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Silencil Reviews: 2021 Scam Complaints and Side Effects List

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Silencil is being advertised as a dietary supplement that prevents all sorts of ear-related issues, but most of all, as relieving tinnitus. It’s said to contain only natural extracts obtained from plants. According to its official website, its ingredients are well researched as far as them being safe and efficient is going.

Is Tinnitus a Serious Problem?

Ear conditions and infections are much more common than many may think. The famous ringing in the ear, also called tinnitus, is a problem numerous people are facing, even if they don’t see it as a real issue. According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 20 million Americans are suffering from tinnitus, with 2 million of them experiencing extreme complications. The question that remains is, however, is there a treatment for this condition? Truth to be told, it hasn’t yet discovered a remedy for tinnitus. All the medicines available in pharmacies and recommended by doctors are only addressing the symptoms of the condition, so not the cause.

This means the solution to this problem is finding something that works from the inside out and fixes the problem instead of worsening it. Silencil is claimed to be such a solution that truly benefits the ears, seeing it’s said to contain only natural ingredients that work on the damaged parts of the ear and can address tinnitus by decreasing its symptoms and attacking what’s causing it. But more about Silencil’s ingredients later.

Can Silencil Actually Work?

Silencil is claimed to be the ultimate 100% risk-free tinnitus relief supplement. It shouldn’t be seen as a medicine because it’s only a dietary supplement. This means it can’t actually treat the medical condition it has been developed to work against. It only promotes natural healing for it. Most of the chemically formulated pills and drugs developed to work against tinnitus contain too many artificial ingredients known to either cause more or less serious side effects, or to not work at all. It can be very difficult to find a risk-free solution for tinnitus, but Silencil promises to be just that. Besides, relying on supplements is much safer than relying on medicines.

Silencil is said to contain only natural ingredients that have been carefully and thoroughly researched. It comes in the form of capsules. Each bottle of the supplement contains 30 capsules. Just like with any other dietary formula out there, it needs to be used regularly to promote its benefits amongst which improved concentration, increased energy, and boosted cognitive function are included too. Moreover, Silencil is also said to help with memory problems.

Why Is Silencil Worth Buying?

As the Silencil official website says, this supplement is:

  • Packed with 100% natural ingredients that are known to address the tinnitus problem
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured according to GMP
  • Easy to include in the everyday routine
  • Easily absorbed by the body
  • Free from any chemicals, fillers, and additives

What Causes Tinnitus?

People who suffer from tinnitus describe their condition as a constant ringing in their ears. While this doesn’t indicate they’re suffering from a serious medical problem, having tinnitus can surely be annoying. And the sound heard doesn’t have any external source, it just happens in the head. According to the majority of tinnitus sufferers, this sound can be a buzzing, a humming, a chirping, or a shrieking. It can come from either one ear or both. While it may feel as if it’s coming from the ears, what many don’t know is that it in fact comes from the brain.

While hearing buzzing, chirping, shrieking, and so on noises for a short period of time, and especially after attending a concert, is perfectly normal, as well as an issue that doesn’t have to be treated, tinnitus can also last for days and even years. In this situation, doing something about it becomes a must.

How Can Silencil Help?

As the product’s official website says, Silencil can put an end to those noises that are constantly being heard in the ears. Therefore, it can eliminate tinnitus. The reasons why it does so are explained further. This supplement claims to do what it’s supposed to as soon as it has started to be consumed. According to many health experts who have been studying tinnitus for years, the noise in the ears is caused by the inflammation that’s present in some areas of the brain.

When nerves are experiencing inflammation, they start twitching and making the vibrating sound called tinnitus. This information indicates that ringing ears can be treated by reducing inflammation in the brain, which is what’s causing it in the first place. And Silencil is claimed to do just that, with the help of its natural ingredients that are known to address inflammation. By doing so, this formula doesn’t only allegedly stop the noise in the ears, but it also improves the hearing and prevents any hearing damage that may occur further.

Silencil Benefits

While individual results of taking Silencil may vary, this supplement is said to provide the following benefits to aid tinnitus:

Ending Tinnitus

By healing the inflammation of nerves, Silencil is said to relieve the ongoing ringing or buzzing in the ears. Moreover, it’s also advertised as a nerve repair solution that makes sure there won’t be any more damage, meaning it can eliminate tinnitus for good. By reducing inflammation, as it’s said to be doing, Silencil addresses the root cause of tinnitus.

Boosting the Cognitive Function

Silencil is also presented as a cognitive booster, as it contains a few natural ingredients known to help eliminate brain fog for the mind to be clear.

Increasing Energy Levels

Furthermore, the Silencil official website says this formula increases energy levels when taken in the morning.

