The Pharmacy, Spells  Out Aug. 12, Old Flame Records, thepharmacyband.comThroughout its 12

The Pharmacy, Spells

Out Aug. 12, Old Flame Records,

Throughout its 12 years, The Pharmacy has experimented with just about every genre, from fuzzed-out punk to alt-rock. Now with Spells, the band’s fifth full-length, the trio wades deeper into the psychedelic waters it dipped into on 2012’s Stoned & Alone. A quick listen, six of Spells ’s 10 songs clock in at less than three minutes. Tracked live with producer Kyle Brunette (Night Beats), there’s a raw yet mellow energy to it. Some songs, like “Anna Bella,” play at a leisurely pace, while tracks like “Masten Lake Lagoon” pick up the tempo. And though the majority of Spells, written in a cabin in Big Sur and recorded in the basement of a used-car museum in Tacoma, is hazy in nature, there are a few surprises throughout—like the doo-wop-influenced vocals on the punky “Cool and Calm.” There’s a relaxed vibe to singer/guitarist Scottie Yoder’s voice, and drummer Brendhan Bowers and keyboardist Stefan Rubicz follow suit, letting the band’s easy rapport shine through. Next Show: Wed., July 30, Sunset Tavern