SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Fallout Records, 1506 E Olive, 323-BOMB

NAME: Erica

AGE: Never ask a lady her age.


WHAT DO YOU DO? Work for an Internet communications company.

WHADCHAGIT? Thee Headcoatees, Have Love Will Travel; the New Time Delegation, Watch for Today; Guided by Voices, Bee Thousand; and the Skatalites, Foundation Ska.

THOSE ARE FINE SELECTIONS. DO YOU USUALLY BUY VINYL? I love vinyl and will buy it whenever possible. Records tend to have more personality than CDs.

MAYBE YOU SHOULD DJ SOMEWHERE. I should—the fine people at the Tin Hat out in Ballard let me spin some records a few weeks ago and it was great! Made a couple of bucks, drank beer, got some people dancing. . . . What more could you ask for?

WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU FOUND OUT ELVIS DIED? I was vacationing with my family on Nantucket, and we were on our way to the beach when my brother picked up a newspaper that had a picture of Elvis in his fabulous white jumpsuit on the front page. The headline read, “Elvis Presley Dead at 42.” For some reason, I’ve never forgotten this.