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Best Online Payday Loan Lenders in 2022 | Top Rated Direct Lenders For Easy Installment Loans & Loans For Bad Credit Online | Get Cash Advance Loans Near Me

Over time, living standards become tighter, that’s why many people started searching for a reliable and good source of financial aid. One of the few solutions is starting a scheme for smart borrowing. However, after online payday loans emerged on the lending market, they quickly became a suitable option for those who lack in means and time. If you are in a similar situation where you need urgent money, you could consider a payday loan online. They are a convenient and easy way to obtain the desired amount.

Here’s A List Of Online Payday Lenders For Fast Cash Approval

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Payday Loans Online, Editor’s Pick
  2. BadCreditLoans: Top Rated Loans For Bad Credit On The Market
  3. CashUSA: Get Instant Approved Loans From Direct Lenders
  4. PersonalLoans: Most Popular Loans With Low Interest Rates

Online payday loans reviews

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Payday Loans Online, Editor’s Pick


MoneyMutual is on the top of the reviews list because it is a leader. After all, it is known as top-ranked in many fields. Until now, it has helped millions of customers receive a loan fast and transfer the money instantly, within 24 hours.

About the page

MoneyMutual helps people get the money they urgently need by linking customers with lenders who usually approve a personal loan up to $5,000. The application form is simple and easy to fill, taking no more than five minutes, with the possibility of connecting with many lenders with different propositions.

MoneyMutual works as an online lending network allowing offers from more than 60 reliable lender sources. They also charge no service fee and are considered and rated by customers as one of the most reputable platforms where you can request the best online payday loans, online personal loans, title loans, installment loans, or equity loans.

The application process is easy and straightforward, but you should know that payday loans are short-term loans associated with higher interest rates. It is advisable to seek credit counseling first before choosing any option from payday lenders.

About the loan

MoneyMutual gives multiple features that make the page stand out compared to others.


MoneyMutual will find eligible customers who are older than 18 years. They also need to be US citizens and show the number of active bank accounts. Additionally, what qualifies you as a considerable applicant is to have a steady monthly income of over $800 per month. Some lenders may even ask about employment documents or contact your employer to check your credibility. Don’t take this personally.

Smooth interface

MoneyMutual has an easy-to-navigate website with an executed interface and instructions. Even if a person is not good with computers, they can quickly find where and how to apply for a loan. In addition to this, if you still can’t find your way inside the application, you can always contact their customer care representatives for help.

Loan terms and limits

MoneyMutual has a unique purpose of linking borrowers with specific needs with lenders with the ear and the budget for these preferences. These lenders have low criteria regarding requirements regarding credit score, and even an applicant with a poor credit record can be accepted for a loan from $200 to up to $5,000.

MoneyMutual has the role of a middleman connecting lenders and borrowers, but when the terms and conditions are discussed, you should know they depend solely on the lender’s will. The platform, after signing the contract, is not responsible for any misunderstanding. That’s why they recommend reading and thinking it through multiple times. If necessary, ask questions or consult with a financial advisor.

Transfer of funds

Payday loans are connected with emergencies; therefore, the speed for money transfer is crucial- the funds must be transferred quickly and on time. Clients rank MoneyMutual as a site with one of the most convenient and fastest fund transfers in this business.


  • The application is free, without additional fees
  • Funds are transferred in one business day
  • Safe and secure encryption
  • The site uses easy navigation
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Credible and reputable platform
  • More than 60 lenders are available


  • Only U.S. residents can apply
  • Not responsible for issues between borrower and lender after the contract is signed

Customer experience

MoneyMutual has received over 2 million positive reviews from all over the U.S. Clients are satisfied with the genuine offers coming from reliable lenders and quick responses from the customer representatives. In addition, MoneyMutual has pleased over three million clients by offering payday loans, installment loans, and bad credit loans.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Top Rated Loans For Bad Credit On The Market


BadCreditLoans is incredible in explaining to beginners how credit loans and other financial tools work. Their educational perspective has taught many visitors about the benefits and downsides of payday loans. Like MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans isn’t a direct loan supplier but rather links borrowers with lenders and service providers who can match the individual’s needs and preferences.

