Top 15 Best Mass Gainers That Work for Men and Women

Mass gainer supplements work to build your body mass fast. The supplements themselves are protein powders that contain carbohydrates and other vital ingredients that work to enhance muscles.

Since some people have trouble increasing their body weight, they may take a mass gainer. Different individuals take mass gainers as part of their bulking phase in a workout regimen.

We evaluated many mass gainer brands to whittle down only to report the best of the best. These are the results we discovered.

The Best Mass Gainers of 2022

We put a lot of time into discovering information for many mass gainer products on the market. These are the top mass gainer health supplements on the market for 2022:

  • Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
  • Transparent Labs Mass Gainer
  • Xwerks Grow
  • Xwerks Motion
  • D-Bal Max
  • Bulk Extreme
  • Gainful
  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
  • MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite
  • Naked Mass
  • BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer
  • Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer
  • Dymatize Super Mass Gainer
  • MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer
  • Rivalus Clean Gainer

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer


The most famous mass gainer is the Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer. It costs $35 for the container of powder which is a cost-effective choice in our lineup.

A whopping 50 g of protein and 695 calories per serving helps quickly bulk muscle without other symptoms such as bloating or blood sugar spikes.

You must combine six scoops of the powder with your choice water ranging from 15 oz to 20 oz. Drink it every day to enhance your gains throughout your bulking phase. It’s possible to increase your muscle mass when regularly utilizing Mass Gainer from Crazy Nutrition.

The supplement also aids in proper digestion because of cellulase, amylase, lipase, and protease, which properly digest proteins and carbohydrates.

The cost may seem low, but there are only five servings in each tub (30 scoops in the entire tub with one serving occurring because of 6 scoops). Despite this, you still get an excellent value for your price.

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer


Not to be confused with Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is the second most popular supplement in this industry. With just one more gram of protein per serving than the above competitor, 106 g of carbs, and 730 calories, this brand competes with the Crazy Nutrition version of Mass Gainer.

Coming in delicious flavors, including chocolate glazed donuts and sweet vanilla, you get 15 servings per container, which is 30 scoops. 2 scoops give you the above units of calories, carbs, and protein.

All-natural chocolate flavor, coconut milk, cocoa, prebiotics, grass-fed whey concentrate, fiber, and additional muscle gain ingredients help muscle building.

The ingredients range the spectrum to get your muscles bulked. Hence, this is an excellent choice as a mass gainer supplement.

Xwerks Grow


The grass-fed whey protein in Xwerks Grow is from New Zealand. This is one of the proven ingredients to have your body gain muscle. While it is not marketed as a super-enhanced mass gainer, it will increase your muscle mass sufficiently.

Use Xwerks Grow every day to fix your muscles post-workout sufficiently, bulk your muscles overall, and enhance your immune system. Aiding in digestion, utilizing this supplement will mitigate bloating symptoms. Whey protein increases nutrient absorption for enhanced muscle growth rather than using the lower-cost alternatives.

You get more protein than calories and carbs in Xwerks Grow to get your carbs and calories from other foods and supplements.

Each prepared powder serving has 25 g of protein thanks to 27.8 g of whey protein isolate. You get 110 calories and 1 g of carbohydrates, which helps with your daily intake of calories and carbs but not substantially like other mass gainer supplements. Other minerals and vitamins are mixed into the formula to help you get an excellent nutrient-dense consumption experience.

Xwerks Motion


Xwerks has another mass gainer formula called Motion. Electrolytes, BCAAs, and cluster dextrin carbs are combined into a proprietary blend to increase your energy levels. It’s a versatile mass gainer formula that can be used as a pre-workout supplement or an intra-workout one to help you gain muscles.

3g of BCAAs and 25 g of carbohydrates are present in each Xwerks Motion serving. It digests with ease so that you do not feel any bloating symptoms. Fifty servings come in each package to make more gains in the gym or even expedite healing post-workout.

