SoKo: I cannot even begin to describe how enchanting this French actress’

SoKo: I cannot even begin to describe how enchanting this French actress’ music is. Her vocals are filled with raw emotion and her lyrics are incredibly poignant. In the stunning song “I’ll Kill Her” she rambles on for several minutes about the love of her life and the dreamy life they could’ve had together. Except he, er, has a girlfriend. The rest of SoKo’s material is just as wonderful. Unfortunately, the neurotic actress decided after trying her hand at music that she isn’t quite ready to record a full-length album. This devastates me. Ladyhawke, Ladyhawke:Think a mash-up of Kim Wilde, Peaches, and Goldfrapp. New Zealand’s Ladyhawke (named after Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in the movie of the same name) makes electro-pop music that’s unapologetically ’80s in both vocal style and instrumentation. Cheesy serenades, drum machines, and synthesizers galore! I’m obsessed with the tracks “Magic” and “Dusk Till Dawn.” They make me want to drop ecstasy, wear glittery eye makeup, and party into the wee hours of the morning. Now that’s some real good dance music. Asher Roth, “I Love College”: I should be sick of this song given its heavy rotation on the radio. But I just can’t get enough of it. Never has there been a more accurate and hilarious ode to college life. And Roth’s apparent fondness for guzzling beer, smoking weed, and getting the ladies naked makes me swoon. (My taste in men could use some work, I know.) The Pennsylvania hailing rapper’s album Asleep in the Bread Aisle fittingly drops on 4.20. It still remains to be seen whether Roth’s got more up his sleeve than one memorable party anthem.