Best Providers of USDA Organic CBD Products in 2022

Have you decided to go organic? Then you might wonder where to start and which providers are best to choose. Luckily, organic foods and supplements are now widely available in response to the growing demand for organic products. Still, getting started and selecting reliable providers might seem daunting, but don’t worry. This article provides you with a list of the best USDA-certified food and supplement providers you can turn to shop for organic products.

Why Organic?

Organic products are better for you and the environment; they’re free from toxic and harmful compounds and help support biodiversity and grow produce without contributing to pesticides pollution.

Why USDA Organic?

If you have already begun shopping for organic produce, you probably have seen USDA-certified organic seals on some of the products. USDA-certified organic products with the USDA-certified seal are proven to have 95% or 100% organic ingredients. They undergo strict production, handling, and labeling standards and go through organic certification . The seal guarantees the quality and accuracy of the brand’s organic claims.

Best Providers of USDA-Certified CBD

The number of Americans using CBD daily keeps rising. If CBD is part of your daily routine, too, you might wonder if your CBD products can also have a USDA-certified organic seal. Like supplements, any CBD product that adheres to USDA certification guidelines and undergoes a certification process can earn a USDA-certified organic seal.

Supplements provide an excellent complement to organic food, and so do USDA-certified organic CBD products. However, CBD being organic is even of more importance due to its parent plant’s – hemp’s soil-healing properties. If you were to plant hemp in a contaminated land that had been managed with pesticides in the past, hemp would drive up toxins from the ground and thus have these harmful elements. Because USDA certification requires hemp farmers to grow hemp on healthy, clean soil, it eliminates the risk of pesticides being in CBD products.

Here are the best providers for USDA-Certified Organic CBD:

#1 Joy Organics

Joy Organics lives up to its name, providing a wide selection of USDA-certified organic CBD products. The brand is well-known for its quality, transparency, and exceptional customer care. It’s a true leader and trendsetter in the CBD space and one of the first CBD brands to launch a USDA-certified organic CBD line.

All Joy’s products, including USDA-certified organic CBD tinctures, salves, and massage oil, are third-party lab tested, providing an additional layer of safety and quality.

#2 R+R Medicinals CBD

R+R Medicinals is a fast-growing CBD brand that offers affordable organic CBD and has a surprisingly high amount of positive online feedback. (5 stars on Google from 600+ reviews)

The brand offers organic CBD tinctures, gummies , and pet tinctures with USDA-certified organic seals. The brand acquires hemp from USDA organic local hemp and extracts CBD at USDA Organic Certified facility. It uses organic processes at every production stage, including the CO2 extraction method, preserving naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp necessary for the entourage effect.

All products R+R Medicinals undergo third-party lab testing to ensure their safety and quality.

If you know a provider of USDA Organic products not listed here and want to learn more about their products’ status, use the Organic Integrity Database . Here you can find information about a specific certified organic farm or business.

Best Providers of Organic Foods

#1 Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is what comes to many consumers’ minds when thinking about organic food, and for a good reason. Not only the company sells a variety of organic produce, but Whole Foods is the first and only certified organic national grocer.

For foods to be organic, they must grow and be processed, adhering to strict standards such as it cannot be produced using pesticides. Similarly, for a grocer to be organic, it also has to follow strict handling standards to ensure the organic products you buy there stay organic from when they leave the farm till you add them to your shopping cart. Although a simple statement, it requires a vast commitment. Every Whole Foods store meets the same requirements as organic processing facilities. Although the USDA doesn’t require organic certification for providers who sell organic products, Whole Foods has gone the extra mile to get the certificate. In 2003, Whole Foods became the first certified organic national retailer .

#2 Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is another well-known nationwide provider of organic foods.

Its organic foods include organic bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad greens, and more fresh organic produce options that vary by season and store. Here you can also find a selection of organic grains, frozen foods, soups, and condiments with USDA-certified organic seals on their labels.

Trader Joe’s is a more affordable choice compared to other providers. According to CNBC , the average product prices at organic grocery stores and the prices at Trader Joe’s are comparable to those of Aldi .

Best Providers of USDA-Certified Supplements

You can’t eat organic food but shop for non-organic supplements and call yourself an organic consumer. Well, technically, you can, but organic supplements provide the perfect complement to organic food. If you want to benefit from this combo, below are the two of the best providers you can turn to when searching for USDA organic supplements.

#1 Nova Scotia Organics

Nova Scotia Organics offers a wide variety of USDA-certified organic supplements. These supplements are free of pesticides, synthetic binders/fillers, or coatings and have earned USDA-certified organic stamps. The company owns its farm where herbs and foods grow, and it is also home to modern, 30,000-square-foot manufacturing. It’s where Nova Scotia processes ingredients imported from trusted organic growers worldwide.

At Nova Scotia, you can shop for:

  • Organic vitamins

  • Organic multivitamins

  • Organic herbal supplements

  • Organic herbal solutions

  • Organic Children’s Vitamins

  • Organic probiotics

  • Organic snacks

  • And more!

#2 NOW

NOW is a family-owned brand and a leading natural products company with 50+ years of experience. It offers a wide selection of USDA-certified organic supplements, which include:

  • Organic oils

  • Organic Natural Supplements

  • Organic Herbal teas

  • Organic Vitamins

  • Organic beverages

  • Organic snacks

  • And more!

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