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10 Best Delta 8 Brands Reviewed – Where to Buy Delta 8 Online

After you try Delta 8 for the first time, your first reaction is probably to stock up before they ban it.

Not to worry, you will have plenty of opportunities…er, unless, of course, you live in any of the states that already banned it.


Either way, if it’s legal to buy Delta 8 where you live, don’t worry just yet. Passing new legislation is a fairly complicated mess of paperwork, so there’s still time.

Delta 8 is a chemically altered cannabinoid that duplicates the same effects of low-dose marijuana. These effects include calmness, feelings of euphoria, appetite increase, and that sort of non-linear trippy effect.

The big difference is that if you take the proper dosage, you shouldn’t freak out or hallucinate.

But before you go and blow hundreds of dollars from the first brick and mortar store that’s overcharging you, take a look at our chill article, all about your second favorite cannabinoid.

We’re going to find out where to buy Delta 8 online and discuss why third-party testing matters in terms of quality and safety.

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC Online – Quick Look

  1. Exhale Wellness – Best place to buy Delta 8 online
  2. Delta Extrax – Budget-friendly bundles to save $$$
  3. BudPop – Vegan-friendly gummies
  4. Diamond CBD – Great prices on bulk orders
  5. CBD Genesis – One-stop-shop for popular brands

Our research, and personal sampling of many of these Delta edibles and vape carts, led us to determine one clear winner, a few runner-ups, and several companies that are worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.

So let’s get to our top recommendation!

1. Exhale – Best Place to Buy Delta 8 Online

What we liked…

  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free options
  • Non-GMO hemp
  • Potent products for experienced users
  • $39.99 and up for most products
  • Transparent company policies
  • Money-back guarantee (30-45 days)
  • Free shipping + 20% OFF your first order

What we disliked…

  • Kinda pricey (depending on your budget)

Coming at a very close second, Exhale is a rising star in the cannabis industry, founded in Los Angeles, California, by a team of experienced cannabis growers and researchers.

Their mission is to create organic hemp and nutritious products that also include high-grade cannabis, like Delta 8 THC.

They promise their customers a line of vegan edibles, as well as Delta 8 THC cartridges and hemp flowers that are GMO-free, gluten-free, and pesticide-free—as “nature” would have it.

In terms of deals, they promote quality and third-party testing over low pricing.

But they do offer free shipping on all orders, even with no minimums, and that’s on any size at any time of day.

Besides that, the 30-day-money-back (with a 15 day grace period) guarantee offers you the protection you want in shipping, customer satisfaction, and honesty in reporting.

If you’re looking for Delta 8 THC gummies, pre-rolls, hemp flowers, cartridges, cigarettes, and concentrates, it’s a fine place to start.

Right now, the company also has a nice 20% discount on every customer’s first order.

>> Click here to check out the best prices on the official Exhale Wellness page >>

2. Delta Extrax – Budget-Friendly Delta 8 THC Bundles

What we liked…

What we disliked…

  • Not as much in savings or discounts

Delta Extrax (previously known as Delta Effex) is fine talking “higher standard” and all that, but its main appeal to buyers is the bundle deals.

You can save by buying “bundles” of Delta 8 THC products, such as the Delta 10 Disposable Bundle, Delta 8 THC Energize Bundle, and Delta 8 THC Snooze Bundle.

The company prides itself on using very little in terms of filler or artificial products. They advertise clean terpenes, superior distillate, and lab tests to ensure quality.

While bundle deals might appeal to new buyers, you can also buy certain products like edibles in five-packs.

Rest assured if you’re new to Delta 8! Thanks to Delta Extrax’s extensive learning center, you can learn more about Delta 8 and other cannabinoids.

But even without the useful learning center, their filter tools work pretty well, ensuring you land Delta 8 cannabis products that are right up your alley without getting overwhelmed by the wide product range.

You can also subscribe and get regular Delta 8 THC products delivered, including high-quality hemp flower, fruit punch-flavored cartridges, concentrates, and tinctures – all with a 15% discount.

>> Check out the official Delta Extrax site for the best deals >>

3. BudPop – Great App for Buying Delta 8 THC Online

What we liked…

  • About $25.00 and up
  • Helpful cannabis product picking app
  • Vegan-friendly options
  • Organic and free from additives
  • Nevada-grown organic hemp
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Public lab results
  • Rewards program

What we disliked…

  • No free shipping

Another brand in the running as one of the best online vendors is BudPop! From the onset, BudPop’s vibrant vibe makes it a great option for the hip ‘20-somethings’ that want to experience their premium products.

