Best Keto Protein Powders: Top Ketogenic Protein Supplements 2022

Hardly anyone who listens to the latest trends has yet to hear of the keto diet. This type of diet thrives on reducing carbohydrates while increasing the fat consumed by the user. However, one more critical component of this type of diet is protein.

It should come as no surprise that a diet that thrives on a moderate amount of protein can be supported with a suitable protein powder. Keto protein powders can help individuals to reduce the number of carbohydrates they consume while reaching the need for a certain amount of protein in the diet. There are many choices online nowadays, which can make it difficult to determine the right one to pair with this diet. These supplements are a balance of macro and micronutrients, and all of them are essential to building a healthy body prepared for weight loss.

Through this guide, users will learn about how keto protein powders can help, but they will also learn how the top products on the market today can make a significant difference in the overall result of the keto diet.

The Top Keto Protein Powders of 2021

Determining the best products for a keto diet was strenuous. Still, this guide comes up with ten different products that offer the most support for individuals who want to lose weight, build muscle, and fight back against their active appetite.

The list includes:

  • XWERKS Grow
  • Ladder Whey Protein Powder
  • Garden of Life Sport Certified Grass Fed Whey
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder
  • Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder
  • Isopure Zero Carb Whey Protein Isolate
  • Perfect Keto Whey
  • Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein
  • Quest Nutrition Protein Powder
  • Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder
  • Orgain Keto Plant-Based Protein Powder

Read on below to learn more information about how each one of these remedies can help individuals participating in a keto diet.

XWERKS Grow Whey Protein

image 11

XWERKS Grow whey protein powder is a unique small batch formula that is perfect for anyone following the keto diet for multiple reasons. The main reason being it only contains 1 gram of carbs per serving and 25g of protein.

This is achieved by only using whey protein isolate in its formula. Many protein makers use a protein blend that contains multiple lesser quality proteins blended together. Using only whey protein isolate also means it’s also easily digested.

Grow is available in 4 tasty flavors – Chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and strawberry. All orders from XWERKS include free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Ladder Whey Protein Powder

image 5

Ladder Whey Protein Powder is one of the top formulas on this list for many reasons. Overall, the criteria of this guide have determined that it is the ultimate keto protein powder overall for the clean formula and the unique combination of protein that slowly absorbs into the body. It provides users with vitamins and minerals, but it also delivers probiotics that are incredible for the digestive system, allowing it to clear out toxins that may prevent users from reaching their goals.

This formula has proven to be the top protein powder on the list for athletes since NSF is certified for its purity. There are no contaminants that could interfere with pre-competition testing, and the protein helps people who need to recover after intense physical activity. The creators of this list determined that it was also the best protein powder for women who want to stay in shape without giving up their exercise routine. The formula has almost no carbs at all, which is why it was selected as a keto protein powder.

Available in both chocolate and vanilla, users can purchase this formula as a full bag that they can scoop from or as individual packets already pre-portioned. Users get 26 grams of protein for every serving, including branched-chain amino acids and other essential amino acids. Plus, it has quite the celebrity endorsement – Arnold Schwarzenegger (also the company’s co-founder).

Garden of Life Sport Certified Grass Fed Whey

image 3

Garden of Life Sport Certified Grass Fed Whey is unique. It has a certification from NSF International, a company that performs third-party testing for sports supplements. It is the only product on this list that has accomplished such a certification, so it is ranked second. The high-quality ingredients are entirely organic, and users get 24 grams of protein in each serving. The formula even only has 4 grams of net carbohydrates.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

image 6

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder is easily the top protein powder on this list for individuals who want to increase their muscle mass. Instead of just using whey protein, this formula also offers isolate and peptides, creating a perfect blend for anyone who wants to improve their strength and build up their strong muscles. Muscle mass is not always a priority for the keto diet, so it is refreshing to see a remedy that can promote low carbohydrate consumption while boosting muscle tone.

To gain the trust of consumers, Optimum Nutrition is certified by a third-party testing organization called Informed-Choice.org. This organization essentially validates that the company has a high-quality product with an honest label. Users might also find that the varied flavors – including birthday cake and salted caramel – are rather enticing for individuals that struggle to find flavors that they enjoy with a protein powder.

Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder

image 2

Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder provides a whey protein isolate, which means that the source has been filtered highly to ensure that it is a pure product. This particular formula has gone through the third-party testing offered by Informed-Choice.org, showing its transparency and earning it a place as one of the top contenders on this list. Users get 25 grams of protein in every single serving, but only one gram of carbohydrates.

To further nourish users, the formula supports workouts by delivering glutamine and branched-chain amino acids.

Isopure Zero Carb Whey Protein Isolate

image 4

Isopure Zero Carb Whey Protein Isolate is an incredibly reliable formula, which is why it receives so many accolades on this list. Based on the criteria in the rankings, Isopure Zero Carb Whey Protein Isolate is easily the top keto protein powder for individuals who want to lose weight. It has an astonishingly low level of carbs. However, it still manages to provide users with essential minerals and vitamins, including copper, zinc, and vitamin K. It also offers 25 grams of protein in each scoop. It delivers branched-chain amino acids for any individual who wants to use this remedy to support their workouts.

The high amount of protein also earns it another accolade in this guide – the top protein powder as a meal replacement. All of the macronutrients and micronutrients are essential to keep the body healthy, and it can be used by individuals that may not have time to prepare an entire meal at once.

Perfect Keto Whey

image 8

Perfect Keto Whey is included on this list for the natural ingredients that it provides. It is a highly trusted brand, providing other products that users may incorporate into their weight loss routine. Available in chocolate and vanilla, users receive isolated protein not to worry about the lactose in the remedy. This protein powder also includes MCT oil to improve mental understanding, and it is made with whey protein powder that comes from grass fed-dairy.

To keep the low sugar content, this formula includes stevia as a natural sweetener. With a typical one-scoop serving, users don’t get quite as much protein as other formulas on this list at just 15 grams. Much of the work seems to be done by the MCTs, accounting for 5,000 mg of the formula. Still, the clean ingredients secure their place halfway down this list.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

image 1

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein provides users with a unique source of protein with bone broth. This particular protein is sourced from chicken bones, which is why the carbohydrates included are so low. Ancient Nutrition is an incredibly reputable brand, and they are the creator of many other products that can help users achieve their dieting goals today.

Available in a few different flavors, users will typically get 20 grams of protein from each serving. Along with the support that this formula offers in terms of healthy protein, it is also safe for a paleo diet, and it provides nutrients that balance out the digestive system.

Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

image 10

Quest Nutrition Protein Powder comes from a somewhat familiar brand, whether the user shops on Amazon or at one of their local grocery stores. Part of the reason that this formula makes our list is due to the many different flavors offered. Cookies & cream or cinnamon crunch are both incredibly unique flavors, though individuals that prefer to have their coffee in the morning may enjoy the cold brew flavor as well. Users will get 24 grams of protein with one scoop of the powder, and there are only 2 grams of carbs.

Along with the protein powder it offers, Quest Nutrition also has a broad line of protein bars, cookies, and chips that are all appropriate for a keto diet.

Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder

image 9

Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder is a rather popular product, and it can easily be found online and in grocery stores. It is available as a prepared drink in most diet sections of the latter. Users get 30 grams of protein in every serving, but they only have 2 grams of carbohydrates. Even though protein powder is made to blend into a shake, the creator notes that the composition and taste are perfect for individuals who want to bake with their protein.

Orgain Keto Plant-Based Protein Powder

image 7

While Organix Keto Plant-Based Protein Powder might be the last product on the list, it does not mean it does not provide substantial value to users. Instead of using an animal-based protein, users get protein from peas. This composition is beneficial to individuals who follow a vegan lifestyle but still want to participate in the keto diet.

Even though there are 16 grams of total carbs, subtracting the fiber and sugar alcohols leaves it with only 1 gram of net carbs in each serving.

How the Rankings Were Determined

Finding the formulas that met the criteria for this guide was no easy task. Rigorous standards had to be met to be considered for a place on this top ten list. The main priority was finding protein powders that could be used by anyone who participates in the keto diet. These supplements could not contain many carbohydrates, falling in line with the requirements of a keto diet.

Next, the formulas with a higher priority we’re the ones that have already gone through testing from third-party companies. This extra testing shows the confirmation that the manufacturers prioritized high quality, and they were transparent in their willingness for other facilities to check what they had done.

