Who: Balkan Beat BoxWhere: Fisher Green Stage When: 7:30 p.m. SaturdayThough I

Who: Balkan Beat BoxWhere: Fisher Green Stage When: 7:30 p.m. SaturdayThough I doubt Balkan Beat Box and Neko Case have too many fans in common who were genuinely torn about which artist to watch in their conflicting time slots, I was one of them. After seeing Case perform “That Teenage Feeling,” though, I was satisfied. By the time I got to Balkan Beat Box, the band had worked the crowd into a fine froth, and I wasn’t surprised: here is a band that has managed to totally rock a sold-out Showbox on a Monday night, which is why, even though I don’t often listen to their records, I refuse to miss them live, ever, because even the most stereotypical of surly, stonefaced Seattle crowds can’t resist them. Balkan Beat Box play the kind of music you only wish you’d had at your bar mitzvah: funky klezmer blended with Latin rhythms, Persian vocals…it’s nearly impossible to pick out all of the different influences that go into just one of these guys’ songs. You can dance the hora, or you can grind like you’re in High School High, but the music practically forces you to move some part of your body. I managed to find myself near the one woman in the whole place who said she was having a horrible time and I still caught her tapping her foot (she stopped when she caught me watching). This sort of energy is something that can’t be captured by a recording, nor can it be faked or manufactured, which is why I think people have been so disappointed by MGMT’s live shows this summer: because at heart, MGMT feels like a band who’s stumbled on a few pop songs in the pursuit of something more cerebral. Balkan Beat Box, on the other hand, just wants to party down. Note: This was posted Monday, but has been backdated for continuity purposes.