And it’s quite assuring that the brand lab tests its products in third-party labs, with public lab reports for transparency to ensure you get the highest quality possible.

You have to give BudPop some extra credit – its online app: “What Delta 8 THC product is right for you,” gets you to the point fast.

Do you want a little extra euphoria, or are you looking for something to help manage pain relief? The website is like talking to an expert cashier straight out of a small town Delta 8 shop.

While the company claims to offer exclusive email offers, the best savings on-site appear to be through their rewards program.

You earn 1 reward point for every dollar spent, and these discounts can be applied to future purchases. Basically, it’s about 100 points for a 20% OFF coupon.

Besides price, BudPop is one of the best Delta 8 THC online stores in terms of reputation and customer service.

>> Click here to see the best deals on the official BudPop site >>

4. Diamond CBD – Best Savings on Bulk Delta 8 THC Orders

What we liked…

  • Great prices on quantity buys
  • Eco-conscious, sustainable company
  • Incredible variety of edibles and carts
  • Free 2-day shipping*
  • Regular sales and discounts
  • 30-day return policy

What we disliked…

  • Wide product range can be confusing

For a long time now, Diamond CBD has built its reputation on keen production and manufacturing processes.


By using a team of doctors and scientists to keenly provide you with potent, top-grade federal farm bill compliant Delta 8 THC and CBD products from their inclusive full spectrum organic hemp.

Of course! Diamond CBD wins us over with its sheer variety of Delta 8 THC products.

But we can’t help but also leer at some of the pricing. With promises of 75% OFF Delta 8 THC and 50% OFF newly researched Delta 10 products, it’s hard to write Diamond CBD off as too new.

Diamond CBD’s pricing is ahead of the competition. The “Overdose Package” (not the most prudent name) is offering 3000 mg for $100. Then there’s the Pineapple Express Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge that’s selling for just over $30, slashed from the original purchase price of $86.99.

Diamond CBD also runs banner discounts at the top of the page for more savings and has a dedicated page of all the available discounts for comparison.

To wrap it all up, the company also gives customers the standard treatment – rewards programs, a money-back guarantee, and even free 2-day fast shipping on orders over $100.

>> Up to 75% OFF on the official Diamond CBD website >>

5. MoonWlkr – Free Delta 8 THC Gummies Available

What we liked…

  • Incredible cannabinoid range – CBD, CBG, CBN, and more
  • Colorado-grown hemp
  • Free from pesticides, solvents, mycotoxins, and heavy metals
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50
  • Free sampler pack
  • US-based third-party lab testing

What we disliked…

  • Average prices and deals

MoonWlkr has some nice bundles for the new buyer. There’s the low-dose four-flavored sampler pack called Asteroids, not to mention stock up sales on packs of three disposable vape pens and three gummies.

You can also mix and match different flavors of 25 pieces of 25 mg gummies for a continuing discount of 18.75%.

And you have to hand it to them – the free sampler pack currently on offer is pow zoom, to the moon! At least in stoner terms…

Not only can you get Delta 8/CBD products, but some of their Delta 8 THC products are also infused with other unique cannabinoids like CBG and CBN that might sprinkle more medical benefits into your experience.

You will also like that MoonWlkr is as intentional on aesthetics as they are on quality.

All their edibles and vape carts are packaged in some pretty cool space-themed branding to give an alluring edge to your cannabis products.

6. Blue Moon Hemp – Most Generous Money-Back Guarantee on Delta 8 THC

What we liked…

  • Organic, vegan, and non-GMO products
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 20% OFF if you sign up
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Prices start from $19.99 and up

What we disliked…

  • Limited catalog compared to competitors

Blue Moon Hemp gets a lot of credit for their full-month money-back guarantee, something not every company on our list offers.

Besides a risk-free trial period, you also get 20% OFF if you sign up for the company newsletter and a selection of low-cost products that are easy to try.

And instead of wasting your hard-earned cash by buying tons of different products, Blue Moon Hemp makes things simpler by offering various CBD bundles. There’s the Starter, Sleep, Wellness, and Wellness Plus Bundle to choose from.