Even though supplements can be helpful for anyone who is trying to lose weight, there is no governmental entity that currently regulates the market. With almost no oversight, it is easy for some brands to sneak by with false promises that can trick consumers today. While there are some restrictions over what a supplement can claim to do, participating in third-party testing and maintaining transparency is incredibly helpful when brands want to show how trustworthy they can be.

Protein powders with additional ingredients also earned a place on this list. While none of the formulas are rich with additives or fillers, many of them include branched-chain amino acids and MCT oil to provide the user with additional support in their weight loss. Such ingredients can be beneficial for the building of muscle and the recovery period after a workout. MCT oil specifically helps the body to produce more ketones for more significant weight loss.

The carb content of these formulas was also a consideration. The keto diet is built explicitly on the idea that consuming fewer carbs helps individuals lose weight, so none of the supplements had excessive carbs. There is a significant difference between the net carbs and the total carbs in a formula. Net carbs are calculated by taking the total carbs and subtracting nutrients like sugar, alcohol, and fiber. Sugar alcohols and fiber don’t provide any calories to the body, and they don’t cause much of an impact on blood sugar levels. Having carbohydrates did not rule out any of the remedies, but the keto protein powders with the most carbohydrates did not rank relatively high on the list.

Who Benefits the Most from Keto Protein Powder?

Most people engaging in a keto diet will focus on keto bars, keto shakes, and other products specifically for a keto diet. Keto protein powders tend to be helpful for the appetite because most restaurants and grocery stores don’t cater to this eating. Instead, they are filled with the carbohydrates that consumers need to avoid staying in ketosis.

While other protein powders sweeten their formulas with sugar and other carbohydrates, keto protein powders often contain no extra carbohydrates. Keto protein powder is beneficial for individuals who want to replace one of their meals or recover better after a workout. They are also accommodating for individuals that want a healthy source of protein to complement a meal.

Even individuals who are not following a keto diet can benefit from this type of protein powder. With low carbohydrates or none at all, these protein powders are popular amongst bodybuilders and other dieters. They tend to offer high-quality ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals that other protein powders don’t provide.

Benefits of Using a Keto Protein Powder

The primary purpose of keto protein powders is to fulfill the necessary macronutrients that consumers have during this diet. Protein is one of the essential macronutrients for any person, accompanied by both carbohydrates and fat. Protein is a rich source of amino acids, and the body requires these amino acids to heal and create muscle tissue throughout the body. The only way to get the nine essential amino acids it’s through consuming suitable types of food.

Individuals with a busy lifestyle may struggle to get enough protein in their diet, even though the keto program requires that approximately 25% of the users’ diet consists of protein-based calories. That amount is about 65 grams of protein for most people, though it may be up to 150 grams or more of protein daily.

While a protein powder should not be the primary source, they offer about 15 to 30 grams of protein in every serving. Using them makes it substantially easier to reach the body’s protein needs during this type of diet.

Muscle is made up of protein, so a keto protein powder can help build this lean muscle mass. Users will still need to engage in exercise, but there have been many studies to show the positive effect that protein powder can have. One trial demonstrated that using whey protein increases strength and muscle growth, especially in older women and men. By getting enough protein in the diet, it is easy to build up more muscle.

The majority of protein powders on this list contain branched-chain amino acids, including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. All three amino acids are essential to the body, and they specifically help with the growth of new muscles. Using protein powder is also especially helpful for individuals that want to reduce how much damage their muscles do during their workout. A clinical study on the effects of protein powder in younger men demonstrated that the participants had an easier time recovering after exercise when including a protein powder with BCAAs.

In conjunction with a keto diet, this type of protein powder can help individuals maintain their energy levels more effectively. MCT oil is often included in protein powders meant to supercharge energy levels, providing the body with fat that converts to ketones rather effortlessly. Ketones help to keep the body in ketosis, even without following this type of diet. Individuals that use a protein powder with MCT oil were likely to have more weight loss success than individuals that used olive oil instead. Furthermore, because of the easy conversion to ketones, most users experienced more energy as well.

