Yeti: Molly Siemas (Portland, Ore.) SW: Is this your first time

Yeti: Molly Siemas (Portland, Ore.)

SW: Is this your first time at Sasquatch?

Yeti: It is. And today is my birthday. I’m 24.

SW: What’s surprised you the most about the festival?

Yeti: I guess – just the venue, I was not prepared for The Gorge – I was just fucking blown away by how beautiful it is. And just how friendly everybody is – just the atmosphere.

SW: What was the last thing you heard before you went to sleep last night?

Yeti: Drunk people in my campsite.

SW: Who are you most excited about seeing on Sunday?

Yeti: Probably Mumford closing out the night.

SW: What’s the most important thing at your campsite right now?

Yeti: Um, probably glitter.

SW: What’s your favorite album of all time?

Yeti: Probably “Abbey Road.”

SW: What’s you favorite book of all time?

Yeti: “Everything Is Illuminated.” I feel like I identified with it when I was a little bit younger. And it’s written by like a really young author.[Johnathan Safran Foer]. And it’s it’s incredibly raw – and honest.

SW: What’s the last thing you read today (any medium)?

Yeti: Probably my friend’s text- who was trying to text our other friend.

SW: What did it tell you?

Yeti: That we’re probably not gonna find him.