To save money even further, you might want to subscribe for a monthly delivery of your favorite Delta 8 THC products – a good decision if you’re an avid Delta 8 fan.

But for the casual user, there’s free shipping available for purchases above $99, with the option to track your orders for some peace of mind.

Blue Moon Hemp also has salves (topical) and CBD “shatters,” which are “purer” in terms of content and have more powerful effects.

7. 3Chi – Great Variety of “Focused” Blends (Calm, Euphoric, Pain-Free & More)

What we liked…

  • Options for new and veteran users
  • Blends tailored for specific effects
  • Organic products
  • Reputable and well-review brand
  • Free shipping on orders over $99

What we disliked…

  • Fairy high prices

3Chi comes from a solid scientific background, was founded by a biochemist, and posts all of its lab test results online for independent research.

Some of their GMO-free products combine all of these cannabis extracts, so they can produce more powerful effects.

Additionally, the brand uses the eco-friendly and sustainable CO2 extraction method. This method helps retain the natural plant-derived cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis plants to ultimately give you more powerful (and safer) full-spectrum cannabis products.

Unlike most online shops that might assume you know what you’re looking for, 3Chi doesn’t seem to take chances.

With their focused blends, you can easily find the best option by choosing based on the desired effect you wish to achieve, including calm, comfortably numb, focused, euphoric, and of course, pain-free and relaxed.

Their honeyed black raspberry and watermelon flavored gummies are some of the best gummies in the Delta 8 THC market right now.

But you can also find third-party laboratory-tested vape carts, oils, concentrates, tinctures, and other Delta 8 THC products, such as edibles and gummies.

What’s more, all these options come with free shipping for orders above $99.

8. CBD Genesis – Fun Delta 8 THC Edibles (Cookies, Cheesies, Nachos & More)

What we liked…

  • 2500mg for $99.99
  • Wide variety of carts, tinctures, and edibles
  • Works with other companies to bring more quality products online

What we disliked…

  • Some edibles don’t sound that healthy

CBD Genesis stands tall amongst the most reputable CBD companies for their almost all-inclusive products. They’re especially a good choice for those users that might want to enjoy both the medicinal and recreational worlds of Delta 8 THC.

Not to mention that they also stock from other reputed online shops to give you an abundance of choice.

While a couple of brands might impress us just the same in “variety of edibles,” CBD Genesis went above and beyond expectations.

For such a new product as Delta 8 THC, we weren’t expecting to be offered gummy bears, gummy worms, cheesies, nacho chips, popsicles, oreo-like cookies, hard candy, and even dog snacks. A nice surprise from what (on the surface) appears to be a health-conscious CBD-focused brand.

The variety of products is undoubtedly due to CBD Genesis partnering with other cannabis companies, such as Treetop, Canna Kings, Kush Burst, and others. But we have no complaints!

Regular discounts are also competitive – about 20% OFF but with free shipping over $50. A plus!

New customers can also get an additional 10% discount by signing up for the company’s newsletter.

Besides such a great range of typically hard-to-find edibles, this online Delta 8 THC shop also has a wide variety of marijuana carts, concentrates, tinctures, gel caps, and vape juices. Not to mention, there’s even a very handy “new arrivals” page – perfect for returning buyers.

9. CBD Mall – Purchase Popular Delta 8 THC Brands from ONE Retailer

What We Liked…

  • Delta 8, 10, THC-0 and HHC
  • Purchase and referral points
  • Refund valid up to 30 days
  • One-stop shopping for different brands

What We Disliked…

  • Newer company
  • Not a toll-free phone number

There’s a lot to like about CBD Mall, including the fact that you can order from a number of CBD and delta 8 brands all in one order and from one store. With brand names like Alibi, Liquid Gold, Overdose, Shrooms, Hyper, and 10X, it’s one of the better options for intermediate delta 8 fans.

Naturally, this one-stop delta 8 store makes it worth your while, with free two-day shipping (over $75), and many bundle deals at a discount price. But the best reason to give CBD Mall a try is to sample other delta options, such as delta 10, HHC, and THC-0.

Buyers say that the differences are noticeable but subtle. Some claim delta 10 is stronger than delta 8 and CBD. Others claim HHC feels less potent than HHC. Some claim THC-0 is very potent and comparable to delta 9 (the real thing) or even something like salvia divinorum.