Keeping the Heart Healthy

According to the same official website of the supplement, Silencil doesn’t only do wonders for the cognitive function. It seems to also help the heart remain healthy by regulating blood pressure and making sure every cell in the body is getting enough of the nutrients and oxygen it needs.

Silencil Ingredients

It’s being mentioned many times on the Silencil official website that this supplement contains only 100% natural ingredients. To better understand how Silencil can provide all the health benefits that are being advertised to be able to deliver, here’s a list of those ingredients and what they are known for the most when it comes to one’s good health:


Short for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, GABA is a neurotransmitter the brain absolutely needs to keep on being active. A GABA supplementation improves concentration, deals with memory problems, and eliminates mental fog. For these reasons, GABA has been added to the Silencil formula as the main ingredient.


Ashwagandha has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic healers. Silencil contains it because it’s a medicinal herb with amazing potential as far as treating fatigue, lethargy, a slow metabolism, and stress goes. At the same time, it’s known to reduce inflammation and repair nerve damage, which means it can eliminate the symptoms of tinnitus.

B Vitamins

Silencil is packed with the B vitamins B1, B2, and B6. These are all essential for the brain to function properly, not to mention they work wonders when it comes to detoxifying the body.

Mucuna Pruriens

This natural ingredient is known for having great anti-inflammatory properties, especially in Asia and most Native American tribes, where it has been used as a medicinal remedy for centuries.

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile is famous for having anti-inflammatory and stress relief effects. What’s also important to know about it is that it boosts the metabolism, meaning it can also help with weight loss.


Rhodiola doesn’t only relieve stress. It also naturally stimulates nerve function, by improving the brain’s response to neurotransmitters and ensuring the neural paths are healthy.

Oat Straw

Oat Straw is being used in Silencil because it can help give the memory a boost and prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties and ensures the neural connection is not impeded by any damaging factor.

As noticed, most of these ingredients are good for the brain and have anti-inflammatory properties. And since as said earlier, inflammation in certain areas of the brain is the main cause of tinnitus, it’s easier to understand why Silencil is claimed to solve the buzzing, ringing, chirping, and other noises in the ears.

How to Use Silencil?

As the Silencil official website says, this supplement is very easy to introduce into one’s daily routine, seeing only 1 capsule of it has to be taken every day with water. Those who have been suffering from tinnitus for years and didn’t manage to escape their problem in any way absolutely have to take Silencil every day if they want to see results. In case a dose has been missed, it’s necessary to take it as soon as you remember.

However, it’s not recommended to double the daily dose one day to cover for a missed one. It’s also advised to not take Silencil in combination with other supplements or prescribed medication, not because there may be any side effects, but because the effects of both formulas that are taken together may turn out to become drastically reduced. It should be noted Silencil doesn’t claim to be the cure for tinnitus. It’s only advertised to help with this problem naturally and safely. All this doesn’t mean it can’t provide the most amazing results, as many people are saying it does.

Who Could Benefit from Silencil?

Since it’s a dietary supplement developed to work against tinnitus, Silencil should be taken by people who are suffering from this condition. Children should not be given this supplement at all. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t consume it either. Tinnitus can also appear as a result of an accident or a trauma. Those who are experiencing it for one of these reasons can take Silencil without any problem. In case of tinnitus is also accompanied by serious other issues and pain, then an infection in the ear may be the real cause for it, a case in which taking Silencil wouldn’t do the trick. However, if the doctor allows it, it can be taken alongside other medical treatments.

How to Buy Silencil?

Silencil is available for sale only on its official website, where it’s sure to be the original product and comes at amazing prices. It can’t be found in pharmacies, drug stores, health supplements shops, as well as neither on Amazon nor at other big online retailers. There’s no way of knowing how long the price offers for it is going to last, so those who want to get it at an affordable price should hurry to make their purchase now. Here are the prices:

Since a bottle of the supplement is the 1-month supply, the other packs offered should last one consumer 90 and respectively 180 days. All products are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means unsatisfied customers can return them to get a full refund for the money they have spent on their purchase. For this reason, buying Silencil is a 100% risk-free investment.

Considering the amazing prices at which it’s being offered, and the health benefits it claims to provide, Silencil can easily be called one of the best deals available on the market, a supplement for those who are struggling with ringing in their ears and have tried every other so-called solution for their problem out there, only to discover nothing works. Moreover, Silencil can be returned for a full refund, no question asked, so there isn’t any reason why those who would need it do not give it a try. Requests for refunds, as well as inquiries or questions about the product, can be sent to the following email address: support@silencil.com

Users can learn more or Buy Silencil from the official website here.

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