Cluster dextrin is the crucial ingredient in this formula, otherwise called highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD). Xwerks Motion was manufactured in Japan. This ingredient is quickly digested in your body to enhance muscle mass.

D-Bal Max


The mass gainer called D-Bal Max gives you the benefits of taking muscle gaining steroids sans the dangerous side effects and the legal lash back that comes with taking authentic steroids.

It makes you feel like you are taking Dianabol because of its natural blend of whey protein and BCAAs.

20-hydroxy ecdysterone is also an ingredient in this formula that will help you make gains as if you were taking steroids. You get to test the product for 60 days before you decide you want your money back or if you’re going to keep going with the regimen.

Bulk Extreme


Rather than a protein drink powder, Bulk Extreme is a mass gainer formed into a capsule. You can increase your mental and physical performance when you take Bulk Extreme. The formula also supports your testosterone levels, which is a perk usually not in a mass gainer supplement.

Since testosterone levels are a vital component of enhancing muscles, scientific research has displayed that men with more testosterone also have more muscle mass. Bulk Extreme utilizes plant-based ingredients and herbs to support your testosterone levels.

Pumpkin seed extract, alfalfa herb extract, KSM-66, saw palmetto, maca, and other proven testosterone boosting ingredients are included in Bulk Extreme. Heightening your testosterone levels directly and positively impacts your muscle mass.



Gainful has a different ingredients list distinctive from other brands in this top lineup. Registered dieticians had a hand in formulating Gainful into a mass gainer protein powder that can hydrate your body during the pre-workout phase. This mass gainer supplement is more optimal in that it dedicates to your distinct physical needs and bodily makeup.

Not everyone has the same bodily makeup, so Gainful is the solution for optimizing muscle building based on your body’s needs. Gainful lets you customize your special mass gainer supplement whether you need it high in protein or low in carbs.

Select the protein source you desire for your special customized supplement, whether you want whey isolate, casein protein, or other all-natural protein sources.

Start with a quiz when you visit the Gainful website to discover the nutrient servings for your mass gainer powder. You will be asked about your weight loss goals, how you currently eat, and your current workout regimen. Once the quiz receives this information, you will be given a customized list of nutrients based on your physiological needs.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


The mass gainer called Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass has gained high popularity in this industry with a 4.5-star rating and almost 40,000 reviews on Amazon. The macronutrients in Serious Mass help your muscles to make gains while also receiving a nutrient-dense supplement with supporting minerals and vitamins.

Two scoops equal almost 340 g. You add this serving to your choice of water, milkshake, or plant-based shake. Drink up so you can start making those gains. Every tub contains 16 servings.

This is another mass gainer with 50 g of protein like the top brand, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer. You will also receive 1,250 calories as well as 253 g in carbs. If you love the enhanced macronutrient experience, try Serious Mass today!

MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite


Mass Tech Elite is a muscle gainer that MuscleTech manufactures for individuals looking to make huge gains. The 10 g of creatine in each serving of Mass-Tech Elite allows users to increase muscle mass quickly and efficiently.

This formula contains much more protein than the average muscle gainer. 80 g of protein and 17 g of BCAAs are present in every serving. A whopping 1,000 calories are also in each serving. Mix the powdered scoops with 16 ounces of skim milk for optimal results.

Loyal customers consider Mass Tech one of the brand’s highly sought-after mass gainers and supplements. It mixes well without clumping and comes in delicious flavors to enhance user experience and gain muscle mass from many angles.

Naked Mass


There are only three key ingredients in Naked Mass that help it be a great mass gainer in this industry. The flavorless Naked Mass only has three ingredients, while the chocolate and the vanilla varieties contain only five ingredients each.

It serves up the usual 50 g of protein in an average mass gainer supplement. It also contains 252 g of complex carbs and 11.5 g of BCAAs in each serving. You will intake 1,250 calories when you drink the supplement. The three base ingredients present in the Naked Mass flavorless powder are micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, and tapioca maltodextrin.

BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer


BSN is the manufacturer behind True-Mass Weight Gainer. Bodybuilders utilize this popular supplement that mixes protein and carbs for massive gains.