If you’re curious to try something new, CBD Mall won’t disappoint.

The store also offers perks like referral points, membership discounts, gift cards, and reward points with every purchase. If that’s not incentive enough, then remember you get 30 days to decide if you want a refund, which is one of the industry’s best offers.

While the company is new and not as familiar, the brands represented have been tested and verified by third-party labs.

10. ATLRx – Excellent Variety of Hemp Flower Strains

What we liked…

  • 10% OFF for first-time buyers
  • Company started in 2019
  • $14.99 and up

What we disliked…

  • Fairly high priced

Atl Rx is more stable than the average CBD/Delta 8 THC startup. While only founded a few years ago in 2019, they already have two physical brick-and-mortar stores in its home state of Georgia, as well as several partner locations.

To get started in the Delta 8 world, you can use their blog to learn about the important ins and outs of the cannabis world.

And thanks to the intuitive product navigation bar, you can easily narrow down your search to a specific product or interest.

For us, Atl Rx is a sport for the classic cannabis smoker, coming in with a wide variety of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid hemp flower strains. There’s OG Kush, Girl Scout cookies, Northern Lights, and Lifter – just to mention a few strains to help you escape things for a while.

The prices are also low for individual sample products, and you can order Delta 8 oils, hemp flowers, gummies, tinctures, concentrates, and even pet snacks.

>> Check out the official website for our #1 recommended brand for all things THC >>

11. Boston Hempire – Most Impressive Third Party Lab Reports

What we liked…

  • $25 OFF first order
  • Platinum members club with savings
  • Prices starting at $19.99

What we disliked…

  • Not much variety

Boston Hempire seeks to grow the highest-quality CBD “industrial-level” hemp on the cannabis market and even promises to search out other cannabis-hemp-derived products that are not made in-house.

And yes, all Delta 8 THC products are third-party lab tested to give you safe, premium quality. Orders come with lab reports, COA statistics, and the origin of the product.

Discounts come by way of the platinum members club, which includes perks like 20% OFF all products, as well as free shipping.

First-time buyers also get 25% OFF their first order, which is a square deal.

And you get the convenient option of choosing the best monthly subscription for yourself. This could actually end up being a cheaper option for a regular Delta 8 THC user.

There’s quite a variety to pick from with their hemp flower range, which includes but is not limited to pre-rolled joints, affordable buds, and flower pounds in both popular and unique flower strains.

But you’ll also find your usual oils, gummies, vapes, isolates, and more quality products.

12. Extract Labs – Great Discounts on Delta 8 THC for Qualified Buyers

What we liked…

  • Options beyond Delta 8 THC
  • 60-day warranty
  • Multiple lifestyle discounts

What we disliked…

  • Not as many Delta 8 THC products as CBD

Extract Labs is also going for the brainier crowd offering laboratory testing facilities to other CBD/Delta 8 marketers to ensure the science is accurate.

The money-back guarantee is most impressive, with a 60-day warranty and an honest request to try taking a product for two weeks before insisting on a refund.

But what really gets our heartstrings playing is this…

Apart from the already affordable prices, the company further offers multiple discounts to qualified consumers – like soldiers, teachers, first-responders, individuals with disabilities, low-income residents, first-responders, and healthcare workers.

Extract Labs is a cool choice if you’re the more reserved Delta 8 user that mostly wants to reap the medical benefits of Delta 8 THC cannabis.

But the fact that their CBD products are full-spectrum means that you get benefits from other helpful hemp plants and cannabinoids as well.

There’s a good range of topicals, gummies, isolates, tinctures, and more to choose from.

But you might want to consider their starter packs. Think of them as discounted product bundles that you can use to find a product you most enjoy.

>> Check out the official website for our #1 recommended brand for all things THC >>

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Online – Our Guide

Your first instinct when searching for Delta 8 near me might be to go for the lowest price and especially in bulk quantity. That’s a good strategy, but you also have to consider the quality of the product and the company’s reputation.

Remember, not much is written in hemp marketing regulation right now, which is why congress has been so wishy-washy on fully legalizing CBD products for health benefits and Delta 8 THC products for relaxing effects.

The lack of regulation means that buyers have to be cautious when buying from online Delta 8 THC and CBD stores and read up on the cannabis growers and breeders that deliver the hemp plants in the first place.

