The color scheme is called “kindled”–tasteful, huh?I don’t know if people give

The color scheme is called “kindled”–tasteful, huh?I don’t know if people give a shit about word clouds anymore, but then I didn’t think I cared about post-hardcore rock operas anymore either until I got a copy of Fucked Up’s new one David Comes to Life. (Last one I got excited about before that was Blood Brothers’ March On, Electric Children.) It’s about all I’ve wanted to listen to for the past couple weeks–week one was spent almost entirely listening to the single “Queen of Hearts”; the past week has been spent cycling through other songs, giving the rest of the opus its due (latest to resonate with me on repeat has been “The Recursive Girl,” with its finger-pointing good chorus, “I hold the bitter taste in my mouth/Don’t wanna forget, don’t wanna spit it out . . . “).Anyway, so, David Comes to Life is a four-act play about love, life, and death in a factory town, but it can be hard to make out exactly what’s meant to be happening just by listening to the thing–the lyrics come fast and toppling all over each other, the singing is often gruff and strangulated to the point of near unintelligibility, and it might just not be a super-airtight book anyway. Now you could just go to the David Comes to Life website and read all the lyrics, but that would take LIKE FOREVER, so to save you some time I made the above word cloud out of it–I think you pretty much get the story at a glance. It’s about girls, right?Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.