfterDrink
  • Starting Price: $34.99

Based in Kensington, London, AfterDrink is advertised as a “new essential weekend companion” that aims to resolve three of the most common issues that arise from drinking. Specifically, it has been formulated to rectify free radical damage and deplete electrolytes, salts, minerals, and water. According to the AfterDrink team, “rough mornings, low energy, and production doesn’t get easier with age, and we don’t think it should have to be this way.” Understanding the impact of alcohol on the body, their strategy entails delivering 23 antioxidants, amino acids, and a blend of vitamins and minerals, which they believe would fire up the metabolic function. It is important to note that AfterDrink does not prevent intoxication, so responsible drinking should never be an afterthought!

Interestingly, after months of research, AfterDrink took shape, and that too after many rounds of refining. Consequently, each serving (i.e., 3 capsules) contains Dihydromyricetin (520mg), Ginger Root Extract (140mg), Prickly Pear (140mg), Milk Thistle (180mg), L-Theanine (80mg), Panax Ginseng (140mg), Black Pepper (5mg), L-Cysteine HCL (100mg), L-Theanine (80mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (80mg), Vitamin C (80mg), Vitamin E (30IU), Thiamin (25mg), Riboflavin (3mg), Niacin (12mg), Vitamin B6 (15mg), Pantothenic Acid (15mg), Magnesium (50mg), Zinc (10mg), Selenium (55mcg), Copper (500mcg), Manganese (2mg) and Chromium (200mcg).


image 2
  • Company: Rally Labs
  • Starting Price: $15.00

Like the above product, Blowfish has been created with hangover symptoms in mind. For starters, it contains aspirin to free consumers from throbbing headaches. Next, caffeine has been included as a means of easing an upset, hungover stomach. Finally, lemon is believed to deliver H2O and consequently increase hydration. Two features drew us to Blowfish. First, as described, the formula is as simple as it gets (i.e., 500mg of Aspirin and 60mg of Pharmaceutical Caffeine). Second, it has been approved by the FDA, suggesting validity and legitimacy to a large extent. So, if anyone experiences irritability, headaches, fatigue, impaired mental function, sensitivity to light and sound, among others, it might be worth looking into Blowfish.


image 1
  • Company: Cheers
  • Price Range: $20 to $35

Cheers is a brand devoted to delivering products that tend to all possible alcohol consumption-related concerns. The fun, inviting official website has a quiz ready in place for people who aren’t entirely sure how to go about picking a solution. At present, individuals can choose between Cheers Restore, Cheers Hydrate, and Cheers Protect, which serve as after-alcohol aid, oral rehydration solution, and daily liver supplement, respectively. Taking a step back, we decided to see how Cheers took shape. Interestingly, it all started when the CEO and Founder, Brooks Powell, was introduced to a natural plant extract called Dihydromyricetin (DHM) while researching a neuroscience class in 2014.

Having stumbled upon a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, he soon realized that DHM could significantly reduce signs of hangovers because they affect GABAa receptors. Since the study was based on a rat model, he conducted the same study on humans with his take, i.e., Cheers. In the end, participants reported feeling “an average of 50% better the next day after taking Cheers.” Luckily, the study helped to refine the solution, leading to the first release: Cheers Restore. Cheers embody the need to satisfy the scientific community. This has mainly been accomplished thanks to the two Ivy League biotech professors who serve as advisors on the company’s research and development efforts (R & R&D). Who can forget the lasting impression that Brooks made on Shark Tank? On that note, individuals are asked to review the ingredients based on their choice of solution.


  • Company: DrinkAde
  • Starting Price: $27.99

Unlike the solutions we’ve discussed thus far, DrinkAde must be consumed before a night’s out rather than after. According to Founder, Parrish Whitaker who experimented with variations of an antioxidant formula, he finally settled on one effective at restoring vital nutrients and attacking dehydration. Simply put, DrinkAde has been formulated to neutralize toxins, restore essential nutrients, and rehydrate the body. At present, individuals can either choose between DrinkAde Prevention or DrinkAde Boost, two solutions that either deliver antioxidants or induce hydration and energy, respectively. To kick things up a notch, the team stuck by two desirable flavors, i.e., berry and limeade. The ingredients typically range from Electrolytes and B Vitamins to Milk Thistle, Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, and Green Tea Extract. We encourage everyone to visit the official website to see the exact breakdown of ingredients for both solutions.


