Whalebones at SW’s REVERB Local Music Festival in October. The band’s next

Whalebones at SW’s REVERB Local Music Festival in October. The band’s next scheduled show is at the Columbia City Theater on Jan. 15.If it seems like it’s been forever since Seattle’s Whalebones put out a new record, that’s because it has. The band hasn’t put out a record since 2007’s Morning Man EP and has released NOTHING featuring the current lineup of guitarist/vocalist Justin Deary, bassist Bradford Button, and drummer Faustine Hudson.Hudson says the band’s mixing the record with producer Randall Dunn — the guy behind the new records from Black Mountain and the Cave Singers — doing the mixing “as we speak.”Hudson says the band is still in the market for a label to work with on the release, but says the band’s not going to wait around too long. “We are what they (call) “free agents” as far as a label goes,” says Hudon, who spent Thanksgiving in Bristol, England, eating Turkey sandwiches and drinking champagne with Pearly Gate Music, one of the many groups she plays drums with. “At this point in the game we will plan on a release date with this record with or without a label. Would love to find the perfect home for it, but don’t want to sit to long as it is WELL overdue.”WELL overdue indeed. It will certainly be interesting to hear what Dunn — who is mixing, not producing the record — has done with the band’s songs. With Black Mountain’s latest, Wilderness Heart, and Cave Singers’ forthcoming No Witch, he’s proved he’s as adept at tempering a band’s psyche tendencies to create a palatable pop record as he is getting out of the way when need be. No doubt Whalebones’ earthy jams will take a Dunn shining well.