Vanilla ice cream, strawberry milkshake, chocolate milkshake, and cookies and cream are some of the delicious flavors for this mass gainer supplement. It has risen in popularity with its high caloric intake of 700 calories for each 3-scoop serving.

The macronutrients present in this small serving size for a mass gainer supplement give you 85 g of carbs and even 50 g of protein. BSN helps your body absorb at different stages through digestion with ingredients including milk protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, glutamine peptides, calcium caseinate, and others.

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer


At only $35 for each container, Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer is formulated more so for hard gainers. One serving equals nine scoops which measure 341 g of the mass gainer powder. You will intake 1,290 when you consume this supplement. You can cut your serving size in half for a lower formula intake to reassure that your gains are not as rapid.

The nine scoops give you 52 g of protein and 164 g of carbs. It’s fortified with minerals and vitamins to help you with your daily health and wellness requirements.

The only downside is that more artificial ingredients are present in this formula than in other top mass gainer formulas, including sucralose. Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer is a good option, but usually, you would want to steer clear of supplements that include artificial ingredients.

If you are not offended by the artificial ingredients, you will enjoy a mass gainer supplement at a high cost!

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer


Dymatize is the manufacturer behind Super Mass Gainer, which gives you a hefty dose of proteins and carbs for maximum gains.

You get a cost-effective for the quality that Dymatize brings to the table. You receive eight jumbo serving sizes at only $45 for each container. Each serving measures 2.5 cups of powder which equates to 333g.

You will intake 1,280 calories when consuming this formula. Macronutrients you get include 52g of protein and 245g of carbs to enhance your muscle gains.

Super Mass Gainer offers tasty powders with flavors such as rich chocolate, cookies and cream, and gourmet vanilla. Despite great macronutrients and delicious flavors, this formula contains sucralose, an artificial flavoring, not the best for muscle gains.

MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer


The mass gainer called Combat XL from MusclePharm gives you great servings of macronutrients for excellent muscle gains. With 50g of protein, 1270 calories, and 252g of carbs, you will get the gains you are looking to achieve.

Four different proteins are interwoven in the formula to enhance your muscle gains at multiple levels. Complex carbs and essential fatty acids support muscle development, too.

It’s tested for ingredients that are banned for athletes. Informed Choice also certifies this product so that athletes are more comfortable utilizing it without receiving backlash like if they took steroids.

For a high-quality muscle gainer, try MusclePharm Combat XL today!

Rivalus Clean Gainer


Rivalus Clean Gainer helps you gain lean muscle because of its high protein sources with just the right calories and carbohydrates.

You can make lean muscle gains without enduring bloating symptoms or increasing your weight.

While 30g of protein in each serving is on the lower side, you still get a great protein serving for the money you are paying. You also receive 90g of carbohydrates and 560 calories per 2-scoop serving (130g of powder).

Rivalus Clean Gainer contains a mixture of carbs, including maltodextrin, blueberry powder, and organic quinoa. The protein sources include whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, and micellar casein. BCAAs, as well as natural flavors, are included. There are only a couple of artificial flavors in the formula.

If you need to gain more lean muscle and prefer dairy protein sources, this brand is what you need!

Our Ranking Variables for The Best Mass Gainers

Thanks to proven protein sources, mass gainer powders and capsules help users achieve increased muscle mass.

These were the variables considered when picking out the best of the best for mass gainer brands:


Macronutrients are an important ranking factor because protein, carbs, and calories work together to give you what your body needs for muscle gains. Higher macronutrients mean higher muscle gains.

Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

The highest quality of ingredients comes from macronutrient all-natural sources. While some included artificial ingredients such as sucralose, we leaned more towards brands that provided a muscle gains experience utilizing more all-natural ingredients than artificial ones.

Not Many Side Effects

If the brain could help you develop muscle without many side effects, it ranked higher in our lineup. Some side effects of cheaper muscle gain supplements are bloating, increased blood sugar levels, or gas build-up. The more quality brands deliver lean muscle gain without adverse side effects.