Their goal is to work with responsible service providers and lenders and to teach customers throughout the loan process. As their name suggests, they are the leading company that gives out loans to people with bad or no credit scores.

About the page

Having a bad credit history or score can be a rejection feature for many potential loan opportunities. This, in a time of desperate measures, can cost you a lot of money and lost nerves. But there is no need to worry as BadCreditLoans helps people who suffer bad credit, no matter how low it is.

The process of applying is quick and easy and will only take a few minutes. As a preliminary step, you will need to fill a form with your basic data. This is because you must present to your lender your specific needs. The information they ask for includes things like current debts, bankruptcy, and income status.

Once you are done with the application, the same is being forwarded to multiple lenders. Lenders will then start sending offers tailored in coordination with the data you have given in the application. The terms and conditions of the loans are proposed directly by the lender.

When the loan offer is accepted, the fundings are wired typically in 24 hours.

About the loans

We present to you a few features we think are specific to the BadCreditLoans platform.


BadCreditLoans follows simple requirements asked from customers to be qualified as eligible applicants. First, you must be at least 18 years old and need a steady income source (the amount is not specified). Second, although they don’t state the minimum salary criteria, you must provide some proof of employment (Your work contract or phone number of your employer). Furthermore, customers must show a document about US citizenship or at least permanent residence and have a valid and active bank account.

Easy to apply

The site is well-structured, allowing customers to have a straightforward experience. The documents you need to deliver are shown on their official website. After hitting the button ‘Get Started,’ you begin with the application process. The offers will quickly start coming in.

Instant and dependable loans

See BadCreditLoans as an emergency button; whenever you click on their website, know they will gladly help you out. The loans they offer are different, ranging from $500 to $10,000. When you apply for a payday loan the funds are transferred within a day or two. BadCreditLoans also offers other financial services, like home and auto equity.

Security policy and privacy

One of BadCreditLoan’s priorities is securing their customers’ information. Therefore, they use the most advanced encryption programs to avoid data leaks. Moreover, they use secured files, safeguards, and servers that follow all privacy law lines. When these features are blended, they guarantee customers complete safety.


  • Payday loans vary from $500 to $5,000
  • The sign-up process is easy and quick
  • No additional fees are included
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • There are no credit score requirements
  • The network is connected with numerous lenders
  • Funds are transferred within one business day
  • BadCreditLoans have twenty years of experience


  • The page requires more personal data than other platforms
  • The loan amounts are reduced and limited for customers with no or bad credit

Customer experience

Customers have praised BadCreditLoans for providing excellent services. The requirements are good and optimistic, especially for people who struggle with bad credit. Customers also love how quickly they are approved and how easy the funds are being transferred. The majority of BadCreditLoans’ reviews are favorable for the website.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA – Get Instant Approved Loans From Direct Lenders


CashUSA is one of the leading payday loan services on the lending market at this particular moment. They are one of the top four companies because they don’t follow the pattern but make their own, thanks to transparency and dedication. They are the messenger between borrowers and lenders, who explain upfront the terms and conditions, and the nature of the APR offered by their lender partners.

CashUSA also provides beginners with helpful information about different finance topics, such as credit score, budget planning, debt calculations, etc. Keep in mind that CashUSA, like the rest of the platforms on this list, does not lend any money directly but instead ties borrowers and lenders in one knot.

About the page

The loan application process can be easily carried out on their official website. All you need to do is fill a form with basic information to request a loan. Before any lender accepts the application, they will tell you their terms and conditions regarding fees and interest rates. The installment payment period they provide can range from 90 days to 72 months, depending on the type of loan you choose.

