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Best Kratom Strains: Different Types, Dosage & Effects

If you’ve tried to buy kratom online, you may have felt confused by the number of available strains. Red Borneo, Green Bali, Maeng Da — what’s the difference between each type? And how can you choose the best kratom strains for your needs?

Whatever your reasons for taking kratom, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of each strain. It will make it much easier for you to find one that provides the effects you’re after, whether you’re hoping for pain relief, euphoria, or relaxation.

We’ve put together a handy guide to the best kratom strains and the top vendors to use, so you can have the confidence to buy the product you need.

Comparing Different Strain Color Effects

There are more than 50 different strains of kratom. These derive from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, a plant that’s native to Southeast Asia and related to the coffee plant.

The numerous strains break down into three general categories: red, white, and green.

These categories refer to the colors of the veins that run through the plant’s leaves. The strains usually differ according to color and region. For example, Red Borneo kratom originates from Borneo and comes from a red vein variety of kratom.

When looking for the best kratom strains, it’s important to remember that each color has its own set of effects. LA Weekly reports that different strains contain varying concentrations of alkaloids, which are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants and are responsible for each strain’s effects.

Here are the different effects of the best kratom strains based on leaf color.

Different Effects of Kratom Strains & Colors

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Within these three color categories, different strains will have varying effects, according to Some are more potent than others, meaning they contain higher concentrations of alkaloids.

Red Vein Strains

Red veinstrains generally induce calming effects. In low doses, they can make you feel relaxed and happy. In high doses, they have a sedative effect. As a result, many people think these are the best kratom strains to take for powerful pain relief or ease insomnia.

Not every red vein strain will make you sedated, however. It’s possible to achieve euphoria by taking red kratom, as long as you choose your strain and monitor your dosage carefully.

White Vein Strains

White veinstrains are commonly more stimulating than red. Indeed, some people compare the boost you can get from white kratom to the effects you might get from drinking a caffeinated energy drink. White strains boost concentration, enabling them to focus on a task for more extended periods than they might otherwise be able to.

For this reason, some people find that taking white vein varieties too late in the evening can disturb their sleep. That said, others also find that they have a sedative effect when taken in very high doses, even though the best kratom strains for sedation are usually red.

Green Vein Strains

Green vein strains deliver mood-boosting and energizing effects. These also come with powerful pain-killer abilities, making green strains a popular choice amongst people suffering from chronic illnesses and hoping to achieve an overall sense of well-being.

What Are The Best Kratom Strains?

The best kratom strains for you will ultimately depend on the effects you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re looking for pain relief, you won’t necessarily want to take the same strain as somebody who’s looking to boost their energy and concentration levels.

Read on to discover how some of the most popular strains will affect you.

1. Maeng Da Kratom

Many users believe Maeng Da is one of the best kratom strains to take for pain relief or euphoria.

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It’s a potent strain that contains high concentrations of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Farmers harvest this product using a specialized process called grafting, which makes it have distinct effects.

With Maeng Da, you have your choice of the red, white, and green varieties. Reach for Red Maeng Da if you want pain relief and better sleep. White Maeng Da offers heightened energy and mood, while Green Maeng Da offers an ideal balance between the two strains.

2. Red Borneo Kratom

As you can guess from the name, Red Borneo originates from Borneo. It contains between 20 and 30 different types of alkaloids, making it particularly potent. For this reason, many users believe Red Borneo is one of the best kratom strains.

Among the alkaloids in Red Borneo are 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, mitraphylline, and speciogynine. These alkaloids can help to relax your muscles, making themexcellent at alleviating pain as well as the physical symptoms of anxiety.

3. Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is one of the best kratom strains to take if you want to unwind. It’s calming, particularly in very low doses.

Red Bali is less potent than Red Borneo, which means that the sedative effects we associate with red vein strains aren’t quite as robust. However, it’s still a powerful relaxant.

Many users find that Red Bali provides a more profound, calmer sense of well-being than alternatives like Maeng Da or White Borneo.

4. Red Horn Kratom

As mentioned earlier, most of the best kratom strains get their names from the leaves’ color and the place where they originate. However, the Red Horn strain gets its name from both its leaves’ color and shape, which are distinctively spiky.

Grown in Borneo, Red Horn is one of the rarest strains. It’s quite similar to Red Maeng Da in that both are particularly potent. Some of its most popular effects include severe pain relief and diminished stress.

5. Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is exceptionally high in the alkaloid called mitragynine. It provides effective pain relief without as much of the sedative effect you might get from taking red strains.

Green strains are often appealing for their balance. As well as acting as a relaxant, Green Malay can also boost your energy levels.

Green Malay is one of the best kratom strains for somebody who wants to feel completely relaxed but not sleepy.

6. Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo can have a range of different impacts depending on the dosage you choose. Many users find they can experience a spectrum of effects from relaxation and pain relief to increased concentration. They enjoy this strain’s versatility.

