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Best Hair Growth Vitamins That Work (Top 10 Hair Products)

Everyone wants healthy, shiny hair, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Hair problems are common and range from excessive gray to balding. Whether you are hoping to make your hair shinier, thicker, or just healthier, there are some things you can do to ensure you are getting the right vitamins and nutrients. Here are the top ten hair growth vitamins that can help improve the health of your hair.

Top 10 Hair Growth Vitamins

Essential Elements Hair Hero


Essential Elements Hair Hero is a supplement that contains various ingredients that are meant to improve the health of your hair and make it look better in the process. It helps strengthen hair and make it grow longer. You can get a bottle online for $30.

Hair Revital X


Hair Revital X is designed to prevent thinning hair and help stimulate natural regrowth. It’s ideal for anyone who is starting to see their hair thinning or balding. It claims to show results in two weeks and is an affordable way to get thicker, healthier hair. You can purchase it online for $59.

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins


Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins are designed to repair hair from the inside out to make it healthier and shinier. It repairs damaged hair and nourishes it with fortifying nutrients. You can pick up a bottle for around $40.

Hair La Vie


Hair La Vie is a nutritional supplement that contains horsetail, collagen, biotin, saw palmetto extract, and bamboo stem and leaf extract. It can help grow hair longer, stronger, and healthier in a short time. You can buy a bottle for less than $20 a bottle.



Folital helps improve the health of hair follicles and contains 29 plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help improve hair strength and shine. It also claims to help prevent hair loss, purify and detoxify your hair. You can buy a bottle online for $69.

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins


Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Vitamins for Hair contains vitamin E, reishi mushroom extract, amla berry, saw palmetto, and hydrolyzed collagen, which has all been proven to help improve hair. It also helps rejuvenate hair, allows your hair to look younger, and replenishes it from the follicle to the tip. You can buy a bottle for around $60.



Hims is a supplement designed for men containing Minoxidil Solution, Minoxidil Foam that can help regrow hair. It’s ideal for men who are balding and starting to show thinning hair. It not only helps regrow hair but also helps prevent future hair loss. You can purchase a bottle for under $50.

Har Vokse


Har Vokse contains marine protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support hair growth. It promises to fix balding, reverses a receding hairline, and provides benefits that other hair growth supplements don’t offer. It’s available online and in many beauty supply stores for around $60.



Hers is a hair supplement designed to regrow hair, repair hair, strengthen and support your hair. It doesn’t just help with the hair on your head, but it can also improve the length and thickness of your eyelashes. You can pick up a bottle for under $50.



Foligray contains copper, folic acid, and biotin that help support hair pigmentation to prevent graying and hair loss. It can help provide a thicker head of hair. It also helps improve catalase, which naturally creates pigment. You can purchase a bottle for around $30.

How To Protect Hair From Breakage

If you are trying to grow out your hair, breakage can be a severe issue. When hair becomes damaged, it is more likely to break off at the ends or even middle points, making it harder to get the length you desire. If your hair is prone to breakage, here are some tips that can help protect it.

Sleep On Silk

When you toss and turn in your sleep, your hair can get tangled or pushed against the fibers in the pillowcases and break. Sleeping on silk pillow sheets or with a silk wrap around your hair will help protect it. Silk allows hair to move across the pillow smoothly, so it’s less likely to become damaged or break.

Use A Heat Protectant

Heat can also damage hair and cause breakage. Heat is rough on hair, and if you use it often, you will want to make sure you are using a product that will coat and protect it. The product will cover the hair and make it easy to style, and ensure the heat doesn’t damage your hair in the styling process.

Protein Treatments

Protein helps make hair stronger and protects it from damage and breakage. Your body needs protein to grow healthy hair and long hair. You can get protein from certain foods and supplements, or you can apply it directly to your hair. It will help cover the hair in a protective coating and protect it from breakage.

Trim Dead Ends

If you are trying to get your hair to grow longer and faster, you might not be thinking that a haircut is the best option. Keep in mind, your split ends will likely break off, and when they do, it can damage other parts of the strand of hair. If you have split ends, it’s best to trim them off and allow your hair to grow healthier and stronger.