  • Company: Drinkwel
  • Starting Price Range: $17.95 to $39.99

Drinkwel is a multivitamin, herbs, and minerals supplement that has been created specifically for healthy people who consume alcohol. Seeing how alcohol affects different areas of health, this solution considers the need to replenish lost nutrients, support liver health, and process toxins. Co-Founder Mike McAdams initially went on a journey to balance out alcohol consumption. When he searched for solutions, he realized that Vitamin B and C and Milk Thistle were offered separately. After finding all possible supplements and creating a mixture of his own, he offered it to Co-Founder, Greg Huang who was surprised by its effects. One question asked by Greg is what indeed led to the existence of Drinkwel: “Why don’t they make one pill that does all that stuff?”

As for the main ingredients that made the cut, they have been separated into two primary blends: the 600mg Detox Blend (N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Taurine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid) and the 437mg Botanicals Blend (Organic Milk Thistle, Rhodiola Rosea, Artichoke, Green Tea, L-Theanine, Acerola Berry, Bupleurum, Schisandra, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Goji Berry and DHM). In addition to the latter two, each serving delivers a great blend of vitamins and minerals. Other options for solutions include either CodeRed (for reducing alcohol flush) or DHM with NAC, both of which are equally considered alcohol supports.

Fewer Regrets

  • Company: Fewer Regrets
  • Starting Price: $49.99

Each Fewer Regrets packet contains hangover fighting ingredients likely to help the body prevent a hangover before it even begins. To be taken with the first drink of the night, its effectiveness depends on the type of drinker, namely healthy, responsible drinkers who are merely looking to achieve balance. The story behind this solution starts with a 10-year friendship between two individuals who got the conversation rolling regarding hangover solutions. The duo allegedly entered a point in life where they experienced nothing but hangovers and wanted to enjoy the moment and drink without the aftermath. After some trial and error, the duo stuck by one solution that made them feel like themselves regardless of the night before.

As for the ingredients that led the duo to feel fewer regrets, they entail a combination of Hovenia Dulcis (DHM), Prickly Pear Cactus, Turmeric Root, Red Ginseng Root Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Green Tea Extract, a B Vitamin Complex (i.e., B1, B6, and B12), and N-Acetyl-Cysteine. Oddly enough, the exact breakdown of ingredients (in doses) has yet to be revealed, but this is something that can be clarified by contacting customer service.

Recovery Post-Party Relief

  • Company: Flyby
  • Starting Price: $29.99

Recovery is yet another solution that emphasizes liver support, replenishment of electrolytes, and antioxidants delivery. CEO and Founder Eddie Huai was fed up with feeling crappy after a night out, and it wasn’t until his trip to Tokyo that he gained a new appreciation for vitamins. After going out for drinks and putting a “Japanese party supplement” to test, he woke up feeling great. This motivated him to develop a formula that would promote wellness despite one’s drinking habit, leading to Flyby.

What makes this brand noteworthy is that Eddie aims to satisfy the science-backing requirement at every step. For instance, a multi-site, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human study with 50 healthy subjects who had a moderate amount to drink was conducted to depict impressive results. The severity of headaches, vomiting, thirst, sleepiness, light sensitivity, nausea, weakness, headaches, and fatigue was significantly reduced. How are these improvements even possible?

Well, it’s all thanks to the 1651mg Flyby proprietary blend of DHM, L-Cysteine HCL, Milk Thistle, Cactus Prickly Pear, L-Leucine, L-Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Theanine, Chicory, Panax Ginseng, Lotus, and Spirulina along with Vitamin C (150mg), Thiamin (25mg), Vitamin B6 (5mg), Vitamin B12 (100mcg), Magnesium (10mg), Chloride (15mg), Sodium (4mg) and Potassium (10mg).

