Dream Interpretations: 12 MOST Common Questions Answered

We all dream.

According to scientists, dreams are a normal experience of a human. Our dreams are unique because they reflect the emotions and desires of our deepest selves. So, what is the real meaning behind our dreams?

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There’s a connection between the reality and dreams. Interpreting your dreams can give clearer and better insights into different aspects of your personal life, such as feelings or perspectives on something. More significantly, you can realize your true potentials – this is helpful for further self-exploration.

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Like I mentioned above, Kasamba dream interpretations help you make sense of your dreams and gain a better understanding related to them. The psychic will unlock and analyze the meanings to your dreams so that you can figure out what your own self actually needs.

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I. 4 simple steps to have your dream interpreted:

  1. Access the psychic network Kasamba
  2. Create an account and choose a dream advisor
  3. Submit your card information and enjoy 3 free minute introductory offer
  4. Ask for a paid reading for a more detailed analysis

At Kasamba, you can find a list of best dream readers in the dream interpretation category. All of them have been interviewed, tested, and screened in a rigorous, thorough way. I can confirm they’re genuine readers providing precise predictions and answers about matters you want to know.

Let your instinct guide you when it comes to selecting a dream reader. Take a careful look at Kasamba dream analysts as well as read their profiles and reviews. Go with the one whom you feel trusted the most.

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II. A brief look at Kasamba:

1. Highlights

  • First 3 minute chat for new clients
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  • Communication methods include online chat, phone, and email
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2. What makes Kasamba a worth-visiting site?

This psychic network comes with a number of great features.

Established for over 20 years (since 1999), Kasamba has served their readings online and helped thousands of users with their own issues. No matter what situation you’re in, expert psychics ensure to give you profound guidance and advice on both your personal and professional lives.

The site is home of local and international psychics.

Available 24/7, you can get your dream reading online session at any time. Having one on one interaction with your chosen psychic via web browser or phone can make your experiences at Kasamba more unique. The selection process for new advisors is well-vetted and coherent. This network also comes with secure registrations and confidential chat transcripts.

In the first-time reading, new clients will be offer the 3-minute introductory trial applied to all types of readings. If you want a more detailed session, then the psychic will charge money once free minutes run out. The pricing will start at less than $1/min., but some premium experts can charge higher (up to $30/min.)

You are unhappy or unsatisfied after the reading?

No need to worry because Kasamba has satisfaction guarantee. Contact their client support team for the refund. If you don’t feel like using Kasamba on the browser, simply download its mobile app for more convenience.

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3. Top 5 dream readers on Kasamba

Who are the best dream analyzers available on this network?

Whatever you desire to know, they enable to answer accurately and insightfully. By talking with Kasamba’s best psychic dream interpreters, you’re able to chart your dreams to reach the path of love, peace, and joy.

With a large number of dream advisors on the website, researching to find a trusted one requires time and effort. Fortunately, here we’ve listed down the best of best psychics specializing in dream interpretation.

Here are my top 5 recommendations:

1. Master Enigma

Pricing: $8.99/min. (via chat/phone)

Known as a caring and experienced psychic, Master Enigma offers only accurate and truthful answers in his readings. With over 30 years analyzing dreams, he can provide you guide to lucid dreaming, shared dreaming, etc. If you want to unlock your dreams, visit him on Kasamba and he’ll tell you where to get the key.

His interpretations can help you connect with your true self, bring balance to any aspect of your life, and discover the clarity in mind.

He’s received more than 55,000 reviews and 5-star ratings from customers.

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2. Love Stephan Psychic Soul

Pricing: $12.99/min. (via chat/phone)

If you want to understand the meaning of your dream or the reason why you had it, then contact Love Stephan Psychic Soul. His guidance and answers can shed light into your current circumstance and help you move forward.

He has worked with souls and spirits for many years. During a session, his friendly and honest approach will make you feel more relaxed and at ease. By connecting to your energy, this experienced psychic can give you the clarity you deserve.

He’s received nearly 18,000 reviews and 5-star ratings from customers.

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3. Magical Oracle

Pricing: $29.99/min. (via chat/phone)

Tell Magical Oracle about your dreams for specific, detailed insights.

She is a mind body spirit guide with over 17 years of experience, and one of her specialties is analyzing dreams. In case you have no idea what to do with your life journey, Magical Oracle will empower you using their spiritual insights and compassion.

For those feeling stressed due to recurring nightmares, it’s better to have a talk with this dream analyzer as she’s capable of healing the worst anxiety within minutes. Make use of her detailed information as a tool to your advantage.

She’s received over 16,000 reviews and 5-star ratings from customers.

