Side Saddle plays SW’s Reverb Local Music Festival along with 50 other

Side Saddle plays SW’s Reverb Local Music Festival along with 50 other local bands, on Saturday.John Roderick is the singer and songwriter responsible for The Long Winters, a motivational speaker, elder statesman, and role model. He tweets @johnroderick. Dear John: I work for the ACLU but I am in a country band. Can you help me? — Kato Moody, Side SaddleRoderick: You sound like exactly what this country needs. Will you help us?Old country is cool now, but new country gets a bad rap. Do you know of anywhere around here I can listen to my Brad Paisley cd without getting a mustachioed lecture? — Kato MoodyThere are plenty of Ballard dopes who will lecture you all day about the brilliance of Bob Seger and John Cougar, but turn around and dis on young country oblivious to the fact that Brad Paisley is INDISTINGUISHABLE from Bob Cougar Mellensegercamp. Then they’ll wax all philosophical about old-fashioned country music, forgetting that fully half of old country is hokey comedy music designed to make hayseeds spit chewing tobacco through their noses by making racist jokes sound like nursery rhymes. The lessons here are threefold: first, the more seriously someone takes country music the more of an idiot they are, unless they’re German and can’t help it; second, Young Country is just Classic Rock with someone singing in a fake Southern accent, which basically describes the Rolling Stones; and third, you can listen to whatever dumb music you like IN YOUR CAR, which is where everyone listens to the dumb music they like.More Roderick:– Inslee to Roderick: Should Ironic Mustache Syndrome Be Considered a Pre-Existing Condition Under the Affordable Care Act?– Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton to John Roderick: “Should I Learn How to Read Music?”– Helping Rosanne Cash With Porta-Potties, Bare-Chested Babes, and Her Tour of the Oyster States