Additionally, to make it easier for customers, CashUSA facilitates an electronic repayment system between lenders and borrowers; the loan provider will simply withdraw the agreed-upon repayment amount from the same account loan funds were deposited into.

CashUSA offers online payday loans with quick money transfers, which get borrowers the money they need within 24 hours. Therefore, this can help with any financial emergencies or other problems.

About the loans

Here are some of the features that separate CashUSA as a platform superior compared to many others.


To get a loan from CashUSA, applicants must be over 18 years old and be U.S. citizens. They also should have verified bank accounts and made a monthly income of over $1000 after the taxes are calculated.

Simple loan process

After filling out your online loan form, you need to review and evaluate loan offers. The money will be quickly transferred to your account when you decide to accept a certain lender’s conditions. If you, by any chance, don’t get loan offers, CashUSA may provide other services or information on credit repair or debt relief.

Negotiable loan terms

Firstly, the loan limits depend on your eligibility, in which the credit score is a dominant criterion. If you have a lower credit score, you should expect a lower loan amount, too. However, the repayment terms will depend solely on the loan type you have taken and the lender you borrowed from. Lenders must tell you the exact interest rate and whether or not there are any additional fees before signing the agreement. You could try to make a consensual contract, negotiating some of these terms.

Although CashUSA is known for partnering with renowned and reputable lenders, it won’t hurt you if you decide to read twice the terms and conditions section.

Extra charges

CashUSA offers a completely fees-free service. You can apply as many times as you want or think is necessary (of course, if it doesn’t affect your credit score).

Well designed website

CashUSA has an easy-to-navigate and simple website with a user-friendly interface. Аpart from providing truthful information about loan applications, they have a comprehensive library on financial advising. Additionally, their website uses super-secure encryption that promises clients privacy and safety on their information. So you can give your personal information without the worry that it will leak elsewhere.


  • Funds are usually transferred within a day
  • A few minutes are necessary to connect borrowers and lenders
  • The application is a quick and easy process
  • Uses special encryption about personal data
  • You can compare loan offers from a different lender before accepting


  • The minimal limit is $500 and above
  • No mobile app is available

Customer experience

Customer service is available non-stop to resolve any issues that trouble users. US clients have positively ranked CashUSA. A few of the main reasons for satisfied customers are reliable lenders and fast application approval. The site will provide you with a list of all possible lenders, allowing you to choose a lender that meets your financial criteria.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. Personal Loans: Most Popular Loans With Low Interest Rates


Personal Loans is another lender network that links lenders to borrowers to help them find different types of loans. Loan limits range from $1,000 to $35,000. Payday loans, because they are considered short-term loans, tend to have lower amounts. Since you can’t predict when an emergency strikes, Personal Loans are the first financial aid when an emergency comes up.

About the page

The company is headquartered in Utah and has been present in this industry for a while. Over this time, the platform has gained the trust of many customers that have good and positive thoughts about the page. No matter what your emergency is, Personal Loans can provide a financial source competent to your needs. The application process is quick and simple; everything starts with filling in your basic personal information.

Once you are done with your application, they give the complete information to their partner lenders. At once, multiple lenders can view your request and offer you a loan matching your criteria. After approving your request, the lender will develop loan terms and conditions, and you can decide whether or not to accept them.

As soon as everything is finalized, the funds will quickly be deposited into your account.

Аbout the loan

Here are some of the best qualities of Personal Loans:


To be qualified as eligible for loan approval, customers must be at least 18 years or older and need to provide a social security number. Additionally, they need to be U.S. citizens. They also have to show an active bank account under your name.

Fast deposit

Personal Loans make extra-fast deposits, which is quite unusual since the platform provides big loan amounts. However, deposit time may depend on the bank or financial institution of both, lender and borrower. If you have an emergency, it is wise to pick a lender that will promise to transfer the funds quickly. Usually, the funds are transferred within one business day after the application.

Third-party lenders

Personal Loans have many aces up in their sleeves. If you don’t find a suitable lender from the one offered, the website will try to match you with trustworthy lenders from a third-party network.

