Yuni in Taxco will be performing Jan. 27 at NeumosA lot went

Yuni in Taxco will be performing Jan. 27 at NeumosA lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about it? This week Ross Beamish, vocalist and guitarist of Seattle psychedelic-pop band Yuni in Taxco, delves into Albert Einstein, WikiLeaks, baby Jesus and murder plots. Song: “Wear Gloves”Album:

PRIZES, due out in SpringWhen it was written: I wrote the song on guitar about four months ago and recorded the simple structure at that time. Recently I wrote some words for the song and recorded them as well.Where it was written: I wrote it in a little brown book on the bus in Portland. Then I came home and wrote some more things down in our studio in south Seattle.Favorite line in the song: “The Lord child split into thirds.” This may be thought of as the holy trinity, or as the baby jesus actually being split into thirds, depending on one’s outlook.Which part was the hardest to come up with: The guitar riff is actually really tricky. It adds a little extra half measure where you don’t logically expect it to, and revolves around in the verse a few times. It makes it an interesting structure to sing or play along to. I’m getting used to it though.If you could go back and change anything, what would it be: Well I would have said the beginning of the recording because it felt a little thin, but just recently Sean went in and put down some banshee feedback over the intro so now it sounds cool to me. Odd fact about song: Oddities and CommoditiesWhat was your inspiration for writing the song: Jesus, legends, religion, occultism, family, sex, tall tales, murder plots and science.When was your favorite time performing it live: We haven’t performed it yet. I have to teach Jimmy the guitar part so I can focus on flopping around on the ground like a fish while I sing it.What is the meaning behind the song: The song is a portrayal of characters doing real Jesusy things like washing the feet of others and feeding crowds of people. It’s about supposed miracles happening in common places, and the title is just a suggestion that if you set out in the world to do some good you better be able to cover your tracks if people want to turn you into a villain. It’s about Wikileaks and Albert Einstein.

Yuni In Taxco – Wear gloves by Havaii Records

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