The What: Artist Rebecca Miller’s one night solo show, New Works: Charcoal

The What: Artist Rebecca Miller’s one night solo show, New Works: Charcoal Drawings on Antique Sheet Music.

The When: 6-10 p.m., Thursday (that’s tonight!) June 6th.

The Where: Alki Arts at the Harbor Steps, 55 University (at the base of the building).

Like most of us, I can appreciate all kinds of art in a range of mediums. For me though, art has to somehow feel right. I’m no expert, and—like so many of us, I’d assume—it’s annoying if I don’t know what I’m looking at is supposed to be good. I’ll see something at a tattoo shop that hits me and other stuff that really doesn’t (this happens at SAM). Hell, I’ve been to the Louvre and seen stuff that I thought was pedestrian or just too “cool” for my tastes. I view art the same way that I hear music: it either moves me or it doesn’t.

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know some truly talented artists and one of them lives right here in Seattle: Rebecca Miller, an artist I’ve been acquainted with for over a decade.

Rebecca is a transplant to Seattle who has fallen in love with this place, and I’ve witnessed first-hand how her work has come to gain more and more accolades, from local rockers and the upper-echelon art crowd to just regular everyday folk. I’ve observed several different periods in her work and her latest mode is genius: it starts with antique sheet music on canvas which she then overlays with images ranging from Billie Holiday, Iggy, Prince, and Salvador Dali to Alice in Chains and everyone in between. This is “Artist Art,” if you will. (I would go on but describing her work is sort of like trying to write about music: dumb and nay impossible.)

Seattle. We are lucky to have such a talent in our midst. We are a city that holds our arts in a lofty place, and we can chalk up another good one here with Ms. Miller.

Don’t be surprised if you see some rock luminaries at the show. Don’t be surprised to see those cool-looking art-expert types at the show. But also, don’t be surprised to see a bunch of people like you and me; folks who just simply like and appreciate cool fucking art and good rock n’ roll imagery.

Rebecca Miller is an original and for this first public showing ever, I know she’s nervous as hell. Check out the link


and have a look for yourself, or better yet, go to the show and check it out. Rebecca, if you’re reading: The best of luck to you. Break a, er, brush!