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4. Love Psychic Indi

Pricing: $7.99/min. (via chat/phone)

Let’s see what your future holds via your dreams with the assistance of Love Psychic Indi. He has used his special abilities to help people in need for over 10 years. Whatever problem you are coping with, come to see this expert to gain the answers of truth. His honest approach will clear away any fog above your head and regain your sanity.

Aside from interpreting dreams, he also offers solutions to other aspects in your daily life, such as relationships, love, marriage, career, health, etc.

He’s received over 19,000 reviews and 5-star ratings from customers.

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5. Love Psychic Michael G

Pricing: $21.99/min. (via chat/phone)

Chat with Love Psychic Michael G to gain deeper insights about what you see in dreams. He will resolve the meaning and message of your dreams. No sugarcoating at all, this psychic advisor provides detailed answers related to you and your situation only. He feels happy when helping everyone get a glimpse into their future as well as improve their life.

If you’re looking for an honest dream reading, Love Psychic Michael G is also worth consideration.

He’s received over 12,000 reviews and 5-star ratings from customers.

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Most FAQs about Dream Interpretations

Have you ever wondered why you have recurring dreams?

Or, what your nightmares actually means?

Dreams are a mystery. Most of the time, they don’t really make sense and we also can’t recall them completely after woke up. There are lots of questions about dreams as well as dream interpretations. In the following, I’ll give you the answers to those asked the most.

1. Does everyone dream?

In general, we all dream at some point during our sleep. However, there are still those strongly claiming they have never dreamed before. Perhaps they have a really hard time remember their dreams. Not dreaming at all since born is quite unbelievable, right?

Personally, I think we humans must dream at least once in our lifetime because that’s how our subconscious mind responds to our emotions (fear, anxiety, stress, etc.)

Discover the truth behind your dreams

2. How important is your dream?

According to Kasamba dream analysts, identifying the importance of your dream is one of significant steps to read your own dreams.

If you want to know its actual meaning, you must recall your dream last night and remember the dreaming quality you had. Did it feel like a confusing mix of influences from your real life? For example, it’s a scene from the movie you saw days ago mingling with another image of you eating a whole pizza from the evening.

Some told me that they saw many scenes in their dreams.

In case you experience the same thing, that means you’re influenced by everything in your daily life. From what you drink to what you eat, books you read to movies you see, all of them can affect the way you dream. So, how to know if your dreams are worth interpreting?

First of all, ask yourself: “did you feel good when going to bed?”

There are two main types of dreams: psychic dream and spiritual dream.

If you went to sleep with a normal state of mind like previous nights, then your dream is likely coming from the deepest part in your psyche.

Another way to determine whether or not your dream is the divine message is to see how long it lingers in your mind after you wake up. In case you still remember everything from that dream clearly days later, it’s an important dream. Normally those dreams tend to bug your mind because they are the messenger of your subconscious.

Sometimes you may dream something similar to what you saw in the movies couples of days ago; simply let go because it’s probably nothing essential.

3. What are dream interpretations?

Dream interpretations are the process of analyzing the meaning behind dreams. Though there’s no proven evidence, many dreamers often have their dreams interpreted for better understanding and awareness in life.

Some say that they have very detailed dreams, and so do I. In fact, I started to delve into interpretation when I was in my early twenties. At that time I relied a lot on a dream dictionary; unfortunately, gradually I realized that some dreams had elements that were contradictory. So, using the dictionary for a good understanding of my dreams didn’t work.

Then, I began to learn more about dream symbols. Based on my study, dream symbols have different relationships as well as carry different meanings with different individuals – this partially depends on the experience, culture, and daily life of each. For example, a person who raises snakes as their pet will receive a different interpretation for their snake dream if comparing to the one scared of snakes.

There are many dream symbols divided into good omens and bad omens.

In order to interpret true meanings of your dreams, it’s a must to understand the context of every omen correctly. You can easily find the interpretations for each dream symbol on the Internet. Or, you can look for the assistance of dream readers to analyze any of your dreams.

4. How do dream interpretations work?

Of all most intimate experiences of being a human being, dreaming is one of them. We often dream at night, and each of our dreams reflects our emotions and desires from the deepest place of the heart.

Dreams are the inner voice of us.

From our hopes to fears, desires to fantasies, we keep them all away the outside world and lock them up in our subconscious mind. With everything you see in the dream world, it’s the message that your inner self wants you to listen and understand. Dreams are important because they expose you in the raw.

Getting dream interpretation reading online can help you gain better insights about yourself and also help you resolve potential problems. Dreams are believed to send warnings for whatever could trouble you or even send future predictions.

5. What are types of dreams?

Dreams have many different forms.

  • Vivid dreams: clear and realistic dream content
  • Lucid dreams: when a person is completely aware that they are dreaming while being in a dream
  • Recurring dreams: the same imagery appears repeatedly in multiple dreams
  • Bad dreams (nightmares): distressing and bothersome content

Even with normal dreams, there are also some types of content in certain that can be identifiable. The most common and noticeable symbols in dreams are: being chased, falling, flying, missing tooth, etc.