Energy Multiplier

  • Company: LiquidIV
  • Starting Price: $24.99

As the name suggests, Energy Multiplier aims to deliver a robust yet sustainable source of energy expected to last throughout the day. Containing roughly 100mg of caffeine equivalent to 1 to 2 cups of coffee, it is deemed a far more effective way to increase energy, mood, and focus levels. The latter two benefits stem from the inclusion of antioxidants and amino acids. Most of all, it’s their use of Cellular Transport Technology that sets them apart, as it helps to absorb water and other vital ingredients into the bloodstream rapidly. As a final touch, the team considered a natural gingery flavor, which is nice seeing that ginger on its own carries anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Besides those above, the team at LiquidIV pride themselves in giving back to the community. Precisely, for every purchase made, the team uses a portion of the revenue to give to those in need. Presently, the number sits at over 9 million sticks donated across the world. Then there’s LiquidIV’s medical director, Dr. Brad Thomas, MD, an orthopedic surgeon who scientifically showed that in the case of Energy Multiplier, the CTT is the best nutrients method out there? Each serving is said to contain Pure Cane Sugar, Mined Salt, Sodium Citrate, Dextrose, Premium Matcha, Guayusa, Potassium, Ground Ginger, Vitamin C, Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, Citric Acid, Dipotassium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Stevia, and Natural Flavors.

Morning Recovery

  • Company: MoreLabs
  • Starting Price: $35.00

Morning Recovery is an after-party liver support made with a proprietary blend of electrolytes, amino acids, and antioxidants to help ease hangover symptoms. A team on a mission to provide science-backed solutions to all possible health problems, MoreLabs’ Morning Recovery was created after Co-Founder Sisun Lee went home to South Korea, had drinks, and stumbled upon hangover cure tonics. The apparent void in relatable solutions in the U.S. is what led the Co-Founder to spend months on this project with Dr. Jing Liang, a DHM researcher and USC professor, birthing Morning Recovery.

An eccentric feature of MoreLabs is their Hovenia extract, which has been tested in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study. In the end, the team concluded that it could support the liver. Regarding the complete ingredient’s list, it helps the likes of Vitamin C (100mg), Hovenia Dulcis (2.46g), Milk Thistle (72mg), Magnesium (50mg), Potassium (75mg), Vitamin B12 (50mcg), Niacin (20mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Folate (200mcg), Prickly Pear (148mg), Korean Red Ginseng (25mg) and Korean Pear (1.48g).

DHM Detox Recovery Blend

  • Company: NoDaysWasted
  • Starting Price: $34.00

DHM Detox has been formulated to flush out a toxin buildup called acetaldehyde, widely known for inducing undesirable symptoms. While many people believe that hydration is likely to solve a bulk of alcohol-related aftermaths, the team at NoDaysWasted disagrees and insists that toxins account for 80% of the problem. And so, CEO and Founder Nishal Kumar, and Scientific Advisor Dr. Forst, MD, and Quality Control, Naresh Thumati, Ph.D., came up with NoDaysWasted, which embodies the power of science its ability to allow consumers to maximize life’s moments without any regrets.

Individuals are asked to take a packet during a night out or before bed with adequate water. Upon waking up, individuals are likely to feel like their usual selves, no strings attached. In terms of ingredients, each DHM Detox packet (i.e., two capsules) is said to encompass an appropriate blend of Dihydromyricetin (DHM), L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Prickly Pear, Sodium, Potassium, and Vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12. For more information on the exact breakdown of ingredients, be sure to visit the official website!