Switch Styles

How you style your hair can make a big difference in how strong it is. If you wear your hair up in a rubber band all the time, it could be making it more prone to breakage. You may need to switch hairstyles. Wearing your hair in braids is a great way to keep it pulled back and under control while also protecting it from breakage. You can change the position of your hairstyle so the rubber band and pressure are spread around on your head, so hair is not impacted in the same areas all the time.


Many supplements on the market can help your hair grow stronger and protect it from damage and breakage. If you are growing your hair, you will want to choose supplements designed to be packed with nutrients that can help you do just that.

How To Grow Thicker Hair

If you see bald spots or notice that your hair seems to be falling out or getting thinner, you may be wishing for thicker hair. Thick hair is natural for some people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become thinner over time. If you notice that your hair is not as thick as it once was and you want to get it back to its original condition, be sure to keep some of these tips and suggestions in mind.

Check Hormone Levels

When your hormone levels are too low or, in some cases, too high, it can have a significant effect on the rest of your body. Your hormones control hair growth and thickness, so you may need to undergo hormone replacement therapy if they are not at the appropriate level. You can also take supplements that can help level out your hormones and focus on making your hair grow thicker.

Reduce Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your body, and one of how it manifests physically is by causing hair loss and thinning hair. While it can be challenging to control stressful things in your life, you can control how you react to them. If you have a stressful lifestyle, make sure you find ways to stay calm and look for supplements that can help you deal with stress more efficiently.

Reduce Heat Styling

Styling your hair with heat can dry it out quickly and lead to thinner hair. If you are noticing that your hair is becoming thinner and you style it with straighteners and curling irons, you may want to give it a break and see if it improves. You can find other ways to style your hair that don’t require much heat and will help it grow thicker.


You can find many supplements that are designed to make your hair grow thicker. These supplements contain ingredients that help prevent breakage and are directed directly at hair growth to help it grow healthier and become thicker over time. You can also find supplements that help your body deal with stress and hormone problems that could be causing your hair to become thinner and help thicken it over time.

How To Grow Longer Hair

If you love long hair but struggle to grow out, you may be looking for some methods that make it easier. Long hair can be beautiful, and while it can take some time to achieve the results you want, if this is a look you love, it will be worth it. These tips can help you grow your hair out long and luscious.


There are numerous supplements on the market that are designed to help your hair grow faster and healthier. Hair is sometimes the last thing in the body to receive nutrients, so if you aren’t getting all the nutrients you need, your hair could be having a hard time growing. With the right supplements, your hair will not only grow faster, but it will look and feel healthier too.

Scalp Care

Your scalp health is essential, and it plays a role in how your hair grows. Hair grows from the scalp, so the hair will not grow properly if the scalp is not nourished. There are numerous products that you can purchase that will improve the health of your scalp, or you can also come up with treatments that you can make at home. If you have scalp issues that can’t be treated with over-the-counter products, you may need to talk to a doctor or dermatologist about your other options.

Trim Dead Ends

If you are struggling to grow your hair out because it keeps breaking, or if it starts to look dull as it grows longer, you may have split ends. They are common in all hair types and are caused by damage to the hair. While you may not want to cut hair that you are trying to grow long, a simple trim can help reduce breakage and split ends and help your hair grow longer and stronger over time.

Less Shampooing

While shampoo is meant to help keep your hair healthy and manageable, too much shampoo can damage your hair and stunt growth. Try to reduce the amount of shampoo you use or how often you wash your hair. You may also want to find natural products that are more likely to nourish your hair while improving its health and helping it grow longer.

Hair Treatments

You can find numerous products that are applied directly to your hair to help it grow longer. These products are enhanced with vitamins and nutrients that nourish your hair and help protect it from breakage. These products can help make your hair stronger so it will be able to grow longer.

How To Grow Out Dyed Hair

When you have colored hair, you have to treat it slightly differently than your natural hair. Hair that has been colored or treated is more sensitive and usually less healthy. It is more prone to breakage and damage. Growing healthy, long hair can be challenging if your hair is colored, but it is possible. Keep these things in mind if you are trying to grow out color-treated hair.