6. What does your dream tell you?

Dream analyzing is a necessary part in developing yourself.

When it comes to interpreting dreams, there are lots of methods practiced by professional dream readers. Discussing about dreams, then I think most of us have heard about Sigmund Freud, right?

He said that dreams are the road to the unconscious mind. From his study about dreams’ content, there is a strong connection between the human dreams and wish fulfillment. He claimed that any event or imagery in a dream is indeed just the unconscious wishes of one.

The dreaming process has 4 elements:


With this method, your information will be condensed into a simple image or single thought. In a span of your single dream, the expert can come up with numerous of different ideas and concepts.


Once realizing you had a dream or nightmare, your first feeling is confused. Then, you may wonder if what you saw in your dream is important. It’s because the dream mixed both the essential and insignificant parts of it. That’s why you hardly discover the emotional meaning of your dream.


At this stage, all repressed ideas contained in a dream will be censored. In order to help you understand your dream with ease, the dream will send vision of the object corresponded with the latent content.

Secondary vision

When your dream proceeds to the final stages, all the elements will be reorganized in your subconscious mind to make sure the dream is comprehensible. Later the content of your dream can be generated and manifested.

Interpreting dreams won’t give you an answer; in fact, it provides you an outlook.

7. What are common dream symbols?

Humans’ dreams are various because each person’s psyche is unique and completely individual. Nevertheless, we can have common dreams at certain times. Though getting personal interpretations with professionals is highly recommended, there are some dream symbols holding universal meanings.

Let’s find out below:

The house

The image of the house signifies one’s inner state of being (soul space).

If you live and grow up in a house full of love, then your psyche has been storing positive memories making you the person today. In case there were only sad events in your house, your psyche wants you to travel back to your childhood to check out what had gone wrong and how to fix it.

When you see a house in your dream meaning something in the past keeps nagging in your mind, and that explains why you’re still influenced till today.

The moon

What is the meaning of this universal symbol?

The appearance of the moon in your dream indicates mystery, surrender, unknowns, and subconscious forces. It has the connection with the feminine energy as well as intuition. Also, it can imply that your moods are changing since the moon is strongly associated with one’s emotional state.

In general, this is a sign that you should pay more attention to your feelings and emotional well-being. The vision of the moon can be different in everyone’s dream which means the interpretations vary too.

You should consult a dream analyst for an in-depth moon dream reading.

The dog

Many don’t put too much thought when seeing dogs in their dreams; however, the image of a dog does have spiritual meanings. When it comes to this animal, they represent loyalty, softness, and friendliness. In case you don’t feel these qualities, perhaps you personally have had bad experiences with them.

The symbol of the dog in dreams is about protection and intuition.

Therefore, when a dog shows up in your dream, it wants to give you insight and spiritual assistance. Maybe you’re dealing with something related to your relationships and security. Their presence is a sign telling you to focus on the energy on your heart so that you can understand your true feelings better.

The ID card

Wonder why you saw the ID card in your dream?

When you dream of an ID card, it symbolizes a new beginning. Perhaps you’re entering into a new stage in life and becoming more mature. To keep up with the outer world, you need to be more assertive and decisive. The ID card dream shows that it’s time to bring out your courage, strength, and aggression.

Don’t let your inner vulnerabilities and fears swallow you. It’s okay to feel anxious when facing different challenges and events in life, but never give up.

Sometimes dreaming about ID card could be a sign regarding money issues.

The transportation

Transportation is a common theme. I believe most of you have seen the bus, car, train, bike, or plane in your dreams at least once. Well, when vehicles make an appearance in your dream, it reflects the direction that you’re moving through life and how much control you are having over it.

The type of vehicle you see in a dream, whether you’re driving or not, conforms with the perspective you hold of yourself.

Generally speaking, whatever your dream is, there are some common symbols and themes that most of us have experienced. By knowing the meaning of these universal dream symbols can shed light into the root of your problem so that you can make more precise decisions in your real life.

From now on, pay more attention to any detail you see in dreams and write them down in your journal because the high chance is your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

8. Why do you have recurring dreams?

Recurring dreams are the result of unresolved conflicts or stress existing for a long time in our lives. Due to lower psychological well-being, the content of this kind of dream is mostly negative. However, it doesn’t mean negative recurring dreams are bad, maladaptive signs.

For those who’ve experienced recurring dreams in many nights, there are some changes in each dream but it may be too subtle to realize. Go to see a dream interpreter and you can understand your inner self and obstacles ahead better.

Do you want to stop recurring dreams?

If yes, the first thing to do is to discover the root of your issue.

