Divine pH Reviews – Health Risks No One Will Tell You About?

Have you ever visited Jesus’ baptism site, Bethany, beyond the Jordan? Did it ever occur to you that maybe this exact spot may have vital answers to all health conditions? It is highly unlikely for people to have pondered on the location itself; at least that’s what our editorial team thought until we were introduced to Pastor Andrew.

As a devotee to Christ and Biblical studies, Pastor Andrew insists that he has mastered reading between the lines of every passage. In so doing, he claims to have realized a potential mineral blend that people have yet to speak of. Particularly, he and his herbalist friend managed to extract the precise chemical composition of the waters in Jordan pre-pollution. What might the outcome be? It turns out that the duo created a formula dubbed “Divine pH™.” The purpose of this review is to go over the connection between Divine pH™ and human health, with emphasis placed on what Pastor Andrew likes to call “body alkalinity.”

What is Divine pH™?

Divine pH™ is advertised as a holy alkalinity formula that entails four Holy minerals in the exact ratio of the Jordan River. In a presentation surrounding this dietary supplement, Pastor Andrew insists he discovered a “forgotten miracle” that could reverse aches and pains, boost the metabolism and energy levels, and above all, strengthen the immune system. In fact, the combined ingredients can attain the aforesaid benefits on a cellular level by means of rejuvenation, purification, and renewal. Want in on the secret? Let’s cut to the chase and review its ingredients!

What’s inside Divine pH™?

Divine pH™ contains a precise combination that aims to make the body super alkaline while combating acidosis, and it is composed of:


The first mineral to be introduced in Divine pH™ is potassium. A 2008 review that looked at the beneficial effects of this mineral on human health explained that existing epidemiological and clinical studies were able to show that it could lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality, slow the progression of renal disease, and decrease the risk of osteoporosis among others. As a matter of fact, a potassium deficiency has been strongly associated with glucose intolerance while increasing the odds of experiencing dangerous ventricular arrhythmias. In the end, the team recommended increasing potassium intake by increasing fruits and vegetable consumption [1].


The second mineral, i.e., magnesium, is of importance as it superintends hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body that modulate nerve and muscle functions, strengthens the immune system and bones health, and above all, regulates heartbeat and cardiac function. From the scientific point of view, studies have shown that high magnesium intake (up to 250mg/day) may lower the risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke. Grippingly, a 100mg/day concentration allegedly suffices to significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. The benefits don’t stop there, as magnesium can go as far as increasing bone mineral density and relieving migraines as well [2].

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda or citrocarbonate) is a type of antacid that has been used to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion [3]. Another source described this ingredient in simpler terms: “salt that breaks down to form sodium and bicarbonate in water [resulting in] a solution alkaline, meaning it is able to neutralize acid.” In addition to the aforesaid benefits, sodium bicarbonate could also be used for athletic performance, kidney damage, ulcers, dental plaque, and tooth discoloration to say the least [4].

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Finally, we have the most familiar out of the bunch, calcium. Calcium is a mineral that the body requires for maintaining strong bones and teeth (while supporting their structure and hardness), increasing muscle movements and ensuring that our nerves transport messages from the brain to the rest of the body [5]. Other possible benefits include easing indigestion, reversing heart problems, and controlling high phosphate levels in cases of kidney failure [6].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why must our bodies maintain alkalinity?

To stay alive, our body cells need to maintain alkalinity (or a neutral state). Failing to do so gives rise to an acidic state, which might lead to oxygen deficiency at a cellular level. When our bodies reach a pH of below 7, we are giving toxins, free radicals, and other harmful substances a door filled with endless opportunities, but for us, it is evidently lethal.

Is Divine pH™ safe?

Divine pH™ is viewed as a natural dietary supplement given that it only contains minerals that our bodies are accustomed to. Moreover, Pastor Andrew and Paul affirm that it was manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the U.S. under strict and sterile conditions.

How Divine pH™ any different than any other minerals blend?

As maintained by Pastor Andrew, Divine pH™ is unique because it entails “the exact holy ratio unearthed in 1778,” adding that he believes he and Paul are the first ones to “re-create the unique chemical makeup of the Jordan River.”

How should Divine pH™ be taken?

Since Divine pH™ is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, it can be added to just about any beverage base. For optimal results, individuals are asked to add three drops any time of the day. The maximum per day should be four drops.