Following a ketogenic diet can use keto protein powder to help them get their body’s nutrient-rich proteins. They can also provide users with the B vitamins they need during a keto diet, primarily because there are no fortified grains or cereals to offer this type of nutrients. Using a protein powder with these existing nutrients ensures that users can give their body what it needs to function correctly.

The suitable protein powder during a keto diet can promote weight loss, providing the body’s protein to remain full and curb the appetite. Essentially, the protein powder makes it easier to avoid the extra snacks that users would otherwise crave.

Side Effects of Using Protein Powders

Even though these protein supplements are beneficial to the body, there is a significant chance the users will have some unpleasant side effects they have to deal with. Individuals already used to the changes in their body that come with a protein powder may not experience any difference. Both formulas that specifically work for the keto diet can cause some digestive difficulties. The most commonly reported side effects are bloating and gas.

MCT oil, while it is beneficial for weight loss, can also cause some unwanted effects. Those who consume too much MCT oil for too long may experience diarrhea and other digestive difficulties at first. Individuals that find it difficult to digest the protein powder or MCT oil may want to start with a lower dose than what the label recommends.

When consuming a keto supplement, it is easy to take in far too much protein for the body. Protein is a necessary macronutrient, but having too much of it can be incredibly damaging. Many people believe that a keto diet is high in protein, but it is much higher in fat. Users often consume high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and low carb levels (if at all). If the user consumes too much protein, it is easy to fall out of ketosis as the body naturally will convert it into glucose for energy. Having too much protein can also be difficult for the kidneys to handle if the individual currently has any medical condition relating to this organ.

Always check the ingredient label before purchasing any keto protein powder. Some of the ingredients used are common allergens, like shellfish or milk. Individuals that have allergies to any of the ingredients used should not use that particular protein powder. Admittedly, many different protein sources exist, so it is often just choosing the one that works best for the user.

Another possible yet unfortunate side effect is weight gain. Weight gain can occur when the body consumes too much protein each day. Even though it is easy to use protein powder healthily, using too much daily can cause the user to consume far too many calories that they cannot burn. The majority of these protein shakes have approximately 200 calories, which means that drinking more than one each day could already add many calories to the current diet.

Keto protein powders can cause dehydration in many individuals. Consuming a high-protein diet can cause dehydration, which this type of supplement will exacerbate. To avoid this potential side effect, users should drink as much water as possible when using any such protein powder.

Like any supplement, it is possible that these protein powders can interact adversely with certain medications. Individuals who currently take any medication type may want to speak with a medical professional to determine if it is safe to use one of these remedies.

How Should Protein Powders Be Used?

When integrating a protein powder into the diet, it is relatively easy to prepare. Most of these types of formulas come with their scoop cups, making it easy to measure out one or two portions into liquid. The majority of people consume their protein powder as part of a beverage, blending it with water or milk. Even though this type of remedy is perfect for the body, it is still important to balance natural foods with the supplement. They are rarely meant to take the place of the meal at which they are consumed.

For individuals that want to build up their muscles, a protein shake can be beneficial right before a workout. The BCAAs allows the user to prevent muscle damage, making it easier to recover from a strenuous routine. Exercises are not necessary to the progress of a keto diet, but individuals who want to maintain muscle mass often include it somehow.

While this type of powder is specifically meant to make shakes, many different uses can be found online for protein powder in recipes. There are even desserts that use protein powder to increase their nutritional value. Some individuals prefer to add protein to their yogurt, while others use it as part of an alternative oatmeal recipe that proponents of the keto diet have created.

As helpful as protein powder can be, it is essential not to consume too much of it. Anyone who is already engaging in a keto diet has many sources of protein that they have to include. Approximately 25% of the diet is made up of protein, so only one serving of protein powder will be necessary daily.

Alternatives to protein powder include shellfish, fish, pork, chicken, beef, shellfish, nuts, seeds, and other Whole Foods rich in protein.

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FAQs About Protein Powders

Q: Is it necessary to use a protein powder while participating in a keto diet?

A: Losing weight on a keto diet is not dependent on using a keto protein powder. The way that the keto diet causes weight loss is through the restriction of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates have to be limited so significantly that the body starts using fat instead of glucose in a process called ketosis. The only way to reach this low level is to consume no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily. As the body adjusts, users often are much less hungry and have greater control over their appetite.

