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The Wand Wine Purifier Filter Reviews – Is It Legit to Buy?

The Wand™ is a portable, convenient, by-the-glass wine purification tool trusted to remove over 50% of histamines and sulfites from wine. The longer it is left in one’s glass, the purer the contents become. However, most of the benefits allegedly stem from the action of stirring, which, as explained by the team, helps to aerate and purify wine simultaneously. Why do we care about wine purifiers like The Wand™? It turns out that such inclusion can eliminate headaches, congestion, skin flush, upset stomach, and other common wine sensitivities. Before going over its list of features, let’s take a step back to understand the science behind The Wand™ by PureWine Inc.

How does The Wand™ work?

The Wand™ is founded on a patented PureWine™ technology that uses resin beads to actively absorb up to 95% of all sulfites and histamines from wine. The purification process commences the moment it encounters wine. To a large extent, we already know this. The question now becomes why these two components are out of several others. Let’s start with histamines, which are chemicals made by our digestive and immune systems and found in many foods we eat.

While the types naturally produced by the body help fight off infections, the same cannot be said regarding food. In particular, it is believed that consumable histamines are likely to trigger allergy-like responses. This only worsens depending on the thickness of the skin’s grape. Consequently, The Wand™ has been developed to filter and remove not one but four kinds of histamines linked to allergic reactions. Second, we have sulfites, preservatives that naturally flourish during fermentation or are added towards the end.

The reason why these are generally infused in wine rests in the sole fact that they can help to preserve its quality (and promote aging) and extend shelf-life. Unfortunately, sulfites are known to trigger wine sensitivities, but to a lesser extent than histamines. Hence, The Wand™ only filters and removes two main types. In addition to removing histamines and sulfites, The Wand™ can identify oxidized components in wine that cause the bitter, undesired taste that stems from being exposed to oxygen for far too long.

What features does The Wand™ carry?

According to the official website, The Wand™ carries several unique features that other alleged wine purifiers may be lacking. Earlier, we introduced the significance of the patented PureWine™ technology. Fortunately, there’s more to celebrate, and listed below are some of what we believe require appreciation:

Portable & Disposable

The Wand™ has been designed to be portable and convenient. Therefore, extras can be easily carried around in one’s bag. Seeing how The Wand™ only suffices for single uses, the team at PureWine™ made sure to use environmentally renewable materials.

Being Able to Enjoy the Richness of Wine

When consumed in moderation, wine can be beneficial to one’s health. Unfortunately, taste and its ability to produce hangover-related symptoms have made people reconsider its consumption. With The Wand™, individuals can finally enjoy the taste without experiencing even the slightest of symptoms.

Instant Purification

As little as three minutes of continuous stirring is all it takes to maximize a wine’s purity level. Of course, the longer it is stirred in one’s glass, the better, but seeing that the bare minimum also goes a long way is satisfying.

Limits Wine Wasting

Normally, when the wine is exposed to too much oxygen, people tend to throw it out. This no longer is the case, as the technology behind The Wand™ can help to pinpoint oxidized particles that give the wine its poor taste factor.

100% Made in the US and Has Been Well Received

The Wand™ is entirely made in the U.S., which reflects the team’s support for local materials while ensuring that they can oversee the product’s manufacturing processes without having to trace back through an extensive supply chain. As for the public’s reaction, 8 million Wands and Waves (the bottle version) have been to date sold, with over 4,000 5-star reviews online alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should The Wand™ be used?

Once The Wand™ is removed from its packaging, it should be placed into a 6-ounce glass of wine for at least three minutes. With gentle stirring, 50% of histamines and sulfites will be removed. The moment the 8-minute mark is reached, as much as 95% of histamines and sulfites will be removed.

What do the different shapes on The Wand™’s handle tell us?

The different shapes on The Wand™’s handle have been added to personalize each glass. Most of all, it helps to differentiate one’s glass from all others at a party. Currently, four charms have been considered, including a three-leaf clover, spade, heart, and diamond.

Is The Wand™ safe?

Yes, The Wand™ is deemed safe to use because it is made using local sources in the U.S. In fact, each wine purifier has been confirmed as being 100% non-toxic and manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility.

Will The Wand™ enhance the taste of wine?

Yes, The Wand™ is trusted to enhance the taste of wine. This is most applicable to wines that have been exposed to too much oxygen. Otherwise, the taste will not be as affected.

What’s inside The Wand™?

The Wand™ has embedded a series of resin beads that attract and absorb sulfites, histamines, and oxidized components.

Does The Wand™ remove essential tannins or antioxidants found inside wine?

No, all the critical elements of wine will remain intact. After having an independent lab test The Wand™’s effectiveness, the researchers found that well over 95% of tannins, phenolics, and antioxidants were maintained in each glass. This holds for all wines.

Is there a money-back guarantee in place?

Yes, all The Wand™ purchases have been supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee, which commences 30 days after receiving the items. For more information on what the refund policy entails, consider the following points of contact:


Return Email:

Phone: +1 (817) 933 5151

Address: P.O. Box 100, Grapevine, Texas 76099

How much does The Wand™ cost?

The Wand can be purchase directly from the official website to avoid counterfeit products and only receive the original. Prices for The Wand™ vary according to the number of units purchased. Precisely:

  • 10 Individually Packed The Wand™ units: $32.20 each
  • 30 Individually Packed The Wand™ units: $25.76 each
  • 50 Individually Packed The Wand™ units: $23.18 each
  • 80 Individually Packed The Wand™ units: $19.32 each

The Story Behind The Wand™

PureWine Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2014 by father-son duo Dr. David Meadows and Derek Meadows. Knowing the hindrances that wine headaches and allergic reactions to red, white, rose, and sparkling wines can have, the duo spent two years in the lab before realizing that such issues can be avoided by simply freeing wine from histamines and sulfites. Seeing how beneficial wine is when consumed under moderation, the team implemented their discovered theory in practice and have yet to experience any wine-related symptoms. As explained by David:

“We could see that our filtration was working, but when we tried that big, bold Cab, and it was every bit as delicious as it was in the tasting room in Napa, we knew we had it.”

Since then, they launched The Wand™ in 2016, made exclusively for by-the-glass drinking and The Wave™ for an entire bottle of wine.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, The Wand™ can be perceived as the key to the door where wine drinking is unlikely to lead to sensitivities and allergic reactions. The duo at PureWine discovered that all thadfgersw1`t’s needed to be done is to remove two particular types of compounds known to elicit such undesirable effects. If this isn’t pure genius, we really don’t know what is.

Sure, the one potential downside is that The Wand™ isn’t reusable but since it uses environmentally friendly material and is recyclable excuses this very minor flaw. In addition, remove moving mines and sulfites. This handheld tool helps clear oxidized compounds, a factor known to wreck wine tasting and lead to wastage. In keeping with everything that has been mentioned thus far, our editorial team sees a lot of value in having The Wand™ on hand, that is, primarily for wine drinkers. To get started with your very own The Wand™, click here>>>.

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