Stop Coloring It

When you color your hair, you typically have to keep up with the color process. If you want to grow your hair long, you might want to take a break from coloring it. This will give your hair a chance to rest, and it will allow it to grow back naturally and stronger. Chemicals weaken the hair, so avoiding hair color treatments will not only allow it to grow longer, but it will grow stronger and be less likely to break off.

Use Temporary Alternatives

If you can’t help but dye your hair, it’s best to use something not permanent. You can find temporary colors at most pharmacies or beauty supply stores. You can also find hairdressers who will happily dye your hair with temporary dye. This type of dye can still cause dryness and damage your hair, but it is better than permanent hair dyes.

Root Touch-Ups

If you dye your hair and want to grow it out but are also worried about how it will look as your natural color starts to show at the roots, you may want to consider using a root touch-up instead of full dye. This will only color the hair at the roots and allow the hair’s length to stay untouched. Less damage will occur, and your hair will still look good. Keep in mind, adding too much color or too much product to the roots of the hair can also cause problems and could weaken new hair as it grows.

Try New Styles Instead Of Colors

If you are bored with your hair and need to change things up, try styling it instead of coloring it. You can find various colors that give you a new look and express yourself with your style without harsh chemicals and dyes.

How To Grow Hair Faster

You don’t have many options when you want your hair long and don’t want to wait. You can do certain things to help boost your hair growth, but it’s necessary to have realistic expectations. If you plan to grow your hair out and want it to happen fast, these tips can help with that.

Trim It

While this may not seem like the best way to get long hair, it’s very effective in making your hair grow out. When you trim your hair, it removes the split ends. Split ends can cause your hair to break off, so it may not be possible if you are trying to get it to grow longer. Trimming the hair regularly will help prevent breakage and allow the hair to grow longer faster.

Use The Right Products

Certain hair products can help your hair, and others can damage it. You want to make sure you check on the label of the products to make sure it contains the ingredients that will nurture your hair and allow it to grow. You should also avoid shampooing your hair too much as any product can stunt your hair’s growth and cause a delay in growing it longer.

Take Supplements

If your hair is getting the nutrients it needs, it is much more likely to grow faster. Your hair shares the nutrients and vitamins you consume, and if you aren’t consuming enough, your hair could be missing out. You can take supplements to replace the vitamins you aren’t getting from food. You can find various supplements that will help nourish your hair so it can grow longer and healthier quickly.

Condition Often

While you might not want to use a lot of shampoo on your hair, you want to condition it. This helps plump the hair shaft so the hair will be stimulated to grow. It will also protect your hair as it grows, so it is less prone to breakage and will be able to reach longer lengths in a shorter time.

Avoid Using A Towel

You might be tempted to dry your hair, but towels can lead to split ends and breakage. This can prevent your hair from getting to the desired length quickly. Instead, try to air dry your hair or wrap it in a silk wrap that will keep it up and dry it without causing damage to it.

How To Get Shinier Hair

Everyone loves shiny, healthy hair, but it can be hard to achieve. Hair that is unhealthy and dry will not appear shiny and can lose its luster. There are a lot of different ways you can help make your hair shiny and healthier. Here are some of them.

Hair Masks

You can find hair masks that will nourish and moisturize hair so it shines and looks healthy. There are different types of masks, and they all contain varying ingredients, so it’s essential to compare them and find the masks that will work best for you. Some masks can be washed out after a short time, and some are left overnight and then washed out the following day.


There are a lot of different supplements that can help make your hair shinier. These supplements contain ingredients that are designed to make your hair healthy. The supplements contain vitamins and nutrients your hair needs to grow and be in its best condition. When your hair is at its healthiest, it will also be more likely to be shiny.


The conditioner works to repair and strengthen your hair from the outside in. If it’s your goal to have shiny hair, you will need to find a conditioner designed to do just that. Conditioner adds moisture to hair which can help improve the shine and make it appear more luscious and shimmery.

How To Prevent Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is something most people want to avoid. Not only does it not look good, but it can also be a sign that your hair isn’t healthy. How you style and care for your hair makes a difference and shows how frizzy your hair might be. Here are some tips that can help you reduce or avoid frizz.