Over EZ

  • Company: EZ Lifestyle
  • Starting Price: $19.95

Over EZ is an alcohol aid that is trusted to prevent hangovers before they start. In this case, one capsule should be taken 15 minutes before or with the first drink. Like the creators at NoDaysWasted, EZ Lifestyle’s Over EZ targets and eliminates toxins like acetaldehyde in the liver. Once again, the latter is trusted to support the liver and ensure that individuals are less likely to experience vomiting, brain fog, and/or headaches. For optimal results, each serving is said to work in three phases: the immune-boosting phase, toxins breakdown, and feeling refreshed.

Matter-of-factly, OverEZ was used in a preliminary study to show that ingesting it helped to significantly reduce hangover intensity when three mid-strength and eight mid-strength beers were consumed. The team investigated the concentration of antibodies before-, 12 hours after- and 24 hours after drinking only to find that they were higher on Over EZ than without. Finally, we have the ingredients to celebrate, which include Vitamin B2 (1.7mg), Vitamin B3 (20 mg), Vitamin B12 (6mcg), Vitamin B6 (2mg), Vitamin B5 (10mg), Chicory (100mg), L-Cysteine (65mg), Magnesium (51mg), Zinc (6mg), Milk Thistle (40mg), Amla (20mg), Chinese Date (20mg), Grape Seed (8mg) and Beet Extract (5mg).


  • Company: PureWine
  • Starting Price: $19.99

PureWine Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2014 by father-son duo Dr. David Meadows and Derek Meadows. Having gone through the hardships of dealing with wine headaches and allergic reactions to red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, the duo spent two years in a lab before genuinely understanding that the symptoms above can be avoided by eliminating histamines and sulfites found in wine. As explained by Co-Founder David, “We could see that our filtration was working, but when we tried that big, bold Cab and it was every bit as delicious as it was in the tasting room in Napa, we knew we had it.”

PureWine stands out from the crowd because it doesn’t offer supplements instead handheld devices for by-the-glass and by-the-bottle drinking. Dubbed “The Wand” and “The Wave,” respectively, these devices are founded on a patented PureWine™ technology that actively uses resin beads to absorb these contents. All that’s required of wine lovers is continuous stirring action. Three minutes of stirring is said to eliminate 50% of histamines and sulfites, while eight minutes has elicited an impressive removal rate of 95%. Another benefit of having these tools is eliminating oxidized compounds in wine, making them go bad because of oxygen exposure!


  • Company: Purple Tree
  • Starting Price: $14.95

Purple Tree’s Celebration has been formulated to help promote healthy liver function (by including Milk Thistle), replenish lost vitamins and electrolytes, and ensure mornings are better after a long night out. The team insists that their strategy will allow consumers to enjoy any celebration without fearing its aftermath freely. As for the foundation of this formula, most of the benefits resulting from the ingestion of Dihydromyricetin (DHM) along with the immune-boosting powers of White Willow Bark, and crucial vitamins and minerals that achieve balance within the mind and body (i.e., Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12, magnesium and zinc among others). As excited as we were about the formula, we were hoping for an enjoyable story behind Purple Tree, but this had not been provided at the time of writing. If the latter is of interest to consumers, a simple chat with customer service can go a long way. For the exact breakdown of the ingredient list, visit the Purple Tree official website!

Sobur Hangover Support

  • Company: Sobur
  • Starting Price: $34.99

Sobur’s Hangover Support entails addressing brain, liver, and immune health. Like many companies on our list, the Founders set out on a mission to find a solution for hangovers and related symptoms. As their yearn for a balance between socializing and drinking grew, it led them to Sobur, a formula expected to help regain momentum and productivity levels for maximum output. Now that we know how and why Sobur flourished into existence, we can get back to the Hangover Support formula.

Starting with the brain, this formula is believed to suppress the flow of GABA neurotransmitters known to prolong communication between brain cells. Anything found in excess may give rise to blackouts, hungover feelings, and distorted thought and speech. Then we have liver protection, which Hangover Support is said to support by helping to break down alcohol faster for almost instant recovery. Following suit, all toxins need to be released from the body to improve the immune system. The team considered a series of B vitamins for energy restoration, mood, and concentration as a final touch. To achieve those above, each capsule (to be taken before heading to bed) is said to contain Dihydromyricetin (300mg), N-Acetyl-Cysteine (100mg), Vitamin C (200mg), and B Vitamins (B3, B6, B12, etc.).