Think about what in this life is bugging your mind at the moment. Sometimes, you may feel upset and stressed because of traumas in the past. Rather than running away from fear, you need to dig deep into all possibilities to figure out the reason causing recurring dreams.

Next, you should list down all details that appears in your recurring dreams to interpret.

This way makes it easy to analyze things that need to be addressed. Connect the dots and soon you’ll realize what actual problem you have in the real life that the dream is trying to send hints. Once knowing what it is, you must think of solution to overcome it.

9. How to stop bad dreams?

Having frequent nightmares can disturb your sleep and cause negative effects to your sleep quality. The more stressed and anxious you are, the worse your nightmares become. If you want to stop nightmares, let’s start with getting a consultation from a professional dream analyst. Their guidance and advice can reduce your worries and fears.

Besides, you can reduce bad dreams by improving your sleeping habits as well as bedroom environment. In order to sleep soundly through the night, you must have healthy sleep hygiene.

Here are some tips to help you sleep healthier:

  • Keep a steady schedule every day
  • Avoid watching, reading, or listening to distressing content before bed
  • Do exercises during the day
  • Try some relaxation techniques (deep breathing and light stretching) before going to sleep to calm your mind and body
  • Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine
  • Make sure your bedroom is cozy and comfortable

Do you have fragmented sleep? Do you feel so sleeping during the daytime? Do you find yourself more moody? If yes, it’s because you had nightmares. For those suffered from nightmares for over a week, please go to see the doctor. They can identify potential causes and come up with treatments for your sleeping problems.

10. Do you know when you’re dreaming?

Some told me that they’re completely aware when they are dreaming. I mean it did sound unbelievable from my first time hearing it. But, as I learned more about dream interpretations, I realize this phenomenon truly exists and is known as ‘lucid dreaming’ (I think some of you are familiar with this term).

Lucid dreaming is also called ‘dream yoga’ in which you have awareness about your dream while it is ongoing during your sleep. This state allows you to understand yourself in a deeper level.

Is it possible to increase the chance of having a lucid dream?

According to experts, you can practice the MILD practice. Put it simply, try to do some exercises to set your intentions clearly before going to sleep. For example, repeating the mantra “I will recognize that I am dreaming” many times helps encourage your brain to be conscious during your dream.

Or, there’s another method called ‘reality checks’ which you need to either count your fingers or look at the time while awaking; this works well in recognizing dreams. In case you feel that something bizarre in your dream, the possibility is you’re consciously dreaming.

Did you know that you can control what happens next in lucid dreams?

Prepare a journal or dream diary to note down any detail you remember from your dream the moment you wake up. This way keeps you connected to all of your dreams and becoming more aware of dream signs.

11. How often do we dream?

Most of us dream every night and throughout our various sleep cycles. On average, our dreams seem to last for approx. 2 hours per night. We can experience dreams during any stage of sleep, but the most vivid and memorable dreams are likely to happen during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage.

12. Where to get an accurate dream reading online?

This is the last but most important question.

As you all know, there are plenty of psychic networks on the Internet these days, so getting a good dream interpretation session is no longer difficult. If you got stuck with all the thoughts about your dream and want it to be deciphered, I highly recommend Kasamba.

Like what you’ve seen in the review above, this site is home of reputable readers who can give you clarity about your subconscious. It has a user-friendly website allowing all clients to navigate easily. In the first-time reading with each psychic, you will be offered 3 free minutes.

The paid reading even charges at a low price: less than $1/min. Quickly sign up to Kasamba and have yourself a detailed dream reading for more awareness about your dreams.

If you look for an alternative choice, then consider California Psychics.

What are you waiting for?

Time to get your free dream reading!


Can you interpret your own dreams?

The answer is yes!

However, despite all the guidance and personal efforts, we sometimes can’t understand what it means exactly to our situation. Learning how to read a dream sounds easy, but soon you will feel struggled when trying to apply the meaning into your life. The truth is that many elements and techniques must be involved in dream interpretations.

Also, you can’t just put too much emotion and expectation into the dream reading process.

To make your dream interpretation experience on another level, the greatest way is to consult Kasamba dream analyzers. With many years reading dreams, they enable to see it all and know exactly what to ask you. They focus on the right symbols and use suitable divination tools to predict your future.

Have you ever had a dream analysis online before?

Similar to a typical psychic reading, getting a dream interpretation is quick and easy. You’ll find many top-rated dream interpreters at Kasamba. The only hard thing is to have a reading with the advisor suitable to your needs. For this reason, you can make use of Kasamba 3 free minutes when talking to every dream interpreter in the list. Send them some questions to know them better and test their abilities.

Once you’re sure they’re the right person, simply ask for a paid reading for deeper insight and clarity.

Was this guide about dream interpretations helpful?

Give us feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page!

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