The Sons of Warren Oates plays SW’s Artopia on July 14 and

The Sons of Warren Oates plays SW’s Artopia on July 14 and REVERB Local Music Fest on October 8.Have you noticed that when festivals announce their lineups these days, they don’t just send out a list of bands, they enlist gimmicks, teases, and sometimes throw parties to unveil the goods? The parties are both awesome (free sets from the Thermals for Sasquatch!), and obnoxious (seriously, can’t you just tell us?). It’s in that spirit that we’re going to do pretty much the exact same thing for SW’s REVERB Local Music Festival this year.We’re in our fifth year (or is it seventh? do you count the years pre-name change?), so we’re going to do a number of different things this year. We’re going to start by announcing the lineup to the all-local music fest at SW’s Artopia, the annual arts happening that goes down July 14 at iMusic (the place across the street from EMP that used to be Polly Esthers). The event features an array of arts, culture, and food offerings, all of which can be sampled on the official website. The evening’s musical acts are also booked to play REVERB Fest (Oct. 8, Ballard Avenue). We’ve got Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (his new one, Begin Again, is one of the best local albums of the summer), Sons of Warren Oates (aka Sons of the Maldives), and Thaddillic (you’ve heard Thaddeus Turner’s soul around town for years). We’ll announce the rest of the REVERB lineup at the show. It won’t be in a fancy animated video, but we will use color copies for the handbills.Tickets to Artopia are $20 and available right now. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.