It’s also possible to buy Super Green Borneo. This strain contains exceptionally high levels of alkaloids and typically comes from the most oversizedkratom leaves.

7. Green Bali Kratom

Although green strains are generally well-balanced, Green Bali is incredibly stimulating. It can be a lot more energizing, mood-boosting, and potentially improve your cognitive abilities.

Some users believe that Green Bali is one of the best kratom strains for beginners. It’s not as potent as many red strains but still has a range of long-lasting effects.

8. White Borneo Kratom

People sometimes use White Borneo as an alternative to coffee or energy drinks. It has similar energy-boosting properties. However, it is unlikely to give you the potential side effects of caffeine like anxiety, a racing heart, or shaky hands.

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White Borneo also can increase your ability to focus, relieve mild depression, or help soothe anxiety.

9. White Thai Kratom

White Thai isn’t one of the best kratom strains for all users, but it could be the best one for you if you need help socializing. It will enhance your energy, reduce social anxiety, and boost your mood — but is unlikely to help soothe chronic pain.

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For these reasons, White Thai sometimes gets marketed as “the party strain.” Although it might not provide the same potential medical benefits as other strains, it can be an excellent choice for casual users who want to enjoy the positive mental effects.

10. White Indo Kratom

Much like White Borneo and White Thai, White Indo is one of the best strains for boosting your productivity. Its stimulating effects can make you feel more motivated without the sedative effects of red strains.

Many users consider White Indo to be a relatively mild strain, which means you may need to take a higher dose to experience the effects you’re seeking. For the same reason, it can be an excellent introduction for complete beginners.

Mixing Kratom Strains Best Practices

The effects of any strain differ depending on the concentration of alkaloids it contains. Although most strains are naturally occurring, others (such as Maeng Da) combine various strains.

Some experienced users choose to make their own recipes by combining their favorite strains. If you don’t feel as though any of the strains included on this list provide the exact benefits you’re after, you might be wondering whether you should mix your own.

Here are some critical best practices to bear in mind if you mix different strains.

Start by mixing similar strains.

For example, you could choose to mix two red strains or combine White Borneo with Green Borneo. This pairing often makes it easier to predict the effects you’ll get.

Make sure to measure your dosage carefully.

You may have found that you need 1g to feel the effects of one strain and 3g for another, but that doesn’t mean you should take 4g of the new strain once you have combined the two.

Always buy from vendors that test their products.

If you purchase impure strains, your mixture may contain a more complex combination of kratom than you expect.

Where to Buy the Best Strains of Kratom

If you’re looking for the best kratom strains, it’s essential to choose the right vendor. As the industry isn’t well-regulated, there aren’t many standards to monitor for quality. This grey zone can make it challenging to know that you’re genuinely buying one of the best kratom strains instead of a counterfeit product.

We’ve saved you the legwork and compiled a list of the top three places to buy kratom online.

Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom is committed to providing the best kratom strains at an affordable price point. Its wide range of kratom strains includes Green Malay, Green Borneo, Red Bali, Maeng Da, and more. Even better, the vendor offers a money-back guarantee.

Overall, Kona Kratom is one of the best kratom vendors because it provides a risk-free introduction for those who want to try a new strain for the first time.

Key Points

  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of strains
  • American Kratom Association approval
  • Third-party testing
  • Close relationships with suppliers

VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom prides itself on exclusively offering potent products. The team has built a huge reputation in the industry because of its high standards, which never falter. They won’t list a strain on their website unless it meets strict criteria and passes extensive product testing.

This vendor doesn’t give its products brand names. Instead, it lists them according to their strain, making it easier to ensure you’re buying the best kratom strains for your needs.

Key Points

  • High-quality and potent strains
  • No fancy marketing tactics
  • American Kratom Association approval
  • Extensive product testing

Star Kratom

Star Kratom has a range of high-quality strains from our list. What makes this vendor stand out is its speedy delivery. It’s located near a major shipping hub, so you can expect to get your order 203 days faster than competitors.

For complete peace of mind, Star Kratom has achieved verification from the American Kratom Association within a year of opening. The AKA is the USA’s leading authority in analyzing the safety and quality of kratom products. If they like a vendor, you know they’re good.

Key Points

  • Wide variety of the best kratom strains
  • Fastest delivery
  • American Kratom Association approval
  • Third-party testing

Conclusion — Using the Best Kratom Strains

Overall, many users believe that red strains are best for pain relief and sedation. White strains are best for boosting your social skills or energy, and green strains are best for a balanced effect that can improve your focus and alleviate mental health issues.

We’ve listed characteristics of the best kratom strains, but you may need to try out several strains and doses to find the right combination for you.

Once you’re ready to start exploring, check out the top-quality vendors listed above to ensure a high-quality and safe experience.

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