All-Natural Ingredients and How It Tastes

Natural ingredients mean more natural muscle gains. We wanted to showcase a brand that utilized all-natural sweeteners and flavors rather than artificial ones. The taste was a prime variable for ranking as well. While some brands we tested did not taste well, others tasted delicious.

Money-Back Guarantee

A product with a money-back guarantee means that the company is confident its product will work for you and have a good reputation. We leaned towards more brands that featured a money-back guarantee so that if you did not like the results a muscle gain supplement gave you, you would be able to petition for your money back.

Enzymes Aiding in the Digestive Process

The muscle gain supplements with enzymes to aid in digestion were pivotal so that you would not experience bloating when taking the supplement. These digestive enzymes are essential to absorb and adequately digest protein and carbohydrates to absorb more protein from your body without undesirable side effects.

Supplementary Ingredients

Creatine is an ingredient in muscle gainer supplements and plays a pivotal part in enhancing your muscles. Other muscle gainer supplements have plant-based ingredients and herbs for increased muscle gains. Whatever brands featured such supplementary elements, we ranked them higher.

Protein Value

Protein is the critical component of muscle building, with most supplements featuring whey protein isolate. Some of the supplements mix different whey proteins helping you absorb more protein. We wanted to feature brands that only had the best protein sources to help you develop muscle without cutting corners.

Manufacturer Transparency

Manufacturers that were transparent about their mass gainer product benefits ranked higher in our lineup. If they made it seem like you were using anabolic steroids or made high-stakes claims of putting on ten or more pounds of muscle in 30 days, we steered clear of these brands because they were not being honest or rational about their claims.

Carbs vs. Proteins in the Formula

The carb to protein ratio is a critical variable, usually 2:1, that will help you develop muscle mass. Brands close to this carb to protein ratio were ranked higher.

Ease of Preparation and Texture

We ranked them higher if the powders were easy to mix without clumping and had a good texture. Bodybuilders require thorough mixtures so that the protein and other macronutrients can be absorbed for mass gains. Powder measurements could be as low as 50g to as high as 200g when placed in the liquid of your choice ranging from 3 scoops to 6 scoops depending on the brand’s serving size. If you notice any of your mass gain supplements clumping and not having a smooth texture, it will not taste or feel great going down.

Whether the Manufacturer is in Good Standing

Some manufacturers have been in the mass gainer supplement business for years, but others are only just starting. We wanted to feature the brands in good reputational standing for creating proven supplements while being honest about where they get their ingredients, their location of manufacturing, and how you can contact the company.

Honest Reporting of Ingredients

These supplements usually have proteins, carbs, and other natural ingredients, making the ingredients list long. While some companies show all the ingredients as a combined formula without spelling them out, different brands are honest when disclosing all their ingredients sources.

If Doctors Made the Formula

If doctors or dieticians had a hand in creating a mass gainer supplement, we ranked that brand higher in the lineup. Certain companies run a medical advisory board to increase brand credibility, as other brands do not have this. If more professional medical credibility was present, we ranked those brands as better.

How Mass Gainer Supplements Work

Increased lean muscle mass is the result of taking mass gainer supplements. The highest quality mass gainers are fortified with high protein, good carbohydrates, and fat to enhance your muscles.

There is more protein present in a mass gainer than calories and carbohydrates.

A mass gainer performs better than a protein-based meal replacement because it’s fortified to give your muscles way more gains than the shake alternative.

You have all the tools you need to gain lean muscle, increase weight, and energize your body while undergoing your exercise regimen.

Those looking to build lean muscle fast should utilize a mass gainer.

What Will a Mass Gainer Do For Your Body?

Mass gainers will help your body to:

  • Increase its lean muscle.
  • Boost your caloric intake for weight gain.
  • Give your body proteins to absorb short-term and long-term protein benefits.
  • Receive additional ingredients such as fats, minerals, carbs, vitamins, and more to help you through your fitness regimen.
  • Enhance its digestive functions thanks to the digestive enzymes and fiber in the mass gainers for more minor bloating symptoms and enhancing protein absorption.