Insulin levels naturally lower with a keto diet, which is especially important for individuals who are overweight. These individuals can be insulin resistant, causing their bodies to release more insulin than the average person. The release of insulin also tells the body to keep more sugar in the blood, leading it to store more fat and gain more weight. This storage can also make it incredibly difficult to lose weight overall.

A keto protein powder is entirely unnecessary to the process of weight loss during a keto diet. However, using a protein powder provides users with a quick and straightforward meal that satisfies their appetite without getting a greasy cheeseburger. These protein powders often include other ingredients that support weight loss during a keto diet, like MCT oil.

Q: Is a keto protein powder necessary to build strong muscles?

A: No. Participating in resistance training should be enough for the body to accumulate the increase in muscle tone. Still, using a protein supplement complements these types of routines fairly well when users are already participating in a workout. The BCAAs alone help moderate the potential damage in the muscles, helping users quickly recover after any routine.

Q: Would collagen be a fit protein powder for a keto diet?

A: Most of the time, collagen is supplemented as part of this eating regimen. It isn’t the perfect protein store because it is incomplete. Collagen fails to meet the same ratios of essential amino acids as other proteins. Milk, eggs, and even the protein in most protein powders have complete proteins.

Still, that doesn’t mean that collagen is useless. Collagen is essential to the moisture in elasticity in the skin and joints, keeping the body looking and feeling young. Introducing collagen can be helpful to the blood vessels, and it can support a healthy heart. As beneficial as it is, it should be combined with a different protein powder to get enough of this essential nutrient for the body during ketosis.

Q: How should a keto protein powder shake be prepared?

A: First and foremost, users should always follow the instructions provided with the particular formula they have selected. Typically, these protein powders can be mixed with water or milk, although a blender bottle can easily break up the powder for a silkier texture. Users should add in the liquid before the powder for the best mixture, preventing it from clumping at the bottom from the weight of the milk or water.

Users can also add MCT oil, nut butter, greens, or other nutrient-rich ingredients to their protein shake to make it even more beneficial for the body.

Q: Is a keto protein powder good for baking and cooking?

A: While it is possible to use the protein powder outside of a shake, there is a chance that cooking it may change the flavor into a more bitter additive. Consumers should check the label to see if the formula is intended to be included in cooking to expect better results. Hundreds of recipes can be found online that show users how they can combine protein powder with entrees and deserts alike.

If the user does not want to add the protein powder to something cooked, they can also mix it into yogurt or other premade snacks.

Q: What is the best protein powder for keto?

A: Every protein powder has its advantages. Whey protein, for example, is the most cost-efficient. It allows users to build muscle quickly, and it is relatively easy to find in stores. Casein protein is another good source, and it also comes from cows’ milk, like whey protein. It is a little bit more expensive, but it slows the digestive process to make the user feel fuller for longer. For individuals who may be trying to reduce the number of calories they consume, this is advantageous.

Egg white protein is another expensive choice, but it is helpful to individuals that have lactose intolerance or an allergy that would prevent them from using a milk-based protein. Even though collagen protein is a reliable source of nutrients, it does not have the exact attributes of a complete protein. It would not meet the needs of someone on the keto diet that is trying to supplement the protein they include.

Some supplements use hemp, brown rice, peas, and soy as protein sources for those who don’t want to consume animal products. They all contain complete proteins, though the ratios may not be as high as those found in whey protein or casein protein. Individuals who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle on the keto diet will need to find additional protein sources to be satisfied.

Some collagen supplements are marketed as protein powders, but you should be mindful that collagen is not a complete protein. Unless a collagen supplement also contains another form of protein to make it complete, it may not be the best choice to help meet your protein needs.

The Top Keto Protein Powders of 2021 Final Thoughts

Keto diets aren’t easy to follow, but many individuals swear by the results they achieve. Nourishing the body with a keto protein powder it’s an easy way to get the nutrients that the body needs every day, but there are some considerations to be accounted for to prevent adverse effects. The remedies on this list have shown to be incredibly helpful in the journey to better health, reduced risk of obesity, and even improvements in muscle tone.

Check out one of the products on this list to see if it is the right match, or use the knowledge from the guide to find an entirely separate remedy that meets the user’s needs.

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