Style Hair While Wet

It’s best to style your hair while it’s wet to help it retain moisture and resist frizz. If you will use a product in your hair, apply it while the hair is damp. You should scrunch it into your hair. This not only helps your hair retain the product but prevents it from drying out as well.

Use A Silk Pillowcase

If you sleep with your clean hair before styling, you will want to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Silk helps reduce frizz and will ensure your hair doesn’t get damaged at night when you are sleeping and moving around. This will reduce friction on your hair and help ensure it doesn’t look too frizzy.

Use Hairspray

While some hairspray contains alcohol that can dry out your hair, the right kind can also lock in your look and coat your hair to prevent it from frizzing. You should spray your hair with hairspray while still wet, and make sure you have already added other products.

Don’t Touch It Too Much

One of the things that can cause hair to become frizzy is too much touching. You may be tempted to touch your hair and try to tame it. The oils on your hands and the friction from touching them will cause your hair to become frizzy.

How To Care For Heat Damaged Hair

If you style your hair often with a curling iron or straightener, there’s a good chance your hair is or has been damaged by that heat. Many hairstyles can be created without heat, but it usually takes a lot longer. If you are trying to repair your heat-damaged hair, be sure to keep these tips and suggestions in mind.

Stop Using Heating Tools

You will need to give your hair time to recover, which means taking a break from the heating tools. You will want to stop using them on your hair for a few weeks and give it time to heal. Even when you start styling your hair with heating tools again, you should do so sparingly to avoid damaging it again and always keep the temperature as low as possible.

Use A Heat Protective Product

If you are going to style your hair, you should use a product designed to protect it from the heat. You can find these products at most beauty supply stores. It helps coat your hair, so you protect it from the heat and helps improve the style.


You want to help reduce heat damage by making sure the hair is not too dry. You can find a moisturizing shampoo or products that help lock in moisture so your hair looks better and can heal from the heat. You will need to apply this treatment to your hair daily or whenever you wash your hair to help it retain moisture.


Supplements can help make your hair healthy and nourish it from the inside out. You will want to find some that are designed specifically for hair repair. You can also look for supplements that promise to help your hair retain moisture, so it’s less likely to dry out, break, and become damaged while styling it with heating tools.

How To Choose The Right Hair Growth Supplements

When you decide to use supplements to help treat your hair, you will choose the right ones. There are many different types to choose from, and you will need to figure out which benefits you need and find the one that offers them for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the right ones.


You will find that hair growth supplements have an extensive range in price. Figure out your budget and look for supplements that meet your needs and fit your budget. You don’t just want to focus on the lowest or highest price, but the best value. Be sure you compare the prices of different products and different stores that sell them to get the best deal.


You may be looking for certain benefits that come from certain ingredients. If you are allergic to certain ingredients or need a specific dosage, you will have to pay attention to those details and make sure you choose the supplements that contain the vitamins and nutrients you need.


Before choosing the right hair growth supplements, you should look at the brand and product reputation to see which ones are best. You can read reviews on many product websites or other stores that sell them to learn about them. You can also research the product and ingredients to find out what people are saying about them to decide if they will give you the results you want.

Who Should Take Hair Supplements?

If you are wondering if you should take hair supplements, there are a few things you should ask yourself. While taking hair supplements can make your hair healthier in general, there are also sure signs that you can look at to determine if you need to take them. Here are some signs you should be taking hair supplements:

  • Hair is breaking, and more split ends are appearing
  • Hair is thinning or falling out
  • Hair is dull, and gray is becoming more apparent
  • Hair feels dry and frizzy
  • Hair is lifeless and hard to style
  • You use heating tools regularly and feel the hair may be damaged
  • Your shampoo and styling products are damaging your hair
  • You are under a lot of stress and noticing changes in your hair’s health
  • You want to grow thicker or longer hair
  • You are taking medications that are damaging your hair
  • Your hair falls out when you brush it or in the shower
  • Your health has declined, and your hair is showing signs of damage
  • You want to improve the health of your hair

Top 10 Hair Growth Vitamins Conclusion

Everyone wants their hair to look its best and be healthy. The right supplements and methods of care can help you achieve the desired results. If you are wondering which supplements are right for you, be sure to consider some of the above suggestions.

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