Of course, every company out there will sell you promises of good reputation and high quality. Go beyond that and check out these factors before finalizing that first bulk purchase.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab-tested products are what it’s all about – the integrity of the company, the suppliers, the growers, and breeders.

Third-party laboratories have no vested interest. If everyone does honest work, then the lab results will show it – and there’s no need to do research “in-house.”

Lab testing involves testing the potency of a product, as well as the cannabinoid profile and any extra ingredients, especially in the case of edibles.

Not only does the label list basic information, but even harmful chemicals that were removed from the end product!

Positive Reviews

Lab testing is proof of quality, but brand reputation is decided by consensus. Read what customers are saying about these companies after their purchases.

Each Delta 8 website lists positive reviews, but you can also go off-site to see more critical reviews of various companies.

Quality and Transparency in the Cannabis Industry

Be skeptical about any Delta 8 THC company that promises an amazing experience and fills a lot of paragraphs with repetitive hype. Trustworthy brands focus more on the stuff that matters to buyers:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Beneficial effects
  • Farming practices
  • Extraction techniques
  • Lab testing
  • Delta 8 THC content
  • Combinations of CBD, CBG, CBC, Delta 8

Extraction Methods

Even quality cannabis can be compromised by extraction technology.

The most efficient Delta 8 THC products involve direct extraction from mature marijuana cannabis (or, in some cases, hemp), and the process doesn’t involve chemicals.

Another process is that of making Delta 8 THC by altering the molecular structure of other cannabinoids and converting them into Delta 8. Every cannabinoid begins as CBGA and eventually turns into THC, or CBD, or CBG.

Because of their similarities, converting one into another is possible through lab manipulation. For example, CBD is legal everywhere and relatively cheap to make.

The Delta 8 isomerization process involves dissolving CBD (or another cannabinoid) using a solvent and then adding an acid, as well as other combination ingredients, to turn the mix into Delta 8.

While the process may be controversial enough to cause bans in certain states, the high purity level and safety tests done on residual content give peace of mind.


Check to see which companies offer a guarantee.

Don’t merely check the date (30-60 days) but also whether it’s a money-back satisfaction guarantee or merely a refund for returned materials – that must be sent back unopened.

>> Check out the official website for our #1 recommended brand for all things THC >>

Can You Buy Delta 8 Products Online – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for delta 8 products to chill out or gummies that help you sleep, there are a few things you should know about THC.

Can You Buy Delta 8 Legally?

Yes, in states that have not specifically banned it.

Whether or not it will be banned in the future is a somewhat complex question.

Thanks to the Federal Farm Bill, all hemp products are legal at the federal level – until individual states decide to ban them. Usually, the isomerization process is the point of controversy, as this suggests “synthetic THC.”

However, Delta 8 THC products are not made from toxic chemicals, such as K2 or other dangerous products. They are simply manipulated using various lab processes.

Can Delta 8 THC Get You High or “Stoned”?

Delta 8 THC products can produce higher level-THC effects on many buyers, such as euphoria, relaxation, and in some cases, panic – if you overdose.

For former marijuana users, think of the potent Delta 8 high like several few puffs from a cheap joint or a low dose MJ edible.

Can Delta 8 THC Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Delta 8 might show up as a false positive for THC, depending on the type of drug test you’re asked to take. All cannabinoids have the potential to test positive for THC content – even if it’s the legal 0.3% limit.

However, more advanced drug tests can show the difference between CBD and marijuana-level THC. Delta 8 THC products do not contain enough Delta 9 THC to be considered legal marijuana. It partly depends on how clear your superiors are about whether hemp products are permissible.

The Takeaway – Where Can I Get Delta 8 THC?

Our research, both professional and highly personal, found that Exhale Wellness was one of the best companies to buy Delta 8 online, thanks to its potent, vegan, gluten-free options, free shipping, money-back guarantee, and transparent company policies.

If you are tired of waiting for recreational marijuana to be legalized in your state, it might be time to try the next best thing.

Stop trying to find out how to buy weed online and opt for a currently legal alternative (while it’s still legal!)

Delta 8 is a completely legal cannabis alternative that will make you feel comfortably numb on your next day off.

>> Click here to check out the best prices on Exhale’s official site >>

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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