Type of the Let Go, performing at Nectar last nightKublakai of the

Type of the Let Go, performing at Nectar last nightKublakai of the Let GoCaptain Midnite of the Let GoI showed up to Nectar last night expecting great things from Louis Logic and The Let Go, and even though it’s tough to get out on a Wednesday, I wasn’t disappointed, even though Animal Farm couldn’t make it up.I arrived in time for Murder Dice, who accompanied Louis Logic and The Let Go on their tour. Murder Dice makes party jams that mix up all the good parts of all your favorite guilty-pleasure Top 40 gangsta rap and reggaeton jams, effectively polishing up all those turds until they sparkle. But even though our man wore a bow tie, a fuzzy hat with a bear face on it and was stage-falling and crawling and hopping all over the stage, he was also difficult to understand (except for the blap! blap! parts and the chorus to one jam, “fuck all day, fuck all night! on repeat), and the crowd didn’t seem that into it. Maybe that’s why the set ended after something like five songs. Up next were the Let Go, and that’s when the tide turned. The Let Go is Kublakai, Type and producer Captain Midnite. They performed jams from their debut album, Tomorrow Handles That, which was also the reason for all the celebration. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it recorded yet, but I heard it last night, and these boys have something to be proud of; Tomorrow Handles That is a solid hip hop album. Not that I didn’t expect it to be. For a Wednesday, Nectar was pretty hopping. And I’ll tell you why: unlike most underground hip hop shows I’ve been to, this show was, in fact, NOT a total sausagefest or rapper symposium (Grynch was there, though). It was almost disappointing: I’m used to being one of the only ladies at the show, let alone a lady who’s not just there because of her boyfriend (of course, the bigger the act, the more women there are. Not that I have any empirical data to back this gross generalization up or anything crazy like that.) The point is, at this show, there were a respectable number of ladies who had obviously come to party, and I hope the trend continues, because I have a feeling those women are solely responsible for the crowd’s energy and the big cluster of dancers up front. When was the last time you saw a dude start the dance party? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Photos and Louis Logic after the jump…Louis Logic, well…this Brooklyn emcee has a talented tongue (it’s usually in his cheek), a great dancer (he can do the Charleston-style coordinated knee moves that continue to elude me). And all you ’80s babies, go to 5GProductions.com and download this EP, now, because if someone can rap over remixes of Men at Work, you know they’ve got something. JJ Brown, Logic’s usual producer and partner in crime, wasn’t there, but Logic put on a great show all by himself, making eyes at the ladies in the crowd.