Mass gainers and weight gainers are entirely different from one another. While mass gainers help you enhance lean muscle, weight gainers allow you to pack on the pounds no matter the current status of your muscles.

The health benefits and effects will be enhanced if you combine mass gainer powder with milk. Skim milk is recommended for mass gainers to strengthen the amount of protein you consume at once and increase your caloric intake.

People Who Will Benefit From Mass Gainers

Those who will benefit from mass gainers are:

  • People looking to build lean muscle because mass gainers help you do this without adding a lot of fat to your body. You can go about your bulking phase without facing bloating symptoms.
  • People that have difficulty adding muscle to their bodies
  • People that have trouble getting more muscle and weight onto their bodies because of particular ailments
  • People that continually work out whether they desire to add lean muscle mass to their bodies or not.

Individuals are not on the best diet. If you do not eat a balanced diet or exercise more without a good diet, a mass gainer will help you get the nutrients you need to keep your energy levels.

The Pros and Cons of Using Mass Gainers

Using mass gainers will improve your body in different ways besides just increasing muscle mass and helping to pick up weight. These supplements can also boost your insulin as well as other health effects.

These are the pros and cons of mass gainer supplements:


Mass gainers will help you to:

  • Increase lean muscle mass fast with less fat added on in the process.
  • Recover your muscles post-workout.
  • Fuel your body with proteins, BCAAs, and other macronutrients to support your busy life.
  • It helps you intake your nutrients when you are too busy to make a meal.
  • Enhance your overall muscles, especially lean muscle.


While there are not many reasons to steer away from muscle gainers because they help your body in multiple ways, there are some cons behind them:

You may take more than what your body needs. Taking a mass gainer without getting enough exercise may trigger your body to put on weight rather than build your lean muscle.

Some people may think mass gainers are a quick fix to your health. However, they are not. Since they are protein powders, it takes time for the nutrients to absorb and act on your body with regular use. Always eat a balanced diet and continue your exercise regimen to support your mass gainer supplement intake.

The lower quality mass gainers do not taste good texturally or flavor-wise. The ingredients list may even look questionable, such as white sugar and low-quality carbohydrate sources. If a mass gainer is low in price, that means it’s low in quality, too. Opt to purchase a higher-quality brand where you will get your money’s worth in the end

The Side Effects of Using Mass Gainers

If you are using a lower-quality mass gainer, there could be some side effects. If you are utilizing a higher-quality mass gainer, you will not feel like many of these side effects are formulated to stop them from happening.

Side effects:

  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating symptoms
  • Cramping in your body
  • Digestive functions aren’t on par
  • Gassiness
  • Lactose-related allergies if you are lactose-intolerant
  • Gain weight (which happens if you do not exercise enough while using this supplement)

You may feel these side effects with a cheaper mass gain formula than higher-quality alternatives. Mass gainer supplements are on the market for various costs that fit every budget. If you buy the most affordable mass gainer you see, you will likely experience one or more of the side effects.

Tips For Reducing Your Stomach Aches From a Mass Gainer Supplement

The average mass gainer supplement gives you 50g of protein for each serving you consume. Consuming protein in the lower range of 20g to 30g at one time is liable to cause your stomach to hurt afterward.

To reduce the chances of your stomach hurting after taking a mass gainer supplement, follow these suggestions:

Purchase a Higher Quality Brand

Proteases are one of the digestive enzymes that guide your body to break down protein properly. If there are no proteases in your stomach, protein breakdown will be more difficult. The highest quality mass gainers will give you more upscale protein sources so that they can be adequately absorbed in your body without any harsh side effects.

Reduce the Serving You Consume

If the serving size is too large for you (say up to 350g of powder for one serving), you can take half a dose or even a quarter of one to get your body acclimated to the supplement before giving it the total amount.