Will Divine pH™ really produce results?

According to Pastor Andrew, the answer is yes because Divine pH™ is a nutrient-rich liquid that’s more bioavailable than powders, pills, and any other mediums under consideration. Initially, individuals will have noticed some improvements in the form of more energy, less discomfort and bettered mood. However, long-term uses are generally recommended for the full effects to reveal themselves. Some examples of probable benefits down the line include:

  • Regulated blood sugar and energy levels
  • Boosted stamina levels, and cognitive and immune function
  • Lowered inflammation in the liver, heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, and the lungs
  • A strengthened bodily system that resists acid build-up
  • Restored alkalinity on a cellular level

Has Divine pH™ been protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Divine pH™ has been protected by a 180-day money-back guarantee. If Divine pH™ fails to promote wellness from the inside and out, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. As Pastor Andrew claims, “Your investment in Divine pH™ is 100% risk-FREE.” To verify one’s eligibility for a refund, listed below are crucial contact information to keep on hand:

Phone: +1 (855) 433 7494

Email: support@divineph.com

How much does Divine pH™ cost?

Each bottle can last up to one month depending on how many droppers of Divine pH™ are consumed daily. The creators of Divine pH recommend to order the product only from the official website instead of third-party sellers to avoid counterfeit products.

  • 1 Divine pH™ bottle: $69 each
  • 3 Divine pH™ bottles: $59 each
  • 6 Divine pH™ bottles: $49 each

For better savings, individuals can also subscribe and get an extra 10% off. This means that monthly auto-fills will be shipped out for 10% off every time with free expedited shipping. This incentive will only be available for a limited time, so interested parties should act fast.

Finally, individuals can also access a free report that expounds on a particular enemy and its ability to turn “cells into a fiery inferno” by signing up here. In it, Pastor Andrew walks everyone through the aforesaid minerals, why we have yet to hear of this hack, lies told to Christians regarding wellness and how drinking 8 glasses of water is having a reverse effect on health.


Who is Pastor Andrew?

Pastor Andrew proclaims himself as a lifelong Bible scholar who dedicated 30 years studying every single verse and line in the Holy Bible. As someone who encourages people to believe in faith, and to remain positive despite the hurdles, Pastor Andrew soon started to question everything when a woman named Sarah had a miscarriage. And so, to find solace, he says he read Jesus’ baptism (i.e., Ephesians 5:26, Titus 3:5, Romans 6:3-4). Consequently, he noticed that “every time someone in the bible was baptized, they were miraculously healed, cleansed and had a “newness of life.” What does this mean? Well, he was referring to “the very river Jesus was baptized in.”

After learning the helpful clue, Pastor Andrew went about his research, only to find out that Jesus’ baptism site was nutrient-dense, allowing him to arrive at the conclusion that four Biblical minerals inside the Jordan River could have a positive effect on wellness. Once he got in touch with an herbalist named Paul, the combination of minerals in the Jordan river was confirmed.

Perceiving everything as God’s signs, Pastor Andrew consumed the Jordan water, but little did he know that he’d end up at the hospital. Confused as to what might have gone wrong, it wasn’t until Paul’s newest finding that things made more sense to him. Precisely, Paul insists that he removed the toxins from the water sample, which was contaminated with sewage contents and then re-created the exact composition. Giving it a second try, Pastor Andrew felt like “a new man” and decided to bring this breakthrough to light through “Divine pH™”.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Divine pH™ is a tincture that contains a precise combination of four minerals that synergistically tend to the entire body. Based on our research, the included ingredients are both very well known to society and have mounting evidence as valuable nutrients. Hence, we were generally satisfied with the supposed contents of the solution. Unfortunately, Pastor Andrew and Paul failed to enlighten consumers on the specifics. For instance, we aren’t entirely sure about the company that manufactured this solution. Our research did lead us to a “Trinity Health Research,” but the information is currently limited.

That said, the bigger concern for us is not having a supplement facts. It has been repeatedly shared that a “precise combination” was formulated, yet we do not know what the exact breakdown is. This prevents us from assessing its efficacy and significance and in consequence, we cannot comment any further. Moving forward, we encourage interested parties to take up such ambiguities with customer service before placing an order. To learn more about Divine pH and how it works, visit the official website for all the information.

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