Spotted Outside of: Tower Records (4321 University NE, 632-1187)

Name: Erin West

Age: 19

Where do you live? “In the U District.”

What do you do? “I go to the U.”

Whadchagit? “Einstrzende Neubauten, Strategies Against Architecture.”

Huh? “They’re from Germany. The name means something like, ‘Deconstructing Buildings.'” (Actually, it’s “Collapsing New Buildings”—Ed.)

So what do they sound like? “Well, they make a lot of their own instruments and they use a lot of vocals, it’s very dark—but not gothy. They’re sort of like industrial gospel.”

Do you have any of their other albums? “No, this is my first, a friend of mine really likes them.”

What else do you listen to? “Cheesy stuff. INXS, Beck, Tori Amos.”