Up Your Water Intake

Water is pivotal to your health anyway. Be sure that you are getting enough to help you process your mass gainer supplement and any other foods and drinks that you eat. When taking a mass gainer, you need water because it will deliver the creatine, protein, and the rest of the ingredients to your digestive system for proper absorption. You will experience minor bloating symptoms or irregularity by upping your water intake as you regularly take a mass gainer.

Get a Blender Bottle

Blender bottles are made uniquely to be able to shake up protein powders into a drink. They have a metal ball that can cut through the powder and mix it into your milk or water. Since mass gainers need to be blended more vigorously, a blender bottle with the metal ball component will do the trick. As you continually mix the powder into the drink, it will become better to digest in your body.

Split Up Your Mass Gainer Supplement Over 60 Minutes

You may feel inclined to consume your mass gainer drink over a 5-10 minute span in one sitting. However, this can lead to stomach aches and bloating if you are not careful. Instead, span your time drinking the supplement over 60 minutes. Begin drinking it when you are almost done with your exercise regimen, and begin timing yourself. Pace yourself as you continue to consume the beverage to drink it slowly. That 50g of protein will be spread out over 60 minutes for little to no stomach pains than chugging it down in 5 minutes and experiencing an intense stomach ache.

The Scientific Research Behind Mass Gainers

Protein powders have undergone regular scientific research to find out their health benefits. On the flip side, not as much scientific research has been conducted to discover the health benefits behind mass gainers. Nonetheless, we still have scientific findings on whether mass gainers work the way the manufacturers say they do or not.

One study conducted in 2015 revealed the link between taking protein powders and increasing lean muscle in your body. The scientists evaluated how protein powders affect someone’s overall strength, muscle mass, and related power for anaerobic and aerobics. They cross-referenced many prior studies to find out that protein powders better affect the body when combined with a regular exercise regimen and a balanced diet.

Another 2018 scientific study showed the relationship between how well exercise regimens are done when people take protein powders or other related protein supplements. Two groups were made. One group received protein powder over a period post-workout, while the other group got a placebo post-workout. It was discovered that protein powders consumed post-workout are essential for repairing and developing lean muscle. It even assists people in reaching their nutritional intake needs if they do not have the best diet.

One study conducted in 2017 showed the link between BCAAs, protein, and overall muscle development. While BCAAs limited protein from breaking down in the body post-workout, they enhanced protein synthesis. In layman’s terms, you are losing valuable lean muscle for those who do not take BCAAs post-workout. Protein powders and mass gainers are fortified with BCAAs to regulate lean muscle repair and enhancement.

Since mass gainers have a lot of protein, this can lead to unpleasant bloating and gas symptoms. While this is normal, there are ways to minimize these symptoms. Proteolytic enzymes in mass gainers (or proteases) utilize these digestive enzymes so that protein easily breaks down so that it can help repair and enhance your muscles. If your current mass gainer is causing you to bloat, switch to a mass gainer that contains proteases.

The best and highest quality mass gainers let you develop lean muscle without too much increase in fat levels or weight gain occurs. If you are ready to make those gains, look into a mass gainer supplement today!

FAQs Concerning Mass Gainers

Especially if you are taking mass gainers for the first time, you may have some questions about it. The experts on our team for this subject answered your most asked questions about the topic so that you have it all right here for reference.

Q: Are protein powders and mass gainers different from one another?

A: While protein powders and mass gainers share similarities, they are more different. Mass gainers have higher calories and other macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fat. Protein powders usually have lower fat levels and carbohydrates while boosting protein presence. Mass gainers have higher levels of all those units, while protein powders are just high protein. Many mass gainers take shape as protein powders. However, not every protein powder is considered a mass gainer.

Q: What’s a mass gainer?

A: A mass gainer supplement gives big doses of macronutrients, including fat, carbohydrates, calories, and, more importantly, protein.

Q: What’s the process for taking a mass gainer?

A: While most mass gainers allow you to mix a designated dose of protein powder into water, milk, or a shake, some could come in capsules as well.