Late payments

If you are unsure how you will repay the loan, it is important to choose a network that does not exploit its customers if they cannot repay. Personal Loans encourage leniency between users and lenders.

If you believe you will miss a payment, just call the lender directly to ask for an extension.

Different loan types

Personal Loans offers three types of loans – peer-to-peer, installment loans, and bank loans. If you choose a peer-to-peer loan, you will be directly connected to the particular lender.

If you decide to pick a personal installment loan, the terms and conditions will be almost equal to peer-to-peer loans, with the difference that you will work with a financial institution. Bank loans are when a bank transfers you the money while the other processes remain the same.

Higher amount

If you aim for a higher loan amount, Personal Loans will find the perfect lenders who offer it. Some users succeed in getting loans of up to $35,000. But different and stricter requirements are asked.

Secured encryption

Personal Loans guarantee its users that their information will stay private and personal. The platform follows high-security protocol used by national banks to ensure that the information provided by customers won’t end up on an unauthorized territory.

Additionally, they use super-quality encryption that blocks each suspicious attempt to enter the site. Believe it or not, Personal Loans are not the favorite spot of hackers. Other measures, such as computer safeguards and secured files, are also included as an extra layer of protection.


  • Offers loans of up to $35,000
  • Simple and easy online application
  • The personal data is SSL encrypted
  • Payment terms and conditions are flexible
  • Available for every citizen of the USA no matter the credit score


  • Bad credit scores may not be eligible for a loan or incur higher interest rates
  • Some loan amounts may not be available in some states

Customer experience

What makes customers satisfied with the services offered by Personal Loans is the speed they transfer the money with and the genuine application process. Customer care representatives are helpful, and they recommend reading each agreement carefully before signing. You can obtain a solid loan amount; you just need to provide your basic personal information. The funds are wired in one business day.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

Beginners Guide On Getting Quick Cash Approval: Best Online Payday Loans

What are payday loans?

Payday loans are short-term loans that should be paid the next day. But that depends on the loan conditions since sometimes, the payday can be scheduled for the end of the month. These loans are easy and convenient to obtain. Some companies may even offer loan management. The application process is pretty simple, and everything is done online after being approved; the funds will be transferred quickly to your account, typically the next business day.

Reputable lenders offer faster payment. However, even if the lender wires your money to a bank account, depending on your bank’s policy, it might take a while before you can withdraw it. And if that’s your case, stay in contact with the bank to ensure faster withdrawal, and explain to them your urgent situation.

What to consider before applying for an online payday loan?


Payday loans are different from other loans since, in most cases, they depend on the borrower’s financial status. There are people who are convinced that creditors can and will approve anybody a payday loan. However, this can be a variable point of view. For instance, if you are a beginner and require a certain amount of money, the online creditor will want to verify your financial background. What the background check determines will show whether or not you’ll be found eligible for the amount applied for. You also should know that these platforms do not include automatic loan approval.

Loan qualifications

Most people, especially those struggling with bad credit history, will apply for a payday loan since they are easily accessible. You won’t be asked to provide multiple documents to qualify for the loan. Most online lenders will only ask for a bank account and a personal identification (such as social security number and proof of citizenship), as some income proof to verify that you can repay the loan.

Application, processing, and disbursement

The majority of payday loan lenders have a prepared and straightforward online procedure for applying. So, if you decide that you need a loan, you can visit a lending platform and fill the simple online application form. You will be asked to fill in basic information, such as names, date of birth, postal address, location, email, bank account details, phone contacts, and loan amount.

Try to pick a reputable lender so that you can agree on precise conditions. Some lenders will require you to show your monthly income, bankruptcy and marital status, and the loan’s purpose. If you have done everything right while filling the application form, you will receive a notification about whether or not your loan application was approved.

Alongside the notification message will come an agreement. The customer care representatives advise reading the agreement multiple times until you have no doubts about conditions, such as extra fees and additional payments.

