Yesterday I chatted briefly with Dave Einmo (of Head Like a Kite)

Yesterday I chatted briefly with Dave Einmo (of Head Like a Kite) and Asya (of Smoosh) who were laying down tracks in Einmo’s home studio for their upcoming album, due out early next year. The duo have a new project called Daydream Vacation–named after the Head Like a Kite song they first collaborated on–and though the two have some history recording and performing together, this Friday the group will debut as Daydream Vacation for the first time at the SAM Remix event at the Olympic Sculpture Park. The group’s two songs streaming on their website–“That Girl Don’t Sleep” and “Silent Places”–have a way of getting under your skin; they’re lush, catchy tracks that easily blend the sing-songy vocals of Asya’s Smoosh with HLAK’s electro-dance grooves. It’s an exciting alliance; Asya’s branching out musically (even though Smoosh is still together and were recently recording a new album in Sweden) and Einmo’s slowly transitioning from HLAK mastermind to equal parts music mentor and bandmate. It’s bound to be an evening of talent, art, and surprises, so we thought we’d give you a few more reasons to check it out. 6. It’s summer and there’s this thing happening outside. Get out there and soak up the al fresco vibes while you can. Come winter, we’ll all be pale, shivering, and huddled indoors for cultural fun of any kind. 5. It’s cross-sensory: SAM encourages genre-crossing arts at every level. Hear it with music by Daydream Vacation, Craft Spells, and Northern Departure; smell it when you experience the Park’s signature scent (yes, really); feel it when you contribute to the paint-by-numbers landscape. Pick your poison–there’s a lot going on here. 4. You can dress up: If you’re one of the first 50 folks dressed in gingham, you get in free.3. Potential surprises: Asya mentioned possible “guest appearances” and perhaps a “band mascot.” The word “panda” was distinctly made out.2.

It’s history in the making: Be the first to hear songs from DV’s forthcoming album (2012, Roll Call Records) performed live.1. The performance art: Einmo alluded he may or may not shave off his Burt Reynolds-esque mustache during the show.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.