Suite 410

Sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name.

Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name. Neighborhood spots serve their purpose, but there are times when familiar faces and inquiring minds aren’t as welcome as usual, and drinking alone sounds more alluring than a sunny Seattle day in February. There are plenty of hole-in-the-wall spots to hide out in the city, but should a sense of style be a requisite, the selections tend to dwindle. A still somewhat undiscovered lounge lands high on that short list: Suite 410, located at an unassuming intersection downtown (Fourth Avenue and Stewart Street), far from Belltown’s slick strip. Free from any sort of signage, the bar is a bit tough to find—but that’s the point. The atmosphere is comforting: Low light provided by candles nestled in molded glass holders. Streamlined, modern stools and a plush bench that spans the entirety of the western wall make for a luxurious place to post up. And the drink menu ups the ante with cocktails handcrafted from market-garnered produce and innovative concoctions like Hot Mango Love ($8), made with fresh jalapeños, and the Black Cherry Swizzle ($8.50), a boozy, slushy snowcone in a glass complemented by black cherry and vanilla vodkas. With DJs on Friday and Saturday nights, the crowd expands—but it’s still a sanctuary. And to that, we raise a glass to solitude. AJA PECKNOLD