Repayment and rollovers

The agreement surrounding online payday loans is repayment before the loan due date. Some of the payday loan lenders offer automatic payment options. Here, the lender will automatically deduct the amount from your account during the next payday. Repayment time differs from one person to another. If you require more time to repay the loan, your lender could offer that option. Rollovers are the main option to use in such a case because one could be struggling and opt for a renewal. However, the rollovers require a further fee which is different from the loan amount.


The interest rates of payday loans can vary, similar to other loans. The interest rate on payday loans can be relatively high depending on specific personal circumstances. Often, the lenders will calculate their rate based on multiple factors, such as the borrower’s credit score and the loan amount you have applied for. If you want to avoid an unreasonable interest rate on your loan, you should try to repay the total amount before the loan due date expires.

A payday loan is a short-term emergency loan

If you consult with financial advisors, they will recommend taking a payday loan only if you feel some kind of a loan emergency. Although there are viewpoints on the efficiency of payday loans, it is amenable that payday loans should be the last option you should consider. What can help you feel confident enough is selecting an online lender you trust and see as genuine. Look for those lenders whose application process is simple, allowing customers to obtain a more extensive loan amount that doesn’t include astronomical interest rates.

Typically, the payday loan application process is easy, quick, and straightforward. However, it would be best if you find a lender from a reputable platform. The process of applying for a payday loan is almost similar to that used in other conventional loans. The only difference is that in the former, the process is purely online and hence much quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Loans Online

Q.1 Are There Any Limitations To The Use Of The Payday Loan?

Some lending platforms will ask during the application process about your intentions for applying. But usually, you can use the transferred funds for any possible purpose that comes to your mind. However, cash advance lenders may provide you with a small amount since payday loans should be paid off within a short period.

Q.2 How Is The Interest Rate Estimated?

Different lenders charge different interest rates for the payday loans they provide. But the rates also depend on the state laws and the company’s policy. In those states where payday lending is not prone to additional lending payment regarding lenders, it can vary for each $100 borrowed. You can find general information about lending issues on national and government lending databases.

Q.3 What Information Do Lenders Require From Their Customers To Provide?

Usually, you need to provide the following basic personal information:

  • Your name, surname, and address
  • A proof that you are not a minor
  • A verified email

Later on, you will need to provide other data including:

  • Proof of your monthly income
  • Active bank account
  • Show of permanent residence or citizenship

Q.4 How Do I Apply For A Payday Loan?

Applying for a payday loan is pretty simple and won’t take you longer than a few minutes. On the official website, the platform will provide a section where the application forms will be shown. You need to fill them out, and the process is simple and straightforward. No need to show actual paperwork; everything is done online from the comfort of your home. The simplicity of these loans is another reason why people worldwide have fallen in love with payday loans.

Q.5 What are payday loan privacy and safety policies?

Lending platforms use everything they can to keep the customer’s trust by obtaining secure websites. Most companies use the highest security encryption used by National banks, like the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to make transactions a private matter between lender and borrower.

Q.6 Is There An Origination Fee?

The online lending platforms don’t use application fees, but some lenders may charge you origination fees and other penalties.

Q.7 Are Customers Obligated To Take The Loan After They Apply?

No. Although you have applied for a payday loan, you can turn them down if lenders’ offers don’t seem rational regarding your needs. You can continue searching for better options until you find the most suitable for your preferences. When you decide about a particular offer, you should notify the lender.

Q.8 Are the payday loan interest rates high?

You have probably heard rumors about payday loans interest rates being astronomically high. Still, the fact is that if you succeed in finding a reputable lender, the rates can be pretty reasonable. If you want to get the best loan options, you should find the most appropriate lender. You should compare rates given from various lenders and come up with the most optimal for your standards. The truth being said is you don’t need to invest money to research these loans, but if you end up taking one with high-interest rates, you will spend more than you have borrowed.

