The Dodos: hipster music? No, really. I want to know. Perhaps some

The Dodos: hipster music? No, really. I want to know. Perhaps some of you already saw this otherwise interesting article in The Seattle Times, which briefly describes a study that compares the radio listening habits of people who live in Seattle to those who live in the surrounding area. In it, the author, Eric Lacitis, referred to KEXP as a “hipster music station.” Well, let me ask you something, then, Mr. Lacitis (and readers kind enough to indulge my rant): What is it about being sick and fucking tired of turning on most other radio stations and hearing the same hundred songs over and over again makes me a hipster? And what exactly is “hipster” music, in your opinion? Is it reggae? Rockabilly? Electronica? Crusty punk rock? Because KEXP DJs play all of those things, not just the generic indie rock that the phrase “hipster music” suggests to me. And why is it that people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that plenty of human beings — not just the tight-pants-ed among us — are tired of listening to stations that play “Stairway to Heaven” and “Hotel California” four times a day, every day? Some of us DO want to hear new and innovative music, and one of the very few places on the airwaves that plays both new, innovative music and obscure vintage gems is KEXP. I know I’m nitpicking here. And I don’t doubt that Mr. Lacitis probably just wrote that damning little phrase offhand and didn’t think twice about it because he was on deadline. I understand that. But for once, I’d like someone to just call KEXP what it is: a radio station that happens to be run by people brave enough to play music of all styles and genres that exists outside the realm of corporate record label politics and payola. Independent music is not hipster music. It’s just music. And I resent the implication that you must be an American Apparel-worshipping, faux-Ray Ban wearing asshole with a trust fund and an attitude to like it.