Zoe MuthI personally always thought Zoe Muth would be a great fit

Zoe MuthI personally always thought Zoe Muth would be a great fit for Bloodshot Records — the label partially responsible for releasing Neko Case’s best album, Furnace Room Lullaby — but Signature Sounds makes plenty of sense, too. Signature Sounds is home to Eilen Jewell, a country singer whose jazz-vocalist’s take on country comes off like a Southern Ella Fitzgerald from an alternate universe (except that Jewell is actually from Boston). Jewell’s latest original release, Sea of Tears, is one of my favorite releases of last year.Anyhow, Muth opened for Jewell on one of her recent trips to Seattle, and Jewell was so impressed that she vouched for Muth and her band to the appropriate decision-makers at Signature Sounds (hence, this post). Now Muth’s next album — which doesn’t have a definitive title yet — is coming out on Signature Sounds. They’re almost done recording it right now (at Jupiter Studios, in case you were wondering), but if you want to hear the new songs from the album, you’ll have to wait a little while longer: Muth’s next two gigs are a Hugo House appearance next Friday, November 19 in which she’ll be playing three brand-new, never-released songs about mothers (in keeping with the event’s kind of creepy, horror-flick tag line of a theme, “Mother Knows Best”) and a Harry Smith tribute at Columbia City Theater on November 26.