Q.9 How Long Will I Have To Pay Back My Loan?

The time frame depends on the amount of money you borrow as well as your lender’s will. If the borrowed amount is larger than $2,000, they are usually suitable for installment loans. This gives you a chance to pay back what’s borrowed in a series of payments, typically scheduled on a weekly or monthly level. Smaller amounts are due within two weeks, so you must pay them back before the next paycheck comes.

Q.10 How Much Can I Borrow With A Payday Loan?

One of the best features following payday loans is that you have the opportunity to borrow smaller or larger amounts, depending on your emergency needs. However, the amount is directly proportional to your income and other eligibility criteria; you could easily borrow several thousand dollars with a single loan.

The lender will look at your proof of income, and your credit score, to determine whether or not you can qualify for the payday loan, in which paying back the loan on time is most important for the lender. This is one of the most significant steps before deciding on whether or not you will be approved.

Q.11 Can A Person Take Several Payday Loans At The Same Time?

The number of loans a single person can borrow depends on the state laws. Before applying, check what laws are there in your state at

Q.12 Is Any Information Sent To The Employers By Major Credit Bureaus?

Although many lenders will ask about employment details, they work to protect the borrower’s integrity. Therefore, no lender will notify your lenders about your intentions on taking a loan since that is your private matter.

Q.13 Is Direct Deposit Required?

Direct deposit is considered the safest way to transfer funds. Therefore, you should have a banking account where direct deposit is an available option. Besides, direct deposit allows quick transactions so you can get your funds in a shorter period.

Q.14 How Much Does It Take For The Funds To Be Transferred?

After submitting your application, you should wait for the approval. If you apply on a business day, the application approval will be evaluated within 30 minutes. Once you are approved, the funds will be transferred overnight. The due date of paying back your payday loan will be contracted between you and the lender.

Q.15 Can I Borrow Money If I Have Bad Credit?

Almost all personal loans with bad credit get approved by financial institutions. Of course, the number of the score does matter to lenders. Typically, bad credit isn’t a problem for payday loan applicants. There isn’t a chance to be turned down for a payday loan based only on your credit score. This is the main reason why payday loans enjoy insane popularity in the USA. And if by any chance the banks are constantly rejecting you, based on your credit history, online platforms will surely approve if you fill all other criteria. As we mentioned before, even people who have savings aside, ready to be used at any moment, are reaching for payday loans.

Q.16 What Can I Use The Secured Loan Money For?

You are not tied on what you should use the transferred money for. You will be able to use the money on anything you want. No private lender will ask you where you spend your money, but banks and credit unions might. Payday loans are considered as one of the most flexible borrowing options for customers at the moment. You won’t have to deal with the same frustrating limitations such as those found in traditional forms of loans.

When you apply for a payday loan through an online lending platform, you must learn what requirements for the application are needed and whether or not you can find a payday loan with standard APR. Don’t let ignorance be the obstacle to borrowing an outstanding loan and making the best solution for your emergency situation. These loans are an incredibly optimistic viewpoint about those customers who feel in a problematic financial situation. If you feel desperate, in huge need of money, this is a station you should stop by and submit your needs. Payday loans have helped many people over the years, overcoming their obstacles in times when no one else could.

Conclusion: Should You Opt For Speedy Cash Loans Online?

You must learn what payday loans are. Many myths surrounding these short-term loans are not true. What you should know is that the interest rate is not always astronomically high. That depends on the lender’s preferences and the amount you want to buy, but from your credit score, also. That’s why you select between multiple lenders, right? The application is free, meaning you won’t waste any money if you don’t get approved, or you decide not to accept any of the offers.

You also can compare rates between lenders for a better match. However, it is not a shame to turn down every offer if you feel it’s not suiting your needs. It’s not enough just to accept it if you can’t repay it. Payday loans are a tool to help you get along in an unpredictable way, but they shouldn’t be the reason to end up in a debt spiral.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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