Q: Why should someone use a mass gainer?

A: People will utilize a mass gainer to build lean muscle or enhance overall muscle mass without feeling bloated. Others may take the supplement to add weight to their bodies.

Q: Are these supplements safe to take?

A: As long as you have a clean bill of health, mass gainers are OK to take, contingent upon following the dosage instructions.

Q: What side effects can be experienced from taking mass gainers?

A: Possible side effects include digestion problems, bloating, gas, and cramping. If you do not exercise enough, you may put on the pounds from the bloating symptom.

Q: What makes mass gainer servings very large?

A: Manufacturers give you a considerable mass gainer serving so that you can receive the fats, carbohydrates, and calories that your body needs to fit your regular exercise regimen.

Q: What is the average serving size for a mass gainer?

A: Most mass gainers give you 50g to 200g every serving. This is up to 8 times larger than the usual protein powder serving.

Q: Can I pick up the weight using mass gainers?

A: Taking mass gainers without a balanced diet or a regular exercise regimen can make you pack on the weight due to the large caloric intake some mass gainers give you. Some can provide you with 1,000 calories in one serving alone, which is already half of an adult’s usual 2,000 calorie goal per day. To get the most out of mass gainers, you must regularly exercise to build your muscle without gaining too much weight.

Q: What brands are the best in the mass gainer industry?

A: According to our lineup in the list above, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer and the Transparent Labs Mass Gainer are the top two mass gainer products. However, you can try any top mass gainer products to get a great user experience.

Q: What time of day should I consume a mass gainer?

A: Mass gainers can be taken whenever your schedule fits. Since your body will receive nutrients from the mass gainer at any time, you can plan your workouts whenever and drink the mass gainer post-workout for proper recovery. You can treat a mass gainer as a pre-workout supplement, drink it before bedtime, or even treat it like a snack throughout your busy day.

Q: Do mass gainers truly work?

A: The highest-quality mass gainers will work the way the manufacturers say. During post-workout, your body requires calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for the recovery process. If these are not present in your everyday dietary diet, the mass gainer will give you what you need nutritionally while enhancing your lean muscle.

Q: Can skinny gentlemen utilize mass gainers?

A: Skinny males are one of the parties that will benefit most from taking mass gainers because it will add much-needed lean muscle to their bodies.

Q: Do mass gainer shakes give you more benefits than regular food?

A: While some mass gainers are fortified with delicious flavors, they cannot replace regular foods. They are formulated to be used in supplementation with typical food. You can count on mass gainers to fill in nutritional gaps with macronutrients.

Q: Can mass gainers be healthy?

A: They do not have a lot of vitamins, so they cannot be considered healthy on their own. Keeping a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen can be an excellent supplement for your overall health and wellness. If your current diet is sub-par, but you start taking mass gainers, it will become “healthier” than the current diet you are consuming.

Q: Can mass gainers be taken before laying down at night?

A: If you choose, you can take mass gainers at night for a nutrient boost in your sleep. Mass gainers give you more energy when taken during daylight hours because of the fast-acting carbohydrates and maltodextrin.

Q: Why do stomach aches happen when taking mass gainers?

A: Since mass gainers contain a lot of protein, it will naturally cause your stomach to hurt or bloat. Even the smallest of protein doses can cause an upset stomach. Most mass gainers give a 50g serving of protein in one sitting. Hence, split up the amount in half for fewer chances of an upset stomach.

Q: Are mass gainers needed to increase mass?

A: This is not so. Mass gainers can help with mass still. If you are experiencing malnutrition, taking a mass gainer can enhance your muscle mass over time.

The Best Mass Gainers of 2022 Final Verdict

As one can see, mass gainers work to enhance lean muscle in one’s body. The highest quality mass gainer supplement will guide you through your regular exercise regimen, enhance muscle repair, and generate muscle in your body overall. Plus, no fat is needed to do this when taking a mass gainer.

Try a top mass gainers above to start today’s new health and wellness journey!

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