The Plug

  • Company: The Plug
  • Starting Price: $35.00

The Plug has been formulated to restore, recover, and recharge the body. Specifically, it may create a balance in essential nutrients in the body, ensure productivity levels aren’t compromised, and can potentially get everyone revamped for an energy-filled day. According to the creators of The Plug, this respective solution has been backed by science. Namely, clinical studies have been conducted in private research universities in South Korea, resulting in significant improvements in symptoms. The team resorted to the 13 promising, all-natural ingredients, including Purslane, Schisandra, Dandelion, Honeysuckle Flower, Morus Alba, Licorice Root, Chrysanthemum Indicum, DHM, Artemisia Herb, Pueraria Lobata, Alder Tree, Pine Needles, and Pueraria Lobata Ohwi. One facet unique to the Plug formula is that many selected ingredients are different from competitors, showing yet another approach many brands have not tapped into!

Always Toast! Before You Drink

  • Company: Toast! Supplements Inc.
  • Starting Price: $19.99

Always Toast! Before You Drink is a hangover cure that delivers beneficial ingredients with every gummy. With emphasis placed on convenience and science, the team at Toast! Supplements Inc. claims to have paired up with the Founder of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, Dr. Joris Verster, to develop a unique proprietary blend that rectifies the body after being exposed to alcohol, precisely, helps to break down alcohol as fast as possible.

This endeavor led the duo to a sweet and straightforward formula constituting N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Prickly Pear Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Thiamin Hydrochloride. Although Always Toast! Before You Drink the must-haves in a hangover formula, we had difficulties accessing the official website, which drove skepticism to a new level. Furthermore, the nutritional facts posted on Amazon had minor unavoidable errors and no mention of the concentrations per dose. For these reasons, we ask everyone to dig further into matters before settling.

Hydration + Liver Aid

  • Company: Zaca
  • Starting Price: $20.99

Last but not least, we have Zaca’s Hydration + Liver Aid to talk about. As stated on the official website, this respective solution has been created with the sole purpose of helping consumers bounce back faster after a night out. The latter is deemed possible because of the Zaca team’s balance between traditional practices and science. The refreshing berry-flavored recovery chewables are said to deliver the liver detoxifying capacities of DHM, the hydrating and replenishing effects of Sustamine®, and heightened energy and antioxidant support from Prickly Pear and L-Glutathione.

Unfortunately, when asked how much DHM is found per serving in the FAQS, the team insisted they couldn’t reveal it because it is a proprietary blend. As far as that sounds, at least a supplement’s fact showing the concentration of the proprietary blend would have been helpful, which they have yet to do. Ultimately, simplicity is clearly on their side, but the same cannot be said about transparency, and this is something to keep in mind!

The Ranking System that Unearths the Best of the Best

The above supplements weren’t selected out of the blue. Instead, a simple yet applicable checklist was developed to see which boxes supplements successfully ticked off. Failing to tick off more than one of our preferred factors (or at least the important ones) led to discarding them as a viable option. While people might see this as a harsh system, at the end of the day, we need to consider health and ensure that it is not compromised, mainly because of a particular solution. Following everything that has been discussed thus far, our checklist or ranking criteria heavily focused on the following factors:

Company Background

When selecting a supplement, we must know who created it and its procedures in the research, developmental, and manufacturing stages. These factors alone summarize what the company represents, how much value they place in delivering pure, quality, effective and safe products, and what measures they have considered that go well beyond industry standards. More obviously, a company that either fails to satisfy transparency or simply doesn’t stand by its solutions leads to heightened levels of distrust, forcing consumers to seek help elsewhere.

Scientifically Proven Ingredients & Appropriate Dosing

Hangovers pose discomfort in different areas of the body, and to achieve maximum recovery; companies need to exhibit some form of effort in how the ingredient’s list was finalized. Our editorial team preferred products that have been supported by science, especially when the ingredients at stake are entirely all-natural. Clinical studies help to understand the dose at which said ingredients could have beneficial effects while at the same time educating researchers on what may and may not work. The above-listed products have some form of evidence that our team was generally pleased to see. Many companies went the extra mile to study the effects of their solutions on healthy, drinking people.


Transparency as a factor isn’t only knowing the company or face behind the product. It also signifies whether the team made sure to provide a supplement’s fact, complete labeling, additional warnings based on the types of ingredients included (i.e., possible allergens), return policies (if applicable), headquarters, etc. Once again, transparency is fundamental for creating trust relationships, which is the main reason why it on its own serves as a significant factor needing special attention.

Advisory Boards

Someone who has individually experienced hangovers may decide to bring a solution to the table, but this doesn’t mean they qualify to create formulas. In such cases, if we stumbled upon a company that sought advice from a medical director, scientific advisor, and/or researcher, among others, it gave our editorial team peace of mind. The success of a company and its solutions depend on expertise from different fields, and this aspect of diversity is will likely limit errors down the line. Fortunately, the bulk of the solutions found in this guide involve partnerships and collaborations, which are signs of healthy strategies toward healing.


Practicality is one factor that most, if not all, supplements and (PureWine) succeeded in checking off our list. Since the delivery method ranges from capsules, tablets, gummies, and chewables to powdered drinks (small packets) and handheld devices, these are easily portable and convenient to have around. Therefore, individuals should not have any concerns regarding the integration of said supplements in their day-to-day lives.

Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee should be seen as an additional factor and not entirely as an important one. Yes, individuals must have the option to test the product to see if it is helpful. Each person is unique in their nature and health, so it could simply be the case that a particular solution might work perfectly for one person and barely for the other. During our search, we noticed that companies that felt strong about their strategies tended to offer a money-back guarantee, so it made sense to us to include it. If such policies are not in place, it doesn’t mean that the formula is inefficient, merely that such policies are not mandatory.


Finally, we have the price as a factor, which on its own means nothing. Ideally, individuals will look at a supplement’s price and wonder what factors determined such a listing; was it the company? Was it the ingredient list? Was it the fact that the FDA has approved the product? And so on. Comparing two or more supplements on the prices alone suggests nothing more than whether one costs less/more than the other. By itself, it can also be deceiving, as we’ve discovered products that cost as high as $69 with little to no substance, where other similarly priced products represented clarity, transparency, efficacy, scientific evidence, etc.

The Scientific Narrative on Hangover Remedy Supplements

Based on all the supplements that made our list for 2021, there are several ingredients that we can further study. However, to keep things simple and direct, our editorial team was interested in verifying the scientific narrative for the top five commonly listed ingredients across all 16 supplements (the 17th one doesn’t count here). After devoting some time to reviewing and researching the ingredients, our team was able to summarize the contributions of science for the following:

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is widely accepted as a hepatoprotective flavonoid derived from a Japanese raisin tree called Hovenia Dulcis. A 2012 piece that looked at the effects of DHM on alcohol symptoms explained that flavonoids had been shown to counteract acute alcohol intoxication while reducing withdrawal symptoms in rats (i.e., tolerance, anxiety, and seizure). It was also highlighted that DHM could suppress the effect of excess GABA, which, as we hinted earlier, is the partial reason for hangovers.

Another piece that looked at the effects of DHM summarized existing research on its uses, noting that it can go well beyond easing hangovers and may tend to other areas of health, some of the listed examples being Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, seizure risk and levels of peptides. Finally, we have a news piece with researcher and professor Jing Liang on their findings on DHM and hangovers. Specifically, the expert highlighted that “We know DHM helps the body to metabolize alcohol faster, but how does it work? We found it activates a cascade of mechanisms that erase alcohol from the body very quickly.”

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a type of antioxidant believed to decrease the symptoms of a hangover. One article wrote that NAC could help by reducing by-products of alcohol, i.e., ethanol. Specifically, ethanol is supposedly known to convert itself into acetaldehyde once in the liver, and the latter is the main constituent in hangovers, all while damaging the liver. Hence, NAC may boost glutathione production, essential for breaking down acetaldehyde.

Another news piece that reported on the results of a preliminary study stated that “People who took an L-Cysteine supplement after three hours of drinking alcohol reported lower levels of nausea, headaches, and anxiety the next morning than those who took a placebo.” In addition, they also confirmed that NAC could target and gradually eliminate acetaldehyde accumulation. Of course, one thing to note here is that the concentration of NAC administered was 600mg and 1,200mg, respectively, where the higher dose induced better results.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a flowering herb related to the families of daisies and ragweeds. According to Schwabe Pharma (UK), this herb has been used to relieve symptoms associated with alcohol consumption because of the medicinal properties of a compound called silymarin. More specifically, the latter is trusted to carry anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties essential for keeping free radicals under control while reducing the severity of headaches, dehydration, fatigue, and disrupted sleep. However, more studies are supposedly needed to make firm statements regarding its effects. It could be the case that milk thistle’s effectiveness is dependent on the presence of other ingredients such as DHM and possibly NAC, as seen in many of the formulas on this list. Hopefully, more studies on its uses will soon unravel and provide us with more insight.

Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is a genus of flowering plants in the Cactaceae (cactus) family. In terms of its ability to reverse or ease hangover symptoms, the Zaca team reported on a study approved by the institutional review boards at Tulane University and the University of California. The researchers found that the plant had a moderate effect on reducing hangover symptoms to put things into context. It was also noted that symptoms arise because of alcohol’s ability to activate inflammation in the body. In this case, taking prickly pear is trusted to prevent inflammation rates by targeting specific bodily markers.

After searching for more resources, we stumbled upon a WebMD piece that summarized a particular study that proved to ingest a dietary supplement with some type of prickly pear before drinking alcohol might reduce symptoms including nausea, dry mouth, and loss of appetite. This study included 55 healthy young men who were either administered a placebo or a dose of prickly pear five hours before drinking while having a meal four hours before. The following day, researchers highlighted that three of the nine symptoms above were significantly reduced in the control group.


While we didn’t spend too much time delving into each B vitamin belonging to the family, we did come across an interview with Nutritional Therapist at Bio-Kult, Hannah Braye, who stands by B vitamins. Her reasoning has to do with alcohol’s ability to clear the body of nutrients and the need to replenish it. Specifically, she said, “B vitamins, which are water soluble (so flushed out by increased urination caused by drinking). Some may therefore find replenishing levels with a B complex beneficial.”

Harvard Health Publishing also wrote a piece on the effect of B vitamins on the body, where a study published in The Journal of Clinical Medicine was referenced. To be precise, the small study (which may have to be treated as a preliminary study) found that people who generally consumed more significant amounts of zinc and B vitamins had meaningfully reduced the severity of the hangover symptoms.

Hangover Pills Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: What is a hangover?

A: A hangover is a series of symptoms that stem from excessively drinking alcohol. These symptoms typically entail any combination of exhaustion, dehydration, weakness, bodily aches, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, anxiety, and sweating.

Q: What causes hangovers?

A: Clearly, alcohol causes hangovers, but there’s more to it than that. Individuals need to consider how alcohol induces such effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, alcoholic beverages induce urine production (leading to dehydration, thirst, dizziness, etc.), triggers an inflammatory response (leading to more physical symptoms such as cognitive dysfunction, loss of appetite, etc.), irritates the stomach lining (leading to nausea, vomiting and increased stomach acidity), may lower blood sugar (leading to exhaustion), may expand blood vessels (i.e., headaches), and is likely to increase sleepiness.

Q: What is acetaldehyde, and why must it be controlled?

A: Acetaldehyde is a toxic by-product that stems from alcohol breakdown. Though it is short-lived, it could potentially harm the liver (where most of the breaking down takes place), the pancreas, the brain, and of course, across our millions and billions of cells and tissues. Aside from its toxic effects, some researchers trust that this by-product may lead to incoordination, memory impairment, and sleepiness.

Q: Is it true that ethnicity influences the severity of a hangover?

A: Yes, because of genetic differences, it has been found that people of Asian descent are likely to have a more challenging time with their hangovers than anyone else because the process in which acetaldehyde is broken down is severely delayed.

Q: Does gender influence the severity of a hangover?

A: Yes, sex differences can also influence the severity of a hangover. Studies have shown that women are likely to report significantly higher hangover symptom scores than men for nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, sensitivity to light, light-headedness, and long periods of sleep. This appears to be one of the reasons why women are generally asked to consume less per day than their male counterparts.

Q: Does the type of drink influence the severity of a hangover?

A: Yes, the type of drink can influence the severity of a hangover. Alcoholic beverages with high concentrations of congeners (i.e., impurities left behind after fermentation) can worsen a hangover. Therefore, people who enjoy bourbon (i.e., highly concentrated with congeners) will need more time to snap out of it than people who prefer other alternatives such as vodka.

Q: Can hangover remedy supplements indeed reverse and/or prevent hangovers?

A: Hangover remedy supplements can reverse and/or prevent hangovers to some extent. For healthy people who know when to stop (i.e., moderate drinking habits), the likes of hangover remedy supplements can be beneficial. Unfortunately, many people believe that they can drink as much as they want, and such supplements will protect them. The latter is nothing but a myth.

Q: Are all hangover remedy supplements made equally?

A: No, not all hangover remedy supplements are made equally, so individuals need to be watchful in their research for one. Our editorial team encourages everyone to review the above “ranking criteria” to decipher products with potential from insignificant ones. Of course, the checklist can be extended as desired for people who have an eye for specifics. We made it so that as many important factors are considered as possible.

Q: At what point do hangovers become dangerous?

A: Hangovers warrant medical assistance when symptoms develop into confusion, vomiting, seizures, slow and/or irregular breathing, blue-tinged/pale skin, difficulty remaining conscious, and unconsciousness that is difficult to snap out of.

Q: Can mixing different types of alcohol and drugs worsen a hangover?

A: Yes, mixing alcohol with other substances, such as smoking, can worsen or prolong a hangover. But if drugs are also in the picture, individuals might experience an alcohol overdose, poisoning the brain and liver. The odds of the latter happening depend on the time in which alcohol and others are mixed. A shorter time frame paired with increased mixing can be highly damaging to one’s health.

Top 17 Best Hangover Pills Final Thoughts

Ultimately, hangovers can quickly overtake us all if we do not drink responsibly. Sure, there are nights where things may get out of control, but individuals should be prepared for anything and everything. Hangover remedy supplements have been proven to alleviate hangover symptoms and make mornings far more bearable than without the extra help. As repetitive as this may sound, such supplements are only effective for people who drink in moderation. Unfortunately, we have yet to discover magic pills that allow consumers to overdo themselves.

In terms of formulas, individuals need to be careful, especially when analyzing the ingredient list, as not all can bring relief. Though some work in conjunction with others to unveil powerful effects, scientific evidence is needed to ensure utmost safety and recovery. Our editorial team is generally convinced by the companies that have made the cut, especially knowing that each one has gone above and beyond in their ways regarding ingredients, onboarding experts within the medical field, respecting the scientific community and customers, conducting and/or referring to studies, etc. For the number of incentives that naturally stem from each solution, most, if not all, of the listed prices are pretty fair.

Moving forward, individuals should use this guide as a reference to conduct their analyses on a product of choice. We wouldn’t want anyone only looking at the top five ingredients in their research, but maybe focus on the highly concentrated ones instead? Most of all, there is no harm in socializing and having drinks, but people must think of their health and tolerance levels when going for seconds, thirds, or even fifths! Until next time, we hope that any of the 17 top hangover remedy supplements of 2021 can assist you in overcoming such exhausting